He smiles, seeing my efforts to touch him, and I smile back. So, Thomas has a little dominant side. I can’t say that I don’t like it, because every time I try to move my hands and can’t, I get wetter. He’s grinding down onto me now, his thrusts hitting my clit as well as filling me up, and it’s bringing me closer to the edge and closer and closer until I’m there, gasping.

Thomas stops completely, and my breath hiccups as the orgasm evaporates into thin air. My eyes fly open to find him smiling wolfishly down at me. “What?” I manage. “Why?”

Pulling away from me, he flips me over on the bed so I’m on my knees. He pushes my legs widely apart, and then he’s thrusting again. He feels so much bigger from this angle, stretched open the way I am. “Because,” he says in my ear, “I get one night with you. So you’ll come when I’m ready for you to come.” There’s a gush of wetness from my pussy, and he laughs softly. “And you like that.”

Damn it, I do.

Wrapping his arm around my waist, he starts to fuck me. Harder this time, and my arousal explodes to life. I’m hanging onto the edge, drowning in the feeling of almost complete pleasure. But somehow he knows what it will take, and I’m not quite there. Delicious friction builds up until I can’t take it anymore. I start to beg, pleading with him to let me come.

His hand slides down my skin, and his fingers find my clit, circling, teasing around it but not actually touching. And then it happens all at once. His thumb presses down on my clit as he thrusts in hard, and I come apart. And yes, I’m screaming. Pleasure whirls out through my skin and I’m shuddering with it, letting it run through me, and it’s so good. I forgot how good this could be. I’m not even sure I ever knew that it could be this good.

My fingers are holding onto the comforter for dear life as I come back to earth. Still wrapped around me, Thomas isn’t moving. He’s still inside me, my pussy fluttering in aftermath spasms. “Oh my God,” I say. My voice is weak. It takes me a few seconds to realize that Thomas is still fully hard. “Did you come?” I ask him.


Shock and surprise roll through me. And embarrassment. Was I not enough to make him come? Was it not good for him? I look back, and when I see his face, I know that’s not the case. The fire and lust in his eyes makes me wet again, and suddenly the fact that he’s hard and still inside me doesn’t seem like a bad thing. “Why not?” I ask.

He pulls out slowly, sending out delicious tremors through my body. He flips me again, so he’s hovering above me. “You know what I want,” he says softly. And I do. He never pretended otherwise. And now that I’ve seen his dominant side, I know it’s more than just a blowjob. “Me…”

“On your knees.” He smiles then. “With that pretty mouth wrapped around my cock.”

“Where?” He looks confused, so I clarify. “Where do you want me?”

He moves off the bed, disposing of the condom, and then holds out a hand to me. I take it as he helps me off the bed. We’re standing face to face, and he glances at the floor. I sink to my knees in front of him, and I get my first real look at his cock. I already feel like I know it intimately, but seeing it up close…it’s intimidating. Beautiful, if you can call a cock that. I reach out to touch it, and his voice stops me. “What if I told you you weren’t allowed to use your hands?”

I tilt my head to the side. “Is that a command or a challenge?”

A slow smile spreads across his face, “Whichever makes you more inclined.”

He’s good, and at this point I’m honestly not sure if it’s the former or the latter, but I find myself putting my hands behind my back. I start timidly, with little licks across his skin. This position feels vulnerable in a way that being underneath him didn’t. But that quickly fades as I hear the hiss of his breath when I hit a sensitive spot.

Working my way up and down, I lick and suck along the length of him before I take him into my mouth. The moment I do, he groans, and if my mouth weren’t full of his cock, I’d be smiling. I flick my tongue along the underside of his head, and I watch the muscles in his stomach jump in response. I take him deeper, emulating those smooth strokes he used on me in the beginning.

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