“No,” I cut him off. “You’re a greedy son of a bitch. Your only goal in life is to have power over others, no matter the cost. The way you treat people is disgusting. You manipulate people so they owe you, and then you don’t give them what you owe them. You do it to your family, too. You take advantage of the way Mom loves you.” I see his face darken, but I can’t stop now. “I don’t know why she’s still with you, but I can’t watch while she loves a bastard like you. If you really want someone in the family to run the business, talk to Tom and Sam.”

My father’s face explodes with rage. “I’m not giving those traitorous little bastards anything.”

For a second I freeze. Clearly something has changed since I was last here. “Good,” I say. “Then there are two less people under your thumb.” There’s a cavernous silence in the room, and I finally sigh. “But I suppose in one way I have to thank you.”

“And how’s that?” my father asks, voice laced with poison.

My eyes are on Anna and his are on me. “If you hadn’t sent Anna to drag me home, I never would have fallen in love with her.” I see her breath catch. “And I’ll come back and work for this company if you promise to give her what she needs. I know you can do that.”

An evil grin crosses my father’s face, because he’s won and he knows it. But I don’t have a choice.

“No,” Anna says, standing. “No, Robert, that’s not what I want.” She comes to me quickly, and I catch her by the arms. It’s like she’s so shocked that she’s having a hard time standing. “I love you, too. You were right. I needed to get out of my head and the obsession with wanting everything back.” Her voice is quiet now. “I never thought I could be happy without that, but now I can’t imagine anything else.” There are tears in her eyes. “Take me home, please.”

I kiss her, and I don’t give a damn that my father is watching, because he’s nothing. Less than nothing. Kissing Anna feels like coming home, and I hadn’t realized just how afraid I was that I was wrong, that she wouldn’t want to come back, that she wouldn’t want to be with me. I pull back and look at my father. His face is so red it’s bordering on purple. He’s furious. “Get. Out.” he spits.

“With pleasure.”

I wrap my arms around Anna’s shoulder and guide her out, and I hear the crash of something breaking behind us. My father’s secretary still looks shocked and disturbed when we walk past, straight into the elevator. The doors are barely closed when I have her against the wall. “You terrified me,” I say, pulling her mouth to mine. “When you weren’t there…”

“I couldn’t do that to you,” she says. “I couldn’t make you give up your life for something I don’t even want.”

“Next time talk to me.”

She shakes her head. “There’s not going to be a next time. I’m not leaving again.”

“Good.” I flip her around so her she’s facing the elevator wall and slam the button to stop the elevator.

“What are you doing?” she gasps, breathless.

Hiking up her skirt, I run my fingers along her pussy, and I smile. She’s wet. “I need to be inside you.”

“Here?” her voice goes up an octave. “What about your father?”

“Here. He doesn’t have the balls to call security on me, and I need this.” I unzip my jeans, push her panties to the side and fit myself against her, thrusting in in one stroke. It’s heaven, so familiar and so perfect and I groan, pressing her harder into the wall. Anna is breathing in little pants of need, and I don’t hold back. I fuck her fast and hard, and I feel Anna trembling, see her biting her lip to keep quiet. “Scream, baby,” I say. “We’re not coming back.”

“God, yes!” she says as I plunge again, and she only gets louder, moaning and saying my name as I drive harder, deeper, and I’m teetering on the edge, riding that peak as long as possible. I slow down, drawing it out, and I can feel that she’s close.

“Come with me,” I say.

Anna begs, “Please.”

I thrust in again, and one more time. “Now.”

She screams, body going tight and still as the orgasm rocks through her, and I come too, pouring myself deep inside, flooding her pussy with my come. She spasms around me, milking my cock and it’s so damn good. I hold her tight against me while we finish, both of our juices running down her legs and onto the floor. “Fuck, Robert,” Anna says.

“I know,” I say, grinning.

“You’re going to keep fucking me in public,” she says, raising an eyebrow. “Aren’t you?”

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