When I found this house just a block away I thought it was perfect. One look at the smaller house connected to it and the deal was sealed that day. It’s amazing how fast paperwork can be pushed with an agreeable seller and a cash closing.

We moved in last week and brought Betty with us. She and Moose have settled into a routine with Erin and me, and I’ve had some much-needed time away from the office.

Peter’s in a mental health facility on the other side of the country and from what we’ve been told he’s never getting out. I would have been happy to end his life that day, but I try not to think about it. I’ve never thought of myself as violent before, but seeing Erin like that will haunt me for the rest of my life.

But I’ve promised myself to move forward and to not let what happened define us. Erin is the love of my life and if anything, all of that reminded me just how precious our time together is.

“You mean less than twenty hours to go.” I pull her close and kiss her neck. “But it’s not like I’m counting down the seconds or anything.”

“I can’t wait to marry you. Even if you won’t sign a prenup,” she teases.

“There’s nothing I have that’s not yours, and you and I are forever. Sorry, but you’re not getting out of this so easily.” She laughs as I slide off the straps of her nightgown.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m going to make love to my fiancée one last time before I make her my wife.” I kiss down her collar bone and push the material up around her waist. “I won’t ever be able to do this again, so just let me enjoy it.”

“You’ve been saying that every day since we set the date.” She moves her hips closer to me in anticipation.

“I wonder if you have any idea how much I’m going to love having sex with my wife.”

Her laughter turns into a moan as I brush my knuckle over her clit. Her hands move down to my pants and she frees my cock quickly. These past two weeks we’ve been ravenous for one another and I don’t see an end in sight. As of this morning her period is late, and when she told me, I fucked her right there on the kitchen floor.

In one swift move I’m fully seated inside her and she’s rocking her hips while I suckle her nipples. I can’t seem to be sated and neither can she. She’s always wet and eager to take me no matter what time it is.

“Slow down or I won’t last,” I hiss, but she only works harder on my cock. I growl and grab her hips, but she’s still wiggling. “I swear you love making me cum fast.”

“You know it gets me off when you do it inside me,” she whines, and I let her hips go.

“Fuck.” I lean my head back and watch her ride my cock.

She’s so fucking beautiful with her tits bouncing and her wet pussy rubbing all over me. Tomorrow she becomes my bride for the rest of our lives and the thought has me harder and bigger than ever.

“Devin.” She closes her eyes as she grinds her clit on me and I thrust up, giving her what she’s asking for.

I cum fast in thick waves of pleasure just where she wants it. The heat of my seed spreads between us and her hot little pussy welcomes it. The barest touch across her nipples sends her over the edge and she squeezes my cock. She falls against me and I hold her as the orgasm washes over her body.

“I love you,” I say softly, kissing everywhere I can reach.

“I love you too,” she says as she looks up at me and smiles with heavy eyes.

“I think my soon-to-be wife needs her rest.”

“Mmm,” she mumbles as I carry her from the couch into our bedroom. “Beauty sleep.”

“You couldn’t possibly wake up more beautiful.” I kiss her and lay her on the bed then strip off our clothes.

I crawl in behind her and breathe her in as I hold her close. The scent of her is still just as lovely as the first time and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to sleep without it. Good thing I’m not going to find out. In a few short hours she’ll be mine in all ways, and then we’re setting out on our honeymoon. I can’t wait to see the world with her and then come back to have our family.

She sighs dreamily as she cuddles closer in my arms and I kiss the top of her head. I can’t wait to see the beautiful life that awaits us.



Six months later…

“Are you sure you got this?” Jenna gives me a skeptical look.

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