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“Oh, I think…” Her legs start to tremble. “I think it’s happening.”

Never ceasing my worship of her horny bundle of nerves, I rub the pads of my index and middle finger against her sweet, wet hole, then push them inside, twisting gently and pulling out. Back in, twist slowly, then out, and she quickens almost violently around my fingers, her clit swelling against my tongue.

“Caleb!” she wails, her thighs clamping around my head, her back arching off the ground, body locked in a continuous spasm, her pleasure coating my tongue.

I watch her in awe as she twists her way through it, her breath coming in short, little bursts, her inner thighs growing more saturated by the moment.

The better for me to fuck you with, my dear.

And that moment is definitely upon us. My cock is a turgid monster in my jeans, gasping for breath, pushing its way free of my zipper before I’ve fully got it down. I stalk my way up her body with my cock out, an animal assessing its prey, and new awareness kindles in her eyes. The thorns of her rose are already showing, coming out to play with mine.

“Time to fuck, princess,” I say thickly, using my left hand to tear her dress’s buttons free of their holes. “Time to pay.”

Her tits heave up and down. “Pay for what?”

Abruptly, I drop my weight down on top of her, pulling a whimper from her throat. “Time to pay for having a pretty face and a tight pussy. Those things men love and hate you for. Love because they can’t help themselves. Hate because they can’t have it.” I grip her throat and squeeze. “I’m the only one who collects on his misery.”

We’re like a perfect storm, our breathing harsh, our eyes locked in understanding.


“Red light,” she whispers.

And God help me, my dick sputters precome all over her belly.

Her words tell me one thing, but her open thighs and lust-drunk expression tell me another. This is our language. One we stumbled on by mistake, but one that has snared us and will never let go. I will never let her go.

“Red light?” I echo, tightening my grip on her throat. “Who’s going to stop me?”

“I could try,” she pants, bucking her body beneath mine, pushing at my shoulders with frustrated little sobs. And all the while I easily keep her pinned, letting her see my amusement over her efforts. I’m not, in actuality, amused, however. Because every time she twists beneath me, her pussy mashes against my hard cock. On purpose? Does she know I’m constantly on the edge where she’s concerned? Is she trying to push me off?

This is a game we’re playing.

A way to give her back some of the control I took last night. I’m the aggressor, but she is involved this time. She’s complicit. She’s voluntarily being assaulted.

But I will snap eventually. I will succumb to my obsession with her and take.

“You’re going to tire yourself out, princess,” I rasp, lowering my head to lap at her tits, snap at them with my teeth. Maintaining eye contact with her, I close my mouth around her nipple and suck. “Even if you managed to get free, you’d have no energy to run. Time. To. Pay.”

She makes one more attempt to free herself and I lunge, imprisoning her wrists above her head, and my cock grinds into the drenched juncture of her thighs. And she can’t hide the anticipation in her eyes, the tongue that wets her lips, eager for what’s to come. She whispers my name and her thighs fall open, her body flexing beneath mine. Preparing.

This is it. I’m toppling over the edge. I’m gone.

With a ragged moan, I fuck my dick into her body, spearing her with every depraved inch. Nailing her to the ground. My balls jack up tight, eager to spill already, thanks to her perfect snug warmth, the ecstasy on her face. “Yeah, you love my misery, don’t you? You eat it right up.” I say through my teeth, thrusting into her roughly. “Feel that? Feel the pain of needing your pussy so bad? I have no choice but to take it. You’ve given me no choice. And you have no choice but to get what’s coming to you.”

Her swollen lips part on a breathy moan, tits bouncing up and down in the open bodice of her dress, her hips rolling up to meet my drives.

Oh. She’s a dirty, little girl. Turned on by things that might be wrong, but feel right to us. We’re a little twisted, me and this girl, but we’re twisted together.

And that’s how it’s going to stay.

My balls are in a tightening vise and her pussy is clenching. I’m getting it from both sides. All sides. And my breath is echoing in my ears, her cries and the smack of flesh spurring me on. Making me ride her harder. I’m desperate to come, but I want to leave my seed inside her as deep as possible, so I let go of her wrists, reach back to catch her knees in my hands and sling them over my shoulders. I bend her in half and power into her, groaning over the increased tightness of her pussy, rearing my hips as far back as they’ll go without pulling out, then pumping back in greedily, knees digging into the ground, humping her wildly like a fucking animal because the pussy is just that good. Hot. Addictive.