I got to take Moose for a trial visit to see if we were compatible. I’d gone to the animal shelter looking for a mean fierce dog, but now I have a giant fluff ball who might weigh more than me. He also hates walks, so we have a lot in common.

“You gotta get up.” He rolls over onto his back and I scratch his belly. “You’re supposed to be my fierce guard dog.” He rolls back over, finally getting up onto all fours, then licks me right across my face. “Well, then. I was going to see if Jenna could make you one of those puppuccino drinks everyone has been talking about, but I’ve changed my mind.” He gives me another lick, calling my bluff.

“Then let’s go.” I push up off the ground, wiping my knees off. “You gonna walk now?” I step aside, giving him plenty of space, and he actually gets up. I had no idea some dogs hate walks—Moose just wants to lie on the sofa watching reality TV. He’s really living the dream.

“This way.” I gently tug on his leash when we get to the end of the street and he looks both ways and agrees with me. The leash is pointless because Moose only goes where he wants to. I’m going to have to look into doggie school or something.

When I get to the coffee shop, I see a no dogs sign on the window which I’d never noticed before. Moose barks and I nod. “I hear you. Looks like neither of us are getting anything.” But just as I’m about to leave, Jenna sees us and waves me in. I point down to Moose and her eyes widen at the massive dog at my side. She comes around the counter and opens the door with a gasp.

“What the hell is that?”


“He’s going to need three puppuccinos.”

“He’s been a bad dog, he shouldn’t even get one.” Moose looks up at me with the saddest eyes. “Okay, he can have four,” I say, and Jenna bursts into laughter.

“He’s already working you over, I see. Get in here. I just pulled fresh cookies out.”

“The sign.” I point to it.

“What’s Reid going to do? Fire me?” She rolls her eyes and she’s probably right.

They have this weird dance they do around each other, and to be honest, she runs the place. I guess that’s good because Reid is not someone I would ever picture owning a bakery and coffee shop. When I first met him, he was in a fancy suit which was definitely not a mom and pop coffee shop vibe. Then he took the suit jacket off and tattoos peeked out everywhere. The man was an enigma, which I think Jenna is in love with, but would die before ever admitting it.

“Where is Reid?” I look around the shop and it’s empty, but it’s late.

“I don’t know, maybe at a biker club.”

“A what?”

“I don’t know. He was on a bike yesterday.” She holds her hands out like she’s revving up a motorcycle.

“Can you show me that again?” I fight a smirk.

“Shut up.” She throws a napkin at me and Moose catches it. He chews on it for a second before spitting it back out, clearly not pleased with the taste. “When did you get this adorable pup?”

Pup? He’s massive. “I thought I could use some company.” Why talk to myself all day when I could talk to a dog instead?

“He’s awfully big. Don’t you think you should have gotten a smaller one?”

“He’s just fluffy.” I cover his ears and she gives me a suspicious look. “He was supposed to be mean and fierce.”

“And why do you need a mean and fierce dog?” She hands me a fresh cookie before she starts making me a drink.

“I’m a single girl all alone.” I take a bite and groan. No one makes sweets like Jenna.

“Is this about Creepy Peter?”

“He is creepy, isn’t he?” It makes me feel marginally better knowing I’m not the only one who saw it.

“I didn’t think much of him before, but he is weird around you. He asked me about you while you were gone at your grandma’s.”

“Did he really?” I cringe because that’s so weird. Or maybe it’s the neighborly thing to do? My Grams watches her neighbor’s place.

“More like interrogated me. He got angry about it when I wouldn’t tell him shit and he stormed out of here.”

“He’s making me uncomfortable.”

“You should report him or something.”

“Can I report someone for making me uncomfortable? He hasn’t done anything and I’m pretty sure being creepy isn’t against the law.”

If it is, I’m in trouble because I spent entirely too much time smelling Devin’s pillow the other night. Along with a little snooping around. I couldn’t find one picture of him and I was disappointed. I did find quite a few pictures of a beautiful leggy brunette. She was stunning and polished, which would definitely fit Devin’s posh apartment.

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