Page 6 of His Summer Intern

“There it is. That’s how you say my name, girl.” His hips drop down hard on mine, thrusting his erection against my buttocks. “That’s how you tell me you’re ready for cock.”

Am I ready for it?

I don’t know. I don’t know.

But then he’s pushing my knees wider and yanking my hips up at an angle.

Something smooth and hot prods my opening—and then it sinks all the way into my body, slowly, inch by inch, a rigid, unstoppable force. A juggernaut pushing through that virginal barrier on the way to filling me completely. And I scream. I scream at the intensity of the invasion, how it stretches me, how he doesn’t allow me a second to get used to him before he’s drawing my hips up higher and pounding at me, the squeaking of the bed springs mingling with his guttural grunts.

“Goddamn, that’s tight,” he groans, dragging a palm up my spine and tangling it in my hair, pulling my head back. “You legal, girl?”

I am, I’m eighteen, but I’m too overcome to respond…and the desperate way he thrusts into me suggests he wouldn’t stop, no matter what I answered with. It hurts. I’m being rutted. But there’s a tingling in my hips that begins to arrow inward, making my belly constrict. How something so forceful can make me feel…ticklish is beyond my comprehension, but the sensation climbs until I’m mewling into the pillow.

His rock-hard stomach smacks off my butt over and over again, his palm cracking off the cheek of my ass every so often, as if he’s chastising me for making him feel so good. I don’t understand it, but those spanks make me sensitive all over and suddenly I’m pushing back into the pumps of his hips, a dark, undiscovered part of me enjoying the mixture of pain and pleasure. Enjoying the fact that I’ve made him come off his hinges.

Because he’s nothing more than an animal now.

He flattens me to the bed, buries his teeth in my shoulder and takes me so roughly, I see stars. Some instinct tells me he’s going to be finished soon and I don’t want to be left behind. So I wedge my fingers down between my legs and ride the heel of my hand, his frantic pumps grinding that slick bud up and back, up and back, until I start to panic at the magnitude of what I’m beginning to feel. I’ve never gotten this far. Never felt the weight of pleasure bearing down on me, bundling up all of my nerves and making them quake.

“Not taking my dick out. Can’t.” His pace turns wild, his sweat dripping down my back, mixing with my own. “Might have to put a brat in you, girl.”

Am I a bad seed?

That’s what my mother always told me.

But I never believed it until Caleb threatening to make me pregnant only makes me lust harder. Makes me whip my hips back into the rhythm of his thrusts, my upper lip curled with mischief. I’m given no warning before I’m swallowed up in a black hole of pleasure, my screams delivered into the pillow as long, unbearably hot ripples grip my core, bringing relief so complete, my eyes roll into the back of my head.

Caleb stiffens behind me, choking out curses, his hand flexing and releasing where it grips my hair. That huge, wicked part of him spasms inside of me, sticky hot moisture flooding my sex and sluicing down my inner thighs. He continues to pump, growling, spanking my buttocks with a hard palm until finally, he collapses on top of me, his harsh breathing leaving condensation in the curve of my neck.

I don’t know what to think or feel.

No, I do.

I’m…angry. At him for taking what I didn’t technically offer.

At myself for finding pleasure in the act, regardless of his crude treatment, his filthy words and filthier intentions. I am a bad seed and I’m mad at him for proving it.

Tears crowd my throat and I wrestle my way out from beneath his heavy body.

He doesn’t let me get far, however, his hand shooting out and wrapping around my elbow. When I look back at the man over my shoulder, he looks anguished, tortured shadows brimming in his eyes. “Jesus. Sarah…”

I would have stayed if he didn’t call me by the wrong name.

It’s not really his fault since he doesn’t know I’m Juno. But having my virginity taken so forcefully, followed by him using Sarah to address me…it’s too much.

Refusing to cry in front of Caleb, I jerk out of his grip and run down the hallway, locking myself in the guest room, curling into a ball on the bed and letting the silent tears fall.



I clean the virgin blood of my cock and force myself to stare at the red-stained towel.

At what I’ve done.

Christ, am I really this man? A man who…