We walk to the parking garage, and as we get in Grams’ car, I get a text.

“Devin said he’s ordered food for us so we don’t need to pick anything up.” I should have seen that coming. I wonder if his sister will be joining us. I really liked her, and watching her and Devin together is endearing.

“Of course he did. That man is always thinking five steps ahead.” Grams winks at me, making me wonder if she played a part in Devin and me coming together. Then a thought occurs to me and I narrow my eyes.

“Your spare room isn’t under construction, is it?” I ask as she pulls out of the parking garage.

“You got me,” she laughs, clearly smug about it.

“You’ve been planning this from day one?” I can’t with her. She saw an opening to get me closer to Devin and she took it.

“I knew I just had to get you together, but it was like pulling teeth and I couldn’t manage to make it happen. He’s always working and I never know when you’re going to pop in for a visit until a few days before.”

“Why did you think we’d be good together?” Devin and I clicked from the very start, and it feels like I’ve known him longer than I really have. Everything comes so naturally between us.

“He’s a good man. He just needed a woman that could snag his attention and I had no doubt you could do it.”

“I wish I had as much confidence as you have in me.” She truly believes that I can get any man I want.

“That’s what makes you special, sugar. You don’t realize how beautiful you are inside and out.”

“That’s sweet, but I think you have to say those things.”

“I never say anything I don’t want to.” She has me there. “I also know he could get you to come out of your shell.”

I don’t know what it is about Devin, but I just feel comfortable around him. There are small moments when I’m shy, but nothing big that keeps me from being with him.

“Sometimes it’s hard to believe we’re related,” I say as she pulls up to Devin’s building a few moments later.

I inwardly groan when we walk in and I see the same security guard from the last time I was here standing behind the desk.

“Erin.” He says my name before I can say anything at all. Oh god, Devin must have told him who I am.

“That’s me,” I say, and Grams looks like she’s about to burst with excitement.

“You’ll want to take the elevator to the twenty-second floor.”

“Thanks.” I smile, thankful he didn’t bring up the other day. I’m still embarrassed about how I ran out of here.

“They know you already. That man is always barreling right into what he wants,” Grams laughs as the elevator opens and we step on together. She hits the button before I can and smirks. “You didn’t have a chance once he saw you.”

She’s right and that warms me all over. Devin has gone full force into making us something more.

“You do know this is all a bit crazy, right?”

I wouldn’t change a thing because the past few days have been the best of my life. Before now I felt like I was drifting and unsure about what I was going to do with my life. With Devin I feel grounded and I’m thinking about the future. I know for certain I want him, and when he jokes about living together, it’s all too tempting. I worry that it’s too soon and we might ruin what we have.

“Love makes people do crazy things.” The doors to the elevator open and Devin is standing there waiting for us.

“Erin.” He pulls me into his arms and kisses me.

“Devin.” I grab his shirt and pull him close. How can he always leave me breathless?

“Sorry, Betty,” he says when he ends the kiss.

“Don’t mind me.” She waves her hand. “I’m all for this. I’m not getting any younger and I want grandbabies.”

My face heats and I feel embarrassed that Grams is talking about my sex life. Not only that, but she’s throwing out that we should have kids. She’s going to scare the man away.

“I’m working on it.”

Devin takes my hand and I’m shocked at how easily he agreed. People turn to look at us in surprise as we pass. I’m sure I look a little flustered after the kiss and the baby comment. I have no doubt these two are going to have me agreeing to move in with Devin by the end of lunch.

Not that I’m going to put up much of a fight.

Chapter Nineteen


“That was delicious, Devin. Thank you again for inviting me.” Betty nudges Erin, and I hide my smile behind my napkin.

“Thank you for coming, it made my afternoon.”

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