Slow and steady, I work her pussy in smooth strokes. Anna clenches around me. Her pussy grips my fingers like she never wants to let them go. She’s holding her breath, trying not to make the sounds that she desperately wants to. “Let go,” I say. “Let it happen.”

She shakes her head as I speed up my pace. I press her back against the wall of the dressing room, fucking her faster. She moans, and it’s loud and her flush turns an even brighter red. It sends blood straight to my dick, but Anna is tense. Way too tense. I can feel that she needs to come, but she’s not quite there.

I cover her mouth with my other hand, and she relaxes. She trusts me to keep her quiet, and I do. She’s suddenly squirming on my hand, body begging for more as I drive her closer and closer to the edge. I can hear her muffled moans as I rub my fingers across her g-spot, stroking, fluttering, stretching them out as I pull out and push in, overwhelming her pussy with sensation. And then, using my thumb, I press down on her clit, sliding around it in a circle, and she comes. Her orgasm gushes out onto my hand and she’s shaking, the wall of the dressing room trembling just a little.

When she’s finished, I slide my hands out of her jeans. I make sure that her eyes are on mine before I lick my fingers clean. It’s the hottest thing, and now I’m going to die if my cock gets any harder. “Orgasm number one,” I say.

She melts against me, limp and sated. “Damn you.”

I laugh, tilting her head back. “Damn me. But you liked it.”

Anna blushes. “I did.” Then she pauses, and her hand strokes across the erection straining against my jeans. “And it feels like you’d like it too.”

Her clever fingers undo my belt, and my cock springs out, fully hard. The way she sinks to her knees has me instantly ready to come. Her tongue flicks out, licking the underside of my head, and now I’m the one fighting back a groan. The tip of my cock disappears into her mouth and I’m encased in perfect, velvet heat. Anna knows what she’s doing to me. She pulls back, grinning up at me as she licks along my shaft, and she doesn’t break eye contact as she sucks my balls between her lips.

Holy. Fucking. Fuck.

I’ve never met a woman who’s this good at giving head and seems to enjoy it as much as she does. I’m gripping the top of the dressing room now, holding back the sounds I want to make. Payback is a bitch. I’m so close that I’m grinding my teeth together, and as her mouth sinks down onto me I know I’m going to lose it. That’s it. I weave my fingers into her hair, and grab my cock with the other. “Open,” I growl.

She does, and I’m stroking, pulling on my cock, and the orgasm explodes through me, violent and sudden. I watch as her mouth fills with my come, burst after burst until I’m empty, pleasure coursing through my veins with my heartbeat. I don’t even have to tell Anna to swallow what I gave her, she does. Sealing her lips, I see her throat move, and then she licks her lips. “God damn, Anna.”

“I knew you’d like it.”

Tucking my cock back into my pants, I zip them up. I pull out my wallet and hand her a card. “Buy whatever you want. Working clothes, and clothes like that shirt that are so tight I want to rip them off you.”

“You’re leaving?”

I grip her upper arms, holding her still while I take a kiss. I run my tongue across her lips and press it inside her like I want to be doing elsewhere. “If I don’t walk out of this store right now,” I tell her, “I’m going to fuck you so hard this little stall will break. So buy the clothes, and meet me at the bar across the street so I can take you home and fuck you where you can scream to your heart’s content.”

She shivers in my arms, and her pupils go wide. Her lips part just a little, and I love that. She’s imagining what’s going to happen, and so am I. I step away and exit the booth before I change my mind and fuck her right there. Just being around Anna makes me so hard, I can’t believe it. I wasn’t joking when I told her we’re going to cover every base. My imagination is running wild with all the possibilities.

I step into Valley Tavern and take a deep breath. It’s comforting and familiar. I come in a couple times a month and have a beer when I’m in town, and once before I made time to sneak off with a certain blonde bartender. That’s not going to happen this time. But, as luck would have it, Lucy is working today. The minute she sees me, her face blooms into a smile. “Hey, handsome.” She leans over the bar, intentionally displaying her generous breasts. “Give me ten minutes, and I’ll take a break.”