I sigh. “I know, but it’s not like we can change that.” With the amount of money that my father is in debt, there’s no way we can move locations. We can only hope that in the next few days the circulars and social media will kick in and get us some customers. Fiona and I also have plans to make up some signs to put up outside that might catch the few people driving by. If school were in session that might be more effective. With kids not going by to school, we’re losing a potentially huge customer base.

It’s almost closing time, and since there’s probably not anyone coming in, it actually saves money to close up shop early. “I’ll stay for dinner tonight,” Fiona says. “Maybe help you get started on those signs.”

“I’m exhausted,” I say. “I probably won’t work on them till tomorrow, but dinner for sure.”

Dinner is great, and all I want to do is take a shower and go to sleep, but Fiona is lingering. It’s fine, and it’s good to spend time with her, but I’m just so worn out from the day that I’m silently praying that she leaves soon. My phone buzzes and I check it. It’s Thomas.

I want to see you.

The text is like a bolt of energy to the system. Suddenly I’m not tired. But there’s no way that I’ll be able to see him with Fiona here.

I can’t right now.


Are you sure? The picture wasn’t enough.

Ugh. Low blow.

Jerk. At least you got to come.


I’m nearby. I could fix that.

I glance towards the living room. My dad and Fiona are still talking. I suppose it’s possible. I make a split-second decision. One entirely based on déjà vu.

Park that fancy-ass car a few blocks away and meet me outside. NOT by the front door.

Putting my phone in my pocket I step into the living room. “I’m completely wiped out, so I’m going to head to bed,” I say. “I’ll see you guys tomorrow?”

“Sure thing, dear. Love you,” my dad says.

Fiona nods. “Tomorrow. We’ll finish the signs.”

I’m not going to bed. I grab a blanket, and I do what I did most nights in high school. I lock my bedroom door behind me and less than gracefully tumble out the window. Only this time I nearly collide with Thomas Logan.


There’s a certain symmetry to our collision. When I snuck out to meet him that night ten years ago, we didn’t meet here, but I have that same feeling of anticipation.

“I wasn’t quite expecting that exit,” he says, laughing.

I’m having a hard time containing my own giggles. “I’m sneaking out.”

“I can see that. Any particular reason?”

I don’t really want to get into the whole thing about my sister and his brother, so I blame it on my dad. “I’m not sure how my father would take it if he knew I was fucking the man who is basically controlling his future.”

“You have a point.”

I grab his hand. “Come on. No point in getting caught talking outside the window.”

My childhood home is on the edge of town, and I’ve snuck out to meet more than one boyfriend. This situation has a certain nostalgia to it. There’s some no man’s land property not far from the house, perfect for stargazing, kissing, or in this case, a desperately needed hookup.

“Where are we going?” Thomas asks as I climb over a fence into the field.

“Stargazing,” I say, throwing a smirk over my shoulder.

“Are you sure we shouldn’t find our way to the back seat of a car?”

I laugh under my breath. “That didn’t end so well for us last time. I want a happy ending.”

He climbs the fence after me, and I realize this is the first time I’ve seen him in jeans. They hug his ass in a way that makes me even more eager to get where we’re going. There’s a hill in the middle of the field that’s covered with shorter grass and has a good view of the surrounding area. I spread the blanket out on the top of the hill and I’m about to sit down when Thomas stops me. “I believe I said that the next time I’d be on my knees.”

Heat drops to my core, and I don’t say anything as he kneels in front of me. Carefully, he undoes the buttons on my jeans and peels them off me. My panties follow and I shiver in the light breeze. Thomas presses his lips to my stomach, and then his mouth moves lower. Lower. His fingers part my folds and his mouth follows. I gasp, and my knees go weak. I’ve been ready for this for a long time, and it’s so good. His mouth seals over my clit and sucks gently, pulling streaks of pleasure toward it from everywhere in my body.

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