“It’s fine, Erin. I’ve got this place locked up tight,” Devin says when we’re across the hall in his place. “No one is getting in or out of here without my team knowing it.” I sit down on the bed and Devin takes my shoes off for me.

“It has to be the same person. They’re following me.” That’s the only thing that makes sense, as much as I don’t want it to be true.

“Lie down, sweetheart. Let me handle this.” I scoot back onto the bed and he pulls the blanket over me. “I’ve got to make a few calls. I’ll be down the hall, but I’ll be back in a few minutes.” He looks at me with concern etched in his eyes. “Unless you want me to stay,”

“No, do what you need to. I just want this to end.”

“It will end. I can promise you that,” he vows, and I believe him.

That must be why sleep comes so easy as soon as I close my eyes.

Chapter Twenty-Three


“This time change is going to kill me,” Erin moans as she leans her head back in the spray of the shower.

“The best thing for it is to get up early and try to acclimate.” I run my soapy hands over her breasts and pinch her nipples.

“I think that’s your excuse for making me take a shower with you.” Her moan is louder this time when I suck on one and then the other before I rub my day-old shave over them. “God, that feels good.”

I kneel down in front of her and look up at the rivulets of water cascading down her body. I swear I’ve never seen anything more beautiful. “When do you want to get married?”

“Oh, now you’re asking?” She smiles down at me as she threads wet fingers through my hair.

“I’m just trying to figure out how long I have before I can start complaining that it’s taking too long.” I smile up at her as I kiss her stomach. “Which I think is right about now.”

“I know you’d be happy to take me to the courthouse, but I think I’d like a wedding.” She nibbles on her lip nervously as she leans back against the shower wall and I put her leg over my shoulder.

“Are you worried I won’t wait long enough to plan a wedding?” I kiss my way up the silk of her thigh and she doesn’t answer. “I would wait an eternity for you, Erin.” I look up and see her smiling at me. “It feels like I already have, which is why I don’t want to wait. But I want you to have the day of your dreams.” I kiss higher until I’m right at her perfect mound. “As long as you end up in my arms, you can have whatever you heart desires.”

I drag my lips over her soft curls and between her pink folds. I slide my tongue between them and over her warm center. She’s slippery and smells like sweet heaven as I taste every inch of her. My hands grip her ass and I pull her closer, feasting on her pussy like a ripe peach. I idly wonder if I could survive on her alone as my sustenance. She fills up my heart and my belly, so what more could I possibly need?

Her orgasm is quick, and it makes me feel like a king. She’s always so eager to get off for me, and I love getting her there.

Standing up, I grab her hips and lift her onto my cock in one long stroke. I can feel her pussy still squeezing from the pleasure, and I groan as I pump in and out of her. I’ve got her pinned to the wall with my feet planted and the spray of the water on my back. It’s nothing but steam in here and I can hardly see anything, but it feels like we’re in a cloud. It’s intoxicating and as she clings to me, I can’t help but think no one has ever had a love like this.

“Mine,” I growl, grabbing her hips tighter and pumping faster.

“I love you,” she calls out, and it echoes off the tiles.

My cock responds in kind and swells impossibly bigger inside of her. Her pussy is some kind of magician, because she has my dick doing tricks.

“Fuck,” I curse as I try with all my might to hold on a little longer. I grab the base of my cock and squeeze, but even that doesn’t stop the flow of cum from slowly leaking into her.

“I want it,” she whispers, and that’s all it takes.

I growl my release as I pin her to the wall and thrust as far inside as I can go. She cries out and I feel her nails score my back as her own orgasm takes over. It’s quick but fierce for the both of us, and it takes a long time before I’m stable enough to lean back and look at her.

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