“What if I do it anyway?”

Thomas guides me back towards the bed. “I’ve always wanted to try spanking.”

“You wouldn’t…”

“I would,” he says. My knees hit the back of the bed and I have to sit down. He continues to crawl over me until I’m lying down, and he continues until he’s straddling my waist. “And who knows, maybe I won’t spank you on the ass. Maybe I’ll spank you on that pretty little pussy for being naughty.”

Oh God. I’m hot and aroused and I can feel my clit pulse. His cock is hard and pointing right at my mouth. In a second I realize what he wants, and I open my mouth. Thomas feeds me the tip of his cock and groans in pleasure. His weight on me, I can’t move, and again I feel that fierce heat roll through me at his light control. It makes me wonder what it would be like if he had more. I’ve never wanted that before, but Thomas makes me feel safe. Safe to experiment and play with his kinks and maybe mine. I didn’t realize I might have any until now.

He fucks my mouth with shallow strokes, and his eyes are dark as he looks down at me. Weaving his fingers into my hair, he lifts my head so it’s taking more of his cock. “Suck.”

Just one word and my body explodes with arousal. I suck him, pulling as hard as I can. I watch him close his eyes, lips parted with the sensation. I like watching the pleasure I’m giving him. His hand guides me, down onto his cock and back, a slow, luxurious blow job. When he opens his eyes again, they’re glazed with complete and utter lust. He releases my head and pulls back, moving back down my body until he pulls off my panties. “God, you’re so wet,” he says, pressing a kiss against my clit that makes me moan. “I think you like being told what to do.”

“I think I do too,” I say, breathless and aroused.

He doesn’t feast on me. Instead, his tongue dances over my clit, light and teasing. It makes me raise my hips to him, wordlessly seeking more. He doesn’t give it to me, taking his time. Slow licks and gentle sucks driving me to the brink of madness. Suddenly I’m there, my orgasm rising like a bright star ready to explode. “I need to come.”

“That’s not a question,” he says.

“Please?” I ask. “Can I please come?”

I feel him smile against my skin. “No.” I go still with shock. When he said he wanted me to ask permission, for some reason it didn’t actually occur to me that he might say no. I thought the asking and the granting would be enough. “I like the way you taste,” he says, licking my clit. “I want to enjoy it a little bit more.”

And so I hold on, squirming and biting my lip as he uses his mouth on me until I can’t take it anymore. “Thomas, please,” I beg.

“You can come,” he says, sealing his mouth over my clit. Light rockets through my body, heat and pleasure heating up my limbs. For a few glorious seconds, I’m on fire with pleasure and then it’s gone and I’m left gasping.

“Holy shit,” I say.

Thomas is over me again, and he kisses me. I can taste myself on his lips and tongue, and that’s erotic as hell. I love it. I didn’t notice him sheathing himself in a condom, but he has, and he thrusts into me in one brutal stroke. I’m so warmed up that I can take him, and I cry out at the feeling. My body is ready to go, and that sweet friction already has me approaching another orgasm, but I’m not close enough to ask. Not yet. He’s fucking me harder than he has before, our foreheads pressed together as I hold on to his shoulders. Every stroke goes deep, striking that spot deep inside that sends off bursts of light behind my eyelids.

I force my eyes open, and he’s looking at me. He’s right with me in the pleasure, and I’m panting, moaning, struggling to breathe through it all. “Please can I come?” I plea.


This one doesn’t explode. It’s a deep, shuddering orgasm that moves through me silently and powerfully. My mouth is open in a silent scream, and Thomas kisses me through it. I flood onto his cock, and he moves faster, harder, and another orgasm is coming. It’s insane, and this is the one that’s going to make me scream. I can feel it, the way it’s building. “Thomas,” I say… “Oh god. I need to—please.”

“No.” He’s just as breathless as I am. “We’re going to go together.”

Grinding down onto my clit he sends me even higher, and I dig my fingers into his shoulders. “Please,” I’m begging now, because I don’t think I can hold on. It’s too much.

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