Devin flings the man’s arm so hard he almost falls over. “Get out, and don’t bother coming back,” he adds as the guy rushes from the room.

“Fucking asshole was here to try and sell us insurance. I thought he went to the bathroom.”

“I love you.” I smile up at him as he bends down and grabs my bags. His other arm wraps around me, but I duck under it and grab another cupcake. “Okay. Do the caveman thing now.” I let out a scream when he picks me up into his arms and stomps toward his office. “I didn’t see that one coming.”

“Hi Ree!” I wave to his sister as we pass her in the hallway.

“Hey,” she laughs, but doesn’t say anything else.

I take a bite of my cupcake as Devin walks into his office and kicks the door shut behind him. He deposits me on the sofa and I lick the icing off my lips.

“You didn’t say ‘I love you’ back,” I scold as I take another bite.

“You know I love you.” He drops to his knees in front of me.

“I’m not sharing my cupcake, but you can eat me if you want,” I tease him, although it’s not really a tease because he’s going to do it.

“Finish your cupcake.” I shove the rest into my mouth as Devin takes my overalls off me. “This outfit is too fucking cute.” He pulls them down my legs and takes my shoes with them. His hands rub over my small baby bump before he gives it a kiss.

I wiggle because I’m already turned on. I don’t know why that stompy-caveman thing does it for me, but I can’t help it.

I grab his tie and pull him towards me. “Kiss me.”

He does as I demand and kisses me with a possessive need he can’t ever control. I don’t think my husband could be any more perfect, and he’s all mine.



Three years later…

“What do you think is going to happen next?” Betty asks our daughter as she points to the kitten in the book.

“He’s gonna eat his food,” she says, and Betty lights up.

“That’s right! He’s going to have a great big fat belly.” She tickles Elizabeth’s belly and pretends to eat it. “Look how scrumptious yours is.”

Elizabeth giggles so hard she snorts as she tries to catch her breath, and the sound makes me laugh.

We named our baby girl after Betty but kept it a surprise until the delivery room. Betty was there holding on to Erin’s hand as I worried over the doctors and nurses. When our little Elizabeth came out, she changed all three of our lives forever. When Erin looked up at her grandmother and told her the name, they both burst into tears while Elizabeth slept exhausted between them.

One of the amazing nurses happened to take a picture of the moment and I had it put in a frame above our fireplace.

Renee was outside the delivery room with Danielle, and although Dani was excited, Renee looked as white as a sheet. I think they figured out at that moment which one was going to give birth when they decided to have kids.

“Eat Daddy’s belly,” Elizabeth giggles and Betty laughs.

“I don’t know. I think Daddy might be hungry too.” She looks up and I walk in Elizabeth’s room and sit on the other side of the bed.

I pretend to eat her belly too and she falls into another fit of giggles and squeals.

“She’s never going to go to sleep,” Erin says from the doorway as she smiles at us.

“You don’t worry about bedtime. I’ll handle this and you go have fun,” Betty says as she pulls Elizabeth into her side. “You won’t have the chance much longer.”

I kiss Elizabeth goodnight and walk over to Erin. I put my hands on her belly and then around to her back to massage it.

“God, I’m so pregnant,” she groans as she leans into my rubbing.

“And you’ve never looked more beautiful,” I tell her as I kiss her neck.

She opens one eye to glare at me. “You have to say that.”

“He’s right,” Betty agrees. “And I’m not required to say that either.”

“Yes you are,” Erin chides, but I see a smile tug at the corner of her lips.

“Mommy has a big fat belly too,” Elizabeth chimes in and I open my mouth to tell her not to tell Mommy that, but Erin begins to laugh.

“At least someone is honest with me.” She shakes her head as she walks over to Elizabeth and kisses her goodnight. “Sleep well, little angel.”

When we get to the car, Erin sighs as I help her in the seat. “I know I’m supposed to be enjoying these last few days before our baby boy gets here, but I swear I just want to lie around in a bathrobe eating ribs like Chrissy Teigen.”

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