Thomas turns me to face him, and his fingers work the button on my jeans. I help push them off my hips, revealing the ultimate in boring underwear. Black boy shorts. He huffs out a breath. “You’re so real.”

I laugh. “What do you mean?”

“I mean that you don’t pretend to be anything you’re not. Straightforward. It’s who you are, even down to your underwear. It’s who you’ve always been.” Instinctually I move to cover myself, and he grabs my hands. “It’s refreshing, and I love it.” He leans in and presses his mouth to my collarbone, and I melt. It’s a sweet spot for me, always has been, and I’m enjoying the feeling of his lips as he bends me back onto the bed. Thomas kisses me again, and I swear those kisses are magic. They make me want more more more, and I reach for him as he pulls away.

He doesn’t go far, just stands at the end of the bed, slowly removing his clothes. His eyes never leave mine, and it feels…luxurious to be watched like this. I feel seen, the naked lust in his eyes revving me up and praying he’ll go faster, and I also feel stalked, pinned to the bed with his gaze and I know that he’s going to take his time and do what he likes with me. I can’t wait.

I watch as he slowly unbuttons his pants, a small smile on his face because he knows that I’m spellbound watching him. When he drops them, I have a hard time keeping my jaw off the bed. That is one hell of a mound beneath those boxer-briefs. He’s packing some serious heat under there. When I first saw his fancy car, I thought whoever was driving it was overcompensating for something. That’s definitely not true in this case. He has more than he needs and possibly more than I can handle. I certainly can’t wait to test that theory.

His entire body is hard muscle and lean lines, a body that perfectly matches that gorgeous face. I barely get a chance to see him in all his glory before he’s hovering over me again. Kissing me, and the way his skin feels on mine is majestic and glorious and so many other words that I can’t grasp because I can’t think. I remember him on top of me last time we were together, kissing me before the phone rang. He’s right. This is unfinished business. We both need this.

Thomas traces a hand down my body, and I arch into his touch. His fingers tease me through my panties, and he chuckles against my lips. “I can feel how wet you are already.”

A flush bursts across my cheeks. He captures my mouth with his again, and I let him tug me out of my underwear and bra so we’re skin on skin. “I want to taste you,” he breathes. “I’m going to make you come on my tongue so many times you’ll be screaming.”

“Screaming,” I say. “That’s ambitious.”

He laughs against my lips. “I am. And what’s more, I follow through.” He reaches across to the night stand and pulls a condom out of the drawer. “But the first time you come, I want you impaled on my cock.” I’m lost in his kiss again before I can say anything, and he steals my breath. It takes only a second for him to sheath himself in the magnum-sized condom and then he’s pressing against me, pushing inside.

I gasp and it turns into a moan. He slides in a long, smooth thrust and I’m filled up with him. Both of us freeze, and with him deep inside me, the moment feels incredibly intimate. We’re breathing each other’s air, and his eyes are wide as he looks down at me. This took him by surprise just as much as it did me.

We stay there for a second, and I slowly adjust to his size. I wrap my arms around him and pull him closer, lifting my hips against his. “What are you waiting for?” I say, teasing.

Thomas grins. “For you to be ready,” he says, grinding his hips down onto mine. The pressure on my clit sends a burst of pleasure through me and I gasp. “Are you ready?”

I nod, biting my lip, suppressing the screaming that he’s anticipated. I’m not willing to give in that far. Not yet. Thomas pulls out and thrusts in again, and I know that I’m not going to have any control over whether or not I scream. He presses into me rhythmically, smooth and confident, the angle of each thrust hitting me deep in a way that I love.

Lifting my hips, I meet him thrust for thrust, and I’m so turned on that I’m not going to last long. I can’t. I run a hand through his hair and Thomas grabs it. He grabs my other hand too, pinning both my wrists above my head. He doesn’t miss a beat, speeding up his rhythm and fucking me, each stroke filling me to capacity. I want to reach for him, to pull him closer, but I can’t move my hands.

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