I can’t move, not with his hand cradling my head like this. Pulling back to look at me, he meets my eyes, and they’re as dark as they were in the workshop—something feral and wild in them. “There will be more of this,” he says, gently moving his hips against mine and drawing attention to the fact that he’s rock hard between us, “and there will be times for it to be slow and gentle. This isn’t going to be any of those things.” He leans close and presses his lips against my ear. “I’m going to take you hard, because I haven’t been able to stop thinking about how my cock is going to feel inside you.”

I shiver at the raw truth in his words, and I want it. I wanted it that first night in the workshop when he was wild and untamed and dizzy with creativity, and I want it now that he’s dark and focused and has me captive in his arms. So I close my eyes, and arch my body into him, and say, “Yes.”




Anna’s word is barely a breath but unlocks a roaring wave of lust and dominance in me, and I barely recognize the sound that comes from me. Pure, raw, animal. I lift Anna by the hips, turning her and placing her on the ledge that surrounds the tub. That perfect ass is in front of me and I take the time to stroke it, watching her hips wiggle as I do. I wonder what it would be like to spank her and see that ass as bright as her cheeks when she blushes. God, that would be incredible.

I lift her leg up onto the ledge with her so that she’s spread for me, and run my hand between her legs. Even having been in the water, I can feel her slickness. I was already hard, but feeling how wet her pussy is makes me even harder. I’m lightheaded with arousal. I wasn’t lying. I can’t wait for this to be gentle.

Fitting my cock against her entrance, I push inside in one long stroke. She’s wet enough that she takes me easily, and my vision goes white with pleasure. Walls of heat surround my cock, and they’re fluttering, spasming around me because I’m too big for her and she’s trying to adjust. She’s so tight, it’s better than I ever could have imagined. My fantasies have nothing on this reality. Seeing Anna spread out in front of my mountains, her pussy filled to the brim with my cock, is an image I’m never going to forget.

I can see her breathing, panting as she squeezes me, trying to get used to me. I place my hand on her back, right over her scar, and hold her in place. I don’t want her moving right now. I told her I was going to take her for a reason. Right now, she’s mine.

I pull back, waiting only a second before I plunge in again, and I groan because the way her pussy takes me in makes me want to come right now. But not yet. Not that fast. In. Again, again, and again. Deeper. I press in farther until I’m inside her to the hilt. Anna is breathing hard, little gasps that make whatever’s left of my blood run straight for my cock. There’s no sound out here except for her, and the slap of my balls against her pussy. Fuck.

My entire world is turning to pleasure. If I had the stamina, I would fuck her forever just like this. That slow burn builds at the base of my spine, and I throw my head back taking in the sky as I fuck harder, faster, driving myself into her until I’m grunting with the effort and Anna is gasping with pleasure. Her hand creeps between her legs and I let it. She’s moaning now, and I can’t breathe with the pleasure of it all.

Suddenly her pussy tightens, locking me in a vice and Anna cries out, coming, pouring her orgasm all over my cock, shaking where she’s lying on the wood, and I’m on the edge of coming. I thrust in one more time and pull back just as pleasure explodes through my body. My vision disappears again as I come, painting her skin with my seed, claiming her, showing her she’s mine. I stroke my cock until after I’m finished, letting every shudder of the orgasm work its way through me before I stop.

Anna looks limp and spent, gasping for breath as she slides back into the water. She looks at me, and I can see the impressions of the wood on her breasts where I pressed her down, and just like that I’m hard again. Completely and fully hard. It’s like I’m a teenager again who’s found porn for the first time. But Anna is better than any porn I’ve ever found.

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