“I’m not going to last if you do that,” Robert says, sliding in and out slowly.

I move my hands to my breasts, holding them together so he doesn’t have to. I press them harder than he was, and the sudden sensation pulls a groan out of him. “Then don’t last,” I say.

He leans forward, taking his weight on his arms and starts to fuck. I feel his cock slip in and out and beyond reason I can feel him get harder. Every line of him is taut; the veins in his arms standing out as he holds himself up, and I can see the ridges of his abs sharpen as he moves. He’s so close. I press my head down and open my mouth, and suddenly he’s sliding into my mouth with every thrust, and Robert groans. He speeds up his pace, fucking my breasts with an urgency that tells me he needs this. Wants this. But he’s holding back just enough to make it last.

I swirl my tongue around him every time he passes my lips, and I hear his breath go ragged, suddenly his motions aren’t rhythmic, they’re desperate. His eyes fly open, locking with mine. He manages to find the words. “Open your mouth.” I do, seconds before he comes. Salt and heat stream into my mouth, splashing across my chest and breasts. It pools on my tongue and Robert grunts with every last thrust until he stills, spent. He watches as I swallow him, and then I suck the tip of his cock again, getting every last drop, and feeling it jerk like it wants another round.

“Fucking hell,” he says, sitting back and breathing hard. But he doesn’t look satisfied. If anything, the lust on his face is deeper, more acute. “Turn over.”

Oh God. I’m really going to do this. He’s going to be the first person to take me there, and my pussy spasms in response. I want to feel what it’s like to have Robert where no one has ever gone. I turn over slowly, and he slides my panties off, brushing my ass with his lips. Just lips at first, and then tongue. And then tongue and teeth moving across me. His fingers spread me open, and this is far more vulnerable than I’ve felt in a long time. Just a touch of his finger to the bud of my ass, and I gasp.

Robert laughs. “You’re going to have to relax if this is going to work.”

“I don’t know if I can,” I say. I want this, but in practice it’s…different.

“Don’t worry,” he says, “I’ll help.” And then his mouth is on me. There.

His lips press against my ass, and the flick of his tongue shocks me. I’ve never felt anything like it: alien and arousing and intimate. His hand curls around my thigh, and fingers find my clit. I’m so hot, so wet, that his fingers slip across me, and he laughs. The vibrations do funny things to my ass, and need coils in my gut. The stroking, stroking, stroking of his fingers on my clit matches the stroking, stroking, stroking of his tongue in my ass, pushing deeper, taking all of my focus away from my anxiety and putting it on my pleasure. His hand doesn’t move, gently circling my clit, just enough to keep me on edge. But his mouth leaves, and suddenly there’s a burst of cold on my skin—the lotion.

Robert smooths it over the space where his tongue just was. And then I feel it—his finger again, this time more insistent, pressing against my opening. I clench myself shut out of pure instinct. “Push out against me,” he says. I take a deep breath, and do. It suddenly gets easier, and the tip of his finger slips into me. Oh my God, it feels so strange. Good, but strange.

He’s gentle but consistent, pushing in and pulling out, sinking further each time until he says, “There. That’s my whole finger.”

It feels impossibly big, and strange tingles are running across my skin like nothing I’ve ever felt before. If that’s his finger, I can’t imagine his cock fitting. “You won’t fit.”

He kisses the back of my neck, “I will, sweetheart. I will. We’ll go slow.” Pulling his finger back slowly, I suddenly feel empty. I want to feel that sensation again. There’s something deep in my gut that tells me that sensation can and will lead to more. To greater pleasure.

It’s cold again, more lotion, and then it’s him—the head of his cock. I moan, because he’s so, so big. This is a whole new world of sensation, and I can feel my body stretching, growing, trying to fit. I push back against him as he pushes in. Slow and steady. I don’t think he’s going to fit. He’s still not even in, and the stretch is on the edge of pain and pleasure. Suddenly his head pops in, and the air is knocked out of me. I thought I felt full when he was in my pussy, but not even close. This is so much more than that. “Oh my God.”

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