Robert starts to circle my clit again, and pleasure explodes through me. It races up and back and around and somehow just Robert’s cock in my ass wakes up a whole new set of nerves connected to my clit and I think I’m going blind with pleasure. I squeeze down on him, and he makes a noise deep in his throat. My muscles are starting to relax, and it feels more normal to have him there, and he knows.

“Time for more.”

He presses in again, slowly inching deeper, and every millimeter feels like a mile. All of a sudden I feel an orgasm coming, rising up from a place so deep I didn’t even know it existed. Faster circles on my clit, a driving rhythm that’s pushing me straight to the edge, and I’m so close that I’m panting, moaning, writhing. I can’t control myself. It’s right there, and one last flick with his fingers is what sends me over the edge.

The world disappears, and I’m consumed. I’m a bonfire of pleasure, I feel nothing but that. There’s a chance that I pass out for a second, because it’s that good, that pure, that un-fucking-believable. I come back to myself, and I feel Robert push in deeper—all the way. The skin of his hips rests against my ass, and I’m fuller than I’ve ever been in my life. I can’t breathe, because if I breathe it fills me with that strange sensation that almost hurts but feels so good.

Robert’s mouth is at my ear. “I’m all in, baby. How do you feel?”

I don’t know what to say. “Yeah.”

He chuckles, “Good?”

“Weird. Good. I don’t know.”

His hips move, and I gasp. It’s so strange, and so new, and my body is already so aroused that I almost come again. He keeps making those tiny movements, in and out and in and out and my breath starts coming with his movements. Tiny shocks and spasms run through me. Robert starts to move more, bigger thrusts, pulling out further, and pushing in faster. He’s easing me in, and it feels good. Really good.

His hand moves from my clit, curling down and in, slipping a finger inside my pussy. I honestly didn’t think that it could get any better, but it did. My mind is glazed with pleasure and I feel like I’m drowning in it, but I don’t know if I can come again after the first orgasm. “It’s too much,” I say, digging my fingers into the sheets.

“No,” Robert says, “It’s just enough.” And then he thrusts in again.



Being inside Anna like this is like a fantasy. She’s so tight, her ass squeezing me like a vice that I’m barely holding myself back from filling her with come.

“It’s too much,” she says, her voice barely there, almost a whisper.

I don’t think so. She’s going to come again. “No. It’s just enough.” I add a finger inside her pussy so that she feels like she’s being fucked in both holes. Anna’s pussy quivers around my fingers and I know that she’s almost there again. I love the way she comes, so completely lost that the pleasure takes her away.

Her body is pliant beneath me, finally adjusting to my size, and I pull out farther, thrusting faster. God, she feels so fucking good, and holding back is so hard that I’m grunting with every thrust, but she’s going to come first. One more finger, and I can feel the stretch in her pussy. She’s shaking, whimpering, taut as a string. I brush my thumb across her clit, and her entire body goes still. Then it feels like her whole body spasms. She screams, coming, her pussy gushing onto my hand as her ass clenches down on my cock, and I can’t hold back any more. My own orgasm overflows, pleasure on the edge of pain bursting through me as I come, cock jerking as stream after stream pours out, surrounding me with heat.

I nearly collapse on top of Anna, catching myself at the last second. Her breath is coming in gasps, hands reflexively gripping and releasing the sheets as the orgasm washes over her. She barely notices as I pull out gently and clean myself off, and hasn’t moved when I come back to the bed. Not until I lie down next to her and pull her in, draping her across my chest so that her head rests on my shoulder.

“Are you all right?” I ask.

“Yeah,” she says, but it feels like she’s barely conscious of the answer.

I stroke down her body, enjoying the feeling of her on me. I’m happy to wait until she’s entirely recovered, because this is so enjoyable. It takes some time, but I notice when she starts to stir, her breath coming back to a normal pace, and her fingers starting to trace lines on my chest. Finally, she looks up at me. “Hi.”