Closing my eyes, I focus on the feeling of his mouth on my skin. He slips down, and his mouth covers my nipple, hardening it instantly. “God, yes.”

He chuckles, sucking deeper. His tongue circles and licks, and every movement shoots straight down to my clit. I’m wet again and aching for more pleasure. I’ve never felt anything like what I felt in that tub, and now that we’ve given in, I’m pissed that we even waited three days.

Robert moves to my other breast, and I arch against his body. The way he’s using his mouth is slow and languorous. My wrists are still pinned, and Robert’s legs are straddling my hips. I can’t move, and I know he’s serious about not letting me go until he’s finished. Just that thought and I can feel myself getting wetter. He makes a sound low in his throat, and I shudder as his teeth graze my skin. He moves back and forth, using his mouth until I’m delirious with it. I’m writhing underneath him, and I can feel his cock hardening between my legs. I want more of that. I want more of him. I want him anywhere and everywhere and more, more, more. “Robert, please.” I’m begging now.

I can feel his laughter against my skin, but he doesn’t move. His fingers just tighten on my wrists, and he bites a little harder. I gasp, and it turns into a moan. “Please.” It’s nothing more than a breath.

“Tell me what you want.”

I roll my hips up into his, because I don’t have the words. Everything is sense and feeling and arousal. He’s looking down at me, and I capture his mouth with mine, drawing him in. Robert kisses me like he’s a dying man and my mouth is water. Our tongues dance together, and I’m aching with need. I’m so wet I can feel it on my thighs. Two can play at this game, and I capture his bottom lip with my teeth, biting gently. He pulls away, mischief in his eyes. “Ask me.”

“I thought you wanted to explore,” I say back with a smirk.

“Maybe I want to explore how much you’ll beg me to taste you.”

My pussy clenches in response to his words. The way he kissed me, I can only imagine what that’s going to feel like, and I have no problem asking. “Taste me.”

His lips brush mine, and I’m shaking with anticipation. His eyes are filled with fire and lust so hot I can feel it. “Tell me you want my tongue in your pretty pink cunt.”

“Yes,” I breathe.

Robert doesn’t move. He’s perfectly still. “Say it.”

“I want your tongue in my pretty pink cunt.” My cunt that’s pulsing with my heartbeat and so wet I think I’m going to leave a stain on his sheets.

“Good girl.”

He puts his mouth on my skin and drags it down my body, licking between my breasts and lower. Lower. Finally releasing my wrists, he grabs my thighs and pushes them apart. I can feel his breath on me, and I’m holding my own, waiting for that first touch. It comes gently, just the tiniest brush of his tongue on the tip of my clit. A little more, and then a little more. Again, he’s taking his time. Licks all around and then the tip of my clit between his lips, pulling pleasure from deep in my gut.

I don’t know how long I can last with him teasing me like this. I’m already warmed up, ready to go. These barely-there touches are driving me mad, and he knows it to. I grab onto the bed sheets, because I know that if I try to touch him, to make it go faster, he’ll just slow down.

Robert sucks hard and uses his teeth lightly, and my world disappears. I can’t see, blind and overcome with pleasure as the orgasm blows through me like a flash flood. Sheer, pure, sensation spiraling up through me and out. I think I might be screaming, I’m not sure. I can’t think or breathe or speak, just feel.

I come back to myself, the orgasm leaving me so quickly it feels like I collapse back onto the bed. “Fuck.”

“We’re not done,” Robert says, lips still brushing my clit. “You taste good, baby girl.” He slides his hands under my thighs and pulls me closer against his mouth. This time he’s not gentle and not timid. His mouth consumes me. It feels like his tongue is everywhere. On me and inside me, stroking and teasing and drawing me back to the edge. “Robert,” I say, voice straining, “I can’t.” I don’t think I can. It’s too much.

“You will.” There’s no argument in his tone, and he sets up a rhythm, a swirling, suction that makes the space behind my eyes sparkle. Good God, I’m going to come again. I can’t help myself—my hands find their way into Robert’s hair, pulling him closer, urging him faster. His tongue strokes faster, pushes deeper until he’s almost to my g-spot. God, he has a long tongue. It’s amazing. And then it’s back at my clit and I’m begging him again to please give me more, and he does. Faster, and harder, and suddenly the orgasm swells through my core and blooms outward, and the world is gone. I’m drowning in a sea of bliss that’s pure light. It’s sizzling through my veins and I arch off the bed, screaming it out. Robert’s mouth is still on me, and he won’t let me go. The waves hit me again and again, and they crest over me and when they disappear there’s nothing left of me but a puddle.