“You have some catching up to do. And in that case I’ll do you one better,” he says. “I’ll guarantee you at least two orgasms a day.”

I squeeze down on his cock and watch his smile falter with the feeling. “You have a deal,” I say.



The ride down the mountain is usually tedious, but I’ve barely been able to keep my eyes on the road because watching Anna is so funny. She doesn’t like the bumps or the steep road, and every time we hit the smallest gully she grabs for the dashboard. I have a mind to pull her into my lap and fuck her while sitting in the front seat of my truck. That could be fun.

I haven’t given Anna either of her orgasms today, so everything I see is a possible way to make her moan. I don’t think I’ve ever had this kind of…preoccupation with someone. At the same time, it doesn’t feel that way. I like seeing her happy. I like seeing her flushed and out of breath with my name on her lips. And I want her to have her life back. I was gritting my teeth so hard that my jaw ached, and it was only the fact that Anna was in my arms that I didn’t jump out of bed, track down this David Morris guy, and kick his ass so hard he’d never sit comfortably. I don’t ever want to see those kind of tears in Anna’s eyes again.

Those weren’t nothing. Those tears came from deep pain, and I’d be a fool to think otherwise.

The tiny town at the base of the mountain isn’t anything special. They have a general store, a bar, and one clothing store that sells mostly flannel and jeans. But Anna can’t keep washing the same pair of panties every night, and we need some food essentials. There’s only one stop light in this town, so you can park almost anywhere and walk. I send her over to the clothing store while I hit up the general. I need milk and cheese and pasta. I may be off the grid, but I’m not that kind of hermit. I’m not about to buy a cow because I don’t want to worry about feeding it or milking it. Buying the milk is just simpler.

I grab what we need and head over to the clothing store, but Anna is nowhere in sight.

“She’s in the dressing room,” the bored teenage girl behind the counter says.


The ‘dressing room’ is a single stall in the back of the store. I can see Anna’s bare feet under the door. I knock softly. “Any luck?”

The door opens and she pulls me inside quickly. “I don’t know. I don’t usually wear this kind of stuff.”

“This kind of stuff?” I ask. “What kind of stuff is that?”

“I don’t know,” she says, gesturing to the blue flannel shirt that she’s wearing. “Mountain stuff.”

The shirt fits her well, even if it’s tight in the chest. I touch the button that’s about to burst, and it pops open. “I like this.”

“Of course you do.” She laughs, but that’s probably not very practical.

“I don’t know,” I say, undoing the buttons on the shirt slowly to reveal her bra—a tempting black lace concoction and that makes me hard just looking at it. “I think it’s very practical. I can pop these buttons open in seconds.”

“I’m trying on the jeans too.”

I look down, and I get even harder. The dark wash jeans hug her hips snugly, and damn it’s a pretty sight. “If you’re looking to get work done in those jeans, it’s not going to happen.”

“Why not?”

I back her against the wall of the dressing room. “Because all those jeans make me want to do is peel you out of them.” I pop the button on the jeans and slip my hand inside, down and into her panties and she gasps. “Shhh,” I say softly. “You’re about to get your first orgasm of the day, and you wouldn’t want the sales girl to hear.”

“Now?” she squeaks.

“Now. Whenever and wherever I choose. I promised you those orgasms. I’m a man of my word.”

Anna’s body has betrayed her. She can pretend that she’s horrified, but she’s soaking wet, and my middle finger slips inside her almost too easily. She whimpers, but presses her lips together. “Good girl,” I whisper, adding another finger. I curl them back until I find the rough patch that’s her g-spot, and press down. Her eyes flutter closed, and my jeans are tight now to the point of pain. I love watching her like this, and I’m going to fuck her hard enough to come, whether or not that sales girl can hear.

I thrust my fingers up into her, and she rises up on her toes. Perfect. Using one foot, I widen her stance, so that she’s on edge, the only thing keeping her balanced is my fingers in her cunt. I add another one for good measure, and then I start to fuck her. I move hard and fast, and Anna’s eyes go wide. She bites her lip, and her face is bright red with both mortification and arousal.

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