In the gorgeous open kitchen, Thomas is leaning against the bar, drinking coffee, shirtless in sweats. Just the sight of him like that has my body riled up and ready to go. Unfortunately, I don’t have time for that this morning, even though it’s beyond tempting.

“Good morning,” I say.

He turns to me and his face lights up with a smile. “Good morning. Coffee?”


He pours me a cup, and I slide onto one of the high barstools. “If you don’t mind, I need a ride back to my dad’s house.”

“Did you think I was going to keep you here all day?” He smirks.

“Tempting as that may be, I need to get back to the bakery. We have some improvement to show.”

He smiles slightly. “Yeah. It will help the situation if I can illustrate improvement. By the way, I didn’t ask yesterday because I was already planning on picking you up, but what happened to your car?”

I sigh, giving him a pointed look. “It wouldn’t start. I’m wondering if that has anything to do with the douche canoe that ran me off the road.”

He winces. “I’m sorry about that. It was a dick move. I know it doesn’t help, but I wasn’t trying to run you off the road—just trying to go around you.”

“I forgive you, but maybe just use your horn next time.”

He crosses his heart with his fingers. “Promise. I’ll get dressed and drive you over.”


He’s almost around the corner, but he turns around and comes back. “One more thing,” he says, and he pulls me close, giving me one of those kisses that makes my whole body tingle. I’m off the barstool and in his arms and my feet are barely touching the floor. God, the way his tongue brushes across my lips makes me shudder, and I open for him. Even though I just said I have to get home, I’m seriously considering staying. Thomas’s fingers move between my legs and he strokes them along the seam of my jeans, putting just enough pressure on my clit to make me moan. He chuckles against my lips, and I sway toward him as he pulls away. “Good morning,” he says again softly.


Then he disappears around the corner and I’m left staring after him, wondering how the hell this happened.

Riding back to my dad’s house after a one-night-stand with Thomas Logan feels…strange. Just yesterday I was swearing that I would never have anything to do with any of the Logans. But I spent last night in his bed and today he’s going to try to help me save my father’s business. I’m caught up in all the different thoughts in my head, wondering if I’ve wasted time hating this family for the past decade.

We pull up to the curb outside my dad’s house, and I see my sister’s car in the driveway. She’s going to wonder where I was. This should be interesting. “So,” I say. “We’ll keep in touch about all the loan stuff?”

“That and more,” Thomas says with a grin.


He winks. “You’ll see.”

I roll my eyes and make sure that he sees it while I get out of the car. I can hear him laughing as he drives away and I head up the driveway. My older sister, Fiona, opens the door before I get there. “What the hell did you do?”

“Good morning to you too.”

She glares at me. “Really? You don’t think you owe me an explanation for not coming back to Dad’s last night and then showing up this morning with Thomas Logan?”

I brush past her and make my way into the kitchen. “No, I don’t actually.”

“Did you sleep with him?” she yells, following me. “You would actually do that after what Sam did to me?”

I turn on her, my good post-sex mood ruined by her interrogation. “We went out for drinks and I had a little too much. It was late, so I slept on his couch. Are you going to continue giving me the third degree or can we move on?”

Her face is still furious and I’m realizing that she’s not going to move on. “Why on earth would you even go out and have drinks with Thomas Logan?”

I drop my purse on a chair and face her square on. “Because Thomas Logan is one of the only people who can help get Dad out of this financial mess. A financial mess that you didn’t tell me about, and from what I’m gathering, have done nothing about. So I’m trying to help dad. Who are you to tell me how I get to do it?”

“Oh,” she says, blinking.

I roll my eyes. “‘Oh’ is all you can say?”

“Well it didn’t look like that.”

“Maybe you didn’t have to jump to conclusions. I’m an adult, Fiona. Right now it feels like I’m the only adult in the family.”

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