“I lied,” I say.


I swallow. “I didn’t have a show prepared, and I’m pretty sure me giving a strip tease would be the most awkward thing you’ve ever witnessed in your life.”

Robert looks me up and down again. “Trust me, Anna, you’re putting on a show.” I blush, and he reaches out his hand, pulling me to stand between his legs. His hands land on my hips, slowly turning me so he can see every angle. “This is actually better,” he says, “because now I get to take my time and peel you out of these clothes.”

Turning back to face him, I like the way he’s looking at me. My breasts are right in front of his face, and he knows it.

“How attached are you to this shirt?” he asks, untying the knot that I’ve tied, and flipping me onto the bed so he’s hovering over me.

“Not at all. It barely fits. I just bought it ‘cause I thought you’d like it. Why?”

“Good.” He puts his hands on either side of the collar that’s barely containing my breasts, and tears it open. Buttons fly everywhere, and I gasp. His mouth is on my skin immediately, kissing and licking and I’m already wet and ready for him. I don’t know how I thought I could ever last thirty days without this. And it’s not getting better. Then more he touches me, the more I want. It’s like I’m fire and his touch is gasoline.

Robert tongues my nipple through the lace of my bra, and I moan, arching my back off the bed. “You remember those things I said I wanted to do?” he asks.


“They’re just a few of many, but I’m going to give you a choice. Both choices end in your second orgasm, and maybe more.”

I can feel his cock pressing against my belly, hard and ready, and I’m finding it hard to breathe. He’s everywhere—lips on my skin, legs against mine, hands pinning mine to the bed. “What are the choices?”

“Tits or ass, sweetheart.”

I swallow, and I feel like all the air has gone out of me. Because I remember what he said that first time in his bed. “I’ve never done either of those things.”

The look on Robert’s face is feral. “I like the idea of being some of your firsts,” he says.

“Both,” I say.

He freezes. “What?”

“I want both.”

He comes unfrozen, crushing his mouth onto mine. An all-consuming kiss that pours more fuel on the fire. My pussy is dripping with want and need, and the fact that it’s not going to get any attention right now, and he’s still promised to make me come, is even more arousing. “Anna Collins,” he says, “you are the most surprising woman I’ve ever met.”

I laugh. “Is that good?”

“More than good, it’s fucking sexy.”

He kisses me again, pausing to pull back and look at me. Robert raises an eyebrow, asking, and I nod. The way he kisses me now, tongue plunging into my mouth, it’s like he’s giving me a preview to exactly how he’s going to fuck me. He reaches toward the side of the bed and grabs a bottle of lotion. Given that he’s already said that he’s jacked off while thinking about me, I can guess why it’s sitting there and I feel my cheeks turn pink.

Robert peels the straps off my shoulders, and helps me out of the bra. “I like it when you blush, Anna. It’s the same color as these.” He tweaks one of my nipples with his fingers and it hardens under his touch. “Every time I see that pink I want to see if the rest of you is blushing too.”

He’s moved up, straddling my waist, and his cock is right there, between my breasts. He takes the lotion and spreads a generous amount on his hands. Then he touches me. A firm massage, covering my breasts in creamy lotion, and the way he’s rolling them through his hands makes my eyes flutter shut in pleasure. He touches every inch of them, massaging the sides and top and down to my ribs and back. He pinches my nipples, pulling on them until they’re so hard I can’t help but moan again. My tits are glistening with lotion now, and he presses them together.

Robert slides his cock into the valley between my breasts. “Fuck,” he growls. “This feels so good baby.” I watch his eyes fall shut as he presses between my breasts, thrusting again and again, sliding easily against the slickness of my skin. It feels strangely erotic, the way his cock travels through, peeking out above my breasts, so, so close to my mouth. It’s so close that it’s tempting. And even though I already got to taste him today, I flick my tongue out, catching the tip of him as he thrusts.

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