I laugh as I scoot in beside her and kiss her forehead. “We can do that if you want. But I’d like to remind you that this date night was your idea.”

“That’s before I got sleepy.” She cuddles next to me and I love the feeling of her warm body on mine.

“Well then you’ll love what I have planned.” She looks up at me and waits for me to explain, but I only smile at her.

The drive takes a little while, but when we go through the drive-thru she gasps. “Donuts?”

“Order whatever you want.”

She leans across my lap and shouts into the speaker all kinds of donuts and I laugh. This is her favorite place, but it’s a county over and we haven’t made this trip in a while.

After the donut shop, we hit four more drive-thrus at her favorite places until we have a feast fit for a pregnant queen.

“Where are we going now?” Her eyes are wide with excitement as she looks at all the food.

“Home.” I take her hand and kiss the back of it.

When we get to the house, she sees that I had the back yard set up with an outdoor bed and a movie screen. Nee and Dani came over earlier and helped by stringing up lights overhead.

“Oh god, this is so beautiful and exactly what I wanted.” Erin begins to cry and I hold her close. She’s not sad, it’s just the hormones.

“And your robe is right inside if you want to take your pants off.”

“I swear if I wasn’t so pregnant I would do some nasty sex stuff to you right now.”

I laugh and pull her to me. “I think that’s how we got in this situation.”

“I would even get pregnant on purpose so I could tie you down. That’s how much I love this.”

“I’m pretty sure I was the one that got you pregnant on purpose so you wouldn’t leave me.”

“Six one way, half a dozen the other and all that.” She shrugs as she pulls me down for a kiss. “I love you, Devin. So damn much.”

“I love you too.”

It was the most perfect date night ever. Until her water broke.

* * *


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