Robert still looks pissed, but his eyes are softer now. He strokes his fingers along my cheek. “I’m sorry that happened to you.”

“It’s my own fault,” I say. “I was too desperate for him to be punished, and I let my guard down. I should have vetted that evidence, and I didn’t.”

“You were framed. That’s not your fault.”

I go back and forth in my head with that argument, but in the end the blame lies with me. If I’d been smarter, I wouldn’t be in this situation. But then again, I wouldn’t be here either.

“Thank you for telling me,” he says.

“It’s kind of nice,” I close my eyes. “I haven’t really had anyone to tell the whole story to until now.”

“Glad I could help.”

We rest in silence for a few minutes, the invisible sensation of closeness binding us together. “It’s late,” he says. “I should have made you dinner hours ago.”

He starts to pull away, and I stop him. “If I told you I wasn’t that kind of hungry, what would you say?”

“Oh?” Robert raises an eyebrow. “I’d say I’m always that kind of hungry.”

The sudden power in his tone makes me go liquid, and I melt back into the bed. Robert reaches behind him and I hear the opening and closing of a drawer. He reaches between us, rolling a condom on. There’s nothing fancy about the way he takes me. He doesn’t even move except to drape my leg over his hip. And then he’s pushing inside and I let out a moan. I’m still sensitive from the brutal way he took me earlier, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I want to remember that. But even in the few short hours since he last fucked me, I’ve forgotten how big he is. He’s sliding in and in and in and he’s finally in to the hilt and I’m so full that I can’t breathe.

I move with him, pushing back against him, and our rhythm is smooth and slow. He puts his hand on my ass, guiding me, moving me in exactly the right way so that he hits all of me. Every. Single. Time. I bite my lip to keep myself quiet, because it doesn’t quite feel like the time to be loud.

It doesn’t make sense how good this feels. He’s so deep and pressing deeper, faster, and I can feel my orgasm approaching from far away. Like a little spark on the horizon of a wildfire that’s racing towards me.

Robert’s hand grips my thigh and holds me still as he picks up the pace, thrusting harder, and I’m already well on my way to coming. His breathing is short and ragged, and I know neither of us are going to hold out for very long. I squeeze down on him and he groans, driving into me harder, and suddenly I’m there. He rolls his hips, and the tip of him hits that spot deep inside, and my pleasure breaks open. I have to hold onto him, shuddering and shaking as I come, loving how deep this pleasure goes.

I feel him come too, and he moans against my throat. “I want to fuck you everywhere,” he says.

“Where?” I ask, catching my breath. “In the garden?”

“As fun as that would be,” he says, “I don’t want to kill my plants.” Rolling over so he’s pinning me to the bed, he’s looking down at me again like he’s a wolf and I’m the prey. But it doesn’t scare me. I like this wolf. The gentle man who comforted me has stepped into the background, still there, but now filled with the powerful fire that ignites my own. I’m still impaled on his cock and he knows it, moving his hips to remind me. “No,” he says. “I want to take every part of you. I want to fuck those gorgeous tits of yours. I want you to come screaming while I’m buried in your ass. I want to see my cock bulge in your throat. And most importantly, I want that sweet cunt of yours every night.”

He can feel how my pussy clenches at his words, and the way my breath hitched at the carnal way that he said those things. “That’s a lot of ground to cover,” I say, swallowing. I’ve never down some of those things. But with Robert, I’d be willing to try.

“We’ve got twenty-six days left before you drag me back to prison,” he says. “We can make the most of them.”

“Two orgasms,” I say.


I let the corner of my mouth tip up into a smile. “Guarantee me two orgasms every day.”

He laughs. “If you want to aim low, that’s your choice.”

“I haven’t slept with anyone in months, and I haven’t come more than once a day for a long time. Today was an exception.”