“I believe you did the talking and then made me orgasm until I couldn’t argue.”

“What an evil plan.” I bite her other thigh and she moans. “I’m such a monster.”

“A sexy one.”

“Give me what I want and I’ll take a shower with you.” I look up at her from between her legs and she stares down at me.

“What do you want?”

“Everything.” I smile before I open my mouth over her pussy and love her with it.

“Devin!” she cries out, her legs tensing and her back arching. I have to use my body to hold her steady, but a few swift licks of my tongue and her climax hits.

I take my time pulling every ripple of pleasure from her that I can until she’s boneless in my bed. She’s everywhere around me, and I don’t want it to go away. She’s everything I never knew to ask for fallen from the sky and directly into my arms. How can I keep her from leaving?

I stand up and strip off my clothes before I scoop her up in my arms and carry her into the bathroom.

“Where are you taking me?” she groans, half asleep.

“I promised you a shower.”

“I changed my mind.”

I smile against her and kiss her cheek as I turn on the water in the shower and step into the warm spray. She nuzzles against me while I hold her close and kiss her everywhere I can reach.

“Why are we up so early?”

“I’ve got court.”

“But I don’t,” she complains. I set her on the seat of my shower and grab the body wash.

“I wanted to spend as much time with you as I could before I left.”

She opens one eye and looks up at me. “If I wasn’t so sleepy that would be really romantic.”

As if finally realizing I’m naked, both of her eyes pop open and travel down the length of my body as I soap up.

“See anything you like?” I tease as she licks her lips and nods.

I use the soapy washcloth to scrub down my stomach and between my legs. My cock is hard and thick, hanging between my thighs, and I’m really enjoying the way she’s looking at it.

“Later,” I tell her, and her eyes snap up to mine.

“You’re so bossy.”

“You didn’t seem to mind last night.” She pretends to scowl at me, and I reach out and make her stand up. “Let me clean you up since it’s my fault you’re so dirty.”

I take my time washing her, and I have to keep reminding her to keep her hands above the waist. It’s not that I don’t want her attention or that I’m not ready to go further, I’m just nervous about going too far too fast. She’s already more than I could have ever hoped for, and I don’t want to chance losing it.

“Are you going to pour me back into bed?” she asks when I finish drying her off.

“Yes.” I kiss my way up her legs and then stand in front of her. “Unless you have things you need to do today.”

“Not before six am.” She yawns and it’s so damn cute.

“I’m going to have breakfast sent up for you.” I kiss her cheeks and then her lips. God, I can’t keep my mouth off of her. “Can you come have lunch with me?”

“I’m supposed to meet Grams for lunch.”

“Why don’t you bring her along?” Her eyes snap to mine, and I shrug. “Betty is a smart lady and one of my favorite people. I’d love it if you brought her.”

She bites her lip to hide her smile and nods. “Okay.”


She squeals in surprise when I pick her up and toss her back in the bed. I place a kiss on her forehead and tuck her in before I go get dressed. By the time I’m ready to leave she’s fast asleep. I spend far too long standing over her just watching how peaceful she is, and I yearn to get back into bed.

“Soon,” I whisper to the both of us as I leave the apartment and begin my day.

Chapter Eighteen


“What are you thinking for lunch?” Grams asks as she gets her purse.

“I think we should pick something up,” I suggest. I’m easing into this because I’m pretty sure I already know what her reaction is going to be.

“You don’t want to go somewhere and eat? You know I like going out and it’s such a nice day. We shouldn’t stay cooped up inside.”

“I thought we could take it to Devin’s office to eat.” Grams stares at me for a moment, looking like she’s at a loss for words. “Or not.”

“Are you and Devin sleeping together?” she finally says in a voice that is eerily calm.

“Not in the way you’re thinking,” I laugh, because although we technically slept together, we haven’t slept together.

“I knew it!” There it is. “You two are a perfect match and I’m taking full credit for it.” She walks quickly to the door. “Come on, sugar. I want to see this for myself.” I follow her out, wondering how this lunch is going to go. Grams can be a wild card and I’m not sure what she’ll say in front of Devin.

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