Page 18 of His Summer Intern

It’s the peace Caleb and I have always needed, but not in a million years could I have imagined the perfection we’ve found.

A shadow blocks the sun and I glance up to find my husband holding my sleeping daughter in his arms, his body outlined by the cloudless blue sky. “Going to bring her inside and put her in bed,” Caleb says, his eyes lingering on my bare breasts. “Meet me in five minutes.”

My pulse is already hammering. “Okay.”

I move on unsteady legs up the stone pathway to our enormous house. Normally I would stop to admire the turrets stretching up to the sky, the ivy climbing the brick walls or the balcony where Caleb and I drink our coffee every morning. But I hurry now, focused on being alone with my husband. We can only keep the hunger at bay for so long each day before we collide. And a collision is imminent now.

I leave my son sleeping in his room, beneath the mobile Caleb made him by hand, and race for our bedroom down the long hallway. He’s waiting for me outside the door, impatient, shirtless. A lion licking his chops.

He grabs me by the back of the neck as soon as I reach him, dragging me into the room like a recalcitrant teenager and positioning me in front of a full-length mirror. “Look at you,” he says thickly, breathing hard against the curve of my neck. “Do you think it’s easy for me to wait this long? My head aches, my chest aches, my cock aches until I have you. I’m not human until I’ve been between your legs. Have I given you any reasons to doubt my constant starvation for you, girl?”

My folds grow slick and ready, my knees dipping under the onslaught of arousal. The hunger for him never abates. Never. It only grows. “No.”

“And yet you parade around, taunting me with these tits, playing in the water in nothing but the bottom half of your bikini. Your beautiful laugh ringing in my head.” He strips the garment in question down to my knees, palms my right butt check roughly. Smacking it hard. “Are you trying to drive me madder than I already am?”

I lick my dry lips. “No. I just wanted to be comfortable.”

“Comfortable.” His teeth rake my neck, his thick shaft pressing to my backside. “What is comfort? What is relief? Show me.”

I turn and go down on my knees eagerly, sobbing, sucking him through the front of his pants until my shaking fingers finally manage to get his zipper down. I’m moan around the thickness that tunnels into my mouth, leaving the taste of the ocean on my tongue. I know he won’t let me enjoy him for long, so I take advantage of the short time I have, running reverent palms up his rocky abdomen, bobbing my head enthusiastically.

He can’t handle my mouth.

Never can for longer than a minute.

It’s why I love it so much.

He bucks his hips forward and makes a choked sound, salt bathing the back of my throat, his sex swelling, lengthening, arrowing down the back of my throat while he chants my name, his fingers twisting in my hair. I look up at him with adulation in my eyes and loosen my throat, allowing him to push deep until a shudder passes through his incredible body. “Enough. Oh, God. Enough. You will break me.”

Caleb pulls free of my mouth with a grunt and I’m hauled to my feet.

Thrown up into his arms.

He carries me out onto the balcony overlooking the ocean, laying me down on a wide, sun-drenched chaise. He stares down at my naked body and strokes his hand up and down his rampant erection, his breathing labored, chest heaving. “Turn over.”

Wild, starved for his weight on top of me, I roll onto my stomach and present my backside, going up on my knees and tempting him to take. Take me like he did the first time.

His grips my hips and yanks me back toward him. Breathlessly, I wait to see what he’ll do and a keening sound leaves my throat when he presses his middle finger into my sex…and his thumb teases my back entrance, pushing inside slowly. He draws both fingers in and out in a sensual rhythm, my arousal creating a wet soundtrack to his ministrations. “You want to make me wait, princess? I’ll have that ass.”

My legs almost liquefy beneath me. “Yes, Caleb.” I slide my knees wider, tilt my hips and roll them back, back, back to meet his fingers. “Conquer me.”