I wake up to the feel of someone in the room and I look up to see the shadow of Erin getting into bed. I smell her before I feel her, and it immediately calms me. That’s what I was missing last night and why I couldn’t find any peace.

Without hesitation I pull her to me and realize she’s completely naked just like I am. “We’re not doing that again,” I say, my voice rough from sleep.

“I didn’t sleep without you.” Her arms and legs wrap around me as I roll over on top of her.

“Me either.” I kiss her like we’ve been separated for weeks instead of hours, but damn does it feel like it. She tastes like mint and chocolate and I groan as her legs widen under me. “Careful,” I warn, but she doesn’t stop as she wraps her legs around my waist.

“This is all I could think about last night.” The slide of her warm, wet center over my cock is enough to make me grunt. “I don’t want to wait anymore, Devin.”

I grab her hips and still her movements as I slide my cock over her clit. It’s swollen and needy as I stroke up and down, the ridge of my dick getting her wetter by the second.

“You’re not on the pill, are you?” I kiss my way down her neck and to her tits. I suck on one and then the other as she shakes her head no. The tip of my cock slides over her opening and I have the hot urge to push into her bare. “Do you want me to stop?”

Testing how tight and ready she is, I push into her just a little. It’s pitch black in the bedroom but I feel her everywhere. Her hands are all over my chest and then I feel her nails score down my back. Her hard nipples are rubbing against me and I can’t stop kissing her.

“No,” she whines and wiggles on my cock to try and take more.

“I won’t want to pull out,” I whisper, inching my way farther inside her. “When I’m all the way in, I won’t be able to.” Her fingers dig into my arms as she tries to scoot lower on me. “I can stop right now and just cum on your lips.” But my words fall empty as I push in a little more.

The truth is I want to cum inside her. I want her pussy creamy with my seed and I want to breed her. If she’s pregnant then I don’t have to worry about her ever getting too far from me. I’ll write up a contract so tight no lawyer in the world could get her out of it. I want her to be mine in every way, and this is one way to make damn sure of it.

“You want to do it in me?” Her breath is hot on my neck as I thrust a little more.

“Don’t make me pull out.” I grab the base of my cock as cum starts to leak from it. “God, I’m already so close.”

“Maybe a little more then? It’s my first time.” Fuck, those words almost unman me.

With one final push she’s all the way down on my cock and she hisses for a quick second. I fall onto her, my full weight holding her in place as I bury myself to the hilt.

“Erin,” I groan, trying and failing to hold still. She’s so fucking hot and tight, I have to thrust just a little.

Her nails pinch as I move, but it’s nothing compared to the sweet torture of her pussy. I reach between us and pet her pretty little cunt until I feel her relax. She’s so fucking wet and I’m so fucking hard that this won’t take but a second.

I rock in and out of her three times and that’s all it takes for me to cum. I’m hard and thick as I push in deep and I can feel my cock straining against her grip. Her pussy squeezes me and then she goes into her own orgasm. It’s so fucking smooth as she slides on me, sticky and warm. I want to taste her just like this with my baby syrup and her cum mixed together. But there’s time for that later. Right now, I want to enjoy the feeling of her cunt broken in and made me for me.

“I love you,” I whisper, holding her close. I didn’t plan on saying the words, but in this moment it’s what I feel and I won’t deny her it. “I know it’s probably too soon—”

She cuts me off by placing a finger over my lips. “I love you too, Devin.”

No words could express what hearing that means to me, so instead I kiss her and show her with my body what it makes me feel. We’ve got the whole world ahead of us, but we’ll start with tonight.

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