“I need something to hold me over until you get back,” I say, jerking her ass to the edge of the couch, and she falls back against it. “It won’t be enough, but it will do the job until I can have the rest of you.”

I throw her legs over my shoulders and then push her dress up the rest of the way. Her naked pussy is so fucking pretty and waiting for me to eat it. She’s ripe like a little peach and I growl as I lean down and suck her juices.

She’s so goddamn tight like this, I can hardly get my fingers inside her. But she tastes like home and all I want to do is live right here between her thick thighs.

“I’m going to miss this,” she moans, threading her fingers in my hair.

“Hurry back,” I growl and suck on her pussy.

She cries out again, and I have to put my hand over her mouth. I shouldn’t give a fuck who hears me loving my woman, but I don’t want her embarrassed.

Thoughts of her leaving me and not coming back make me lick her faster, suck her harder and slide my fingers in and out like I’m fucking her. I should have fucked her last night and this morning so I could have her every way possible. I was waiting for the right moment, but knowing that she might slip through my hands makes me want to hold tighter.

If I got her pregnant, she’d be mine in every way and tied to me forever.

That thought makes me hard as fuck and angrier that I haven’t done it yet. “Mine,” I say against her pussy, and she rocks against my mouth. Thoughts of breeding her and having her on my cock flood my mind as she cums on my face. Her orgasm is hard and fast, but it’s not enough.

When I keep going and make her have another, this time when she cries out, I don’t get my hand to her mouth fast enough. The whole floor probably heard her cries, but that doesn’t stop me. I’m too far gone in her pleasure to think beyond making her feel good.

“Devin.” Her legs fall limp around me and she pulls me to her.

We kiss and I ache for more, but I know this isn’t where I want our first time to be. She deserves better than the couch in my office, and although I don’t want to wait, I will. She’s worth waiting for.

“I’ll be back really, really fast.” She smiles against my lips and I nod.

“You better be or I’m coming for you.”

“Promise?” She looks up at me and I nod.


Chapter Twenty


“Is she dead?” I hear Lucas whisper loudly to Jenna as I hold in a laugh and he pokes my cheek.

“Leave her alone.” When I open my eyes, I see Lucas standing over me.

“She’s alive!” he shouts when I pull him down onto the sofa with me and kiss his cheek.

“Go get dressed, you little troublemaker,” Jenna tells him, and he jumps up.

“Froot Loops!” he shouts as he runs out of the living room.

I sit up on the sofa I crashed on late last night and smile at him.

“Sorry.” Jenna shakes her head, laughing. “You want a bowl of Froot Loops too?” She pulls a bowl out from the cabinet and makes Lucas one.

“Coffee?” I let out a yawn as I stretch out.

“I know that sofa isn’t the most comfortable.”

“It’s fine.” I wave her off as she hits the coffee machine for both of us.

“I can’t believe you’re leaving me for good. Not that I can blame you after all you’ve told me about Devin.” I smile just hearing his name. “Look at you. You’re totally in love.”

We stayed up way too late last night talking about him. I’m going to miss her and our slumber parties. When Lucas comes running back into the kitchen, he hops up in the chair and starts playing with his iPad, shoving a giant bite of cereal in his mouth.

“You’ve got ten minutes,” Jenna tells him as she pours the coffee and we walk into the living room.

“How are you doing?” The coffee is perfect and it’s another thing I’m going to miss. No one makes coffee like Jenna.

“Same old same old.” She rubs her eyes and I can tell she’s exhausted. If she’s not at work she’s here with Lucas trying to be the best mom she can, and she would never admit she was worn out. “Let’s not talk about my boring life. Tell me more about Devin.”

“I already told you everything,” I laugh and sip my coffee. “You could tell me about Reed,” I suggest, earning an eyeroll. She looks over at Lucas, who is watching his iPad with his headphones on while inhales his cereal.

“There is nothing to tell about Reed,” she says and then won’t look at me.

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