“Oh,” I say, swallowing thickly. “I had no idea. I thought every man had a daughter in the club.”

“That’s true in a lot of cases,” says Torrent thoughtfully. “But even if you have a daughter, not all girls make the cut. Take June Merchant for example. I know her dad Owen was tearing his hair out about her. She had a goth look and friends he thought were strange. He suspected she was lesbian, and wasn’t sure she’d be a fit.”

I giggle.

“Oh yeah. June and I are friends now. We didn’t have the greatest start, but in fact, she’s not lesbian. And you were her initiators, weren’t you?” I ask.

The two men nod, but their faces grow somber.

“Yes, but you heard what happened right?”

I pause delicately for a moment.

“Well, I heard June was in the middle of her initiation. She was standing in the spotlight, and had just bent over, showing the assorted fathers her creaminess. But then, one or both of you stepped into the spotlight?”

That’s when Torrent cuts me off.

“Sweetheart, we hadn’t stepped into the spotlight yet. Just our dicks had.”

I color bashfully.

“That’s what June told me too. She said that she saw two massive poles edging in from her right and left, and she panicked. They were so huge and enormous that she lost her shit and went screaming.”

The two men look rueful.

“Yeah, we had a real case of the runaway bride.”

I giggle.

“Everyone was talking about it for weeks afterwards! But no it’s fine. June met Finn, Fred, and Forest Connaught, and they ended up doing a private initiation. So in the end, she got even more than she bargained for. She got three, and not two.”

The two men nod, pleased, but then Torrent shoots me a searching look.

“So how did you feel, hearing about June with her three men?”

I blush.

“Well, I was shocked at first, but then … I felt jealous,” I admit in a small voice.

Torrent and Trainor look at me curiously.

“Why?” asks Trainor.

I bite my lip. How do I explain this?

“Well,” I say slowly. “I’ve been with Dads and Daughters for a while now. More than two years, in fact,” I begin. “And all the other girls have these wild stories. For example, June ran out on her own initiation, and ended up with three brothers. Melissa went to Italy and pioneered the concept of reverse glory holes with two Italian stallions, Matteo and Domenico. And you’ve heard of Naomi, right?”

They shake their heads.

“I’m sorry sweetheart. We’re on the road so much that we don’t know many of your friends.”

I nod.

“No, that’s okay. Well, Naomi and her guys, Aaron and Andrew … well, they’re the ones who set up that gigantic washing machine in the laundry room. You know, the one that’s extra strong with all the implements.”

Realization dawns on the two men’s faces.

“Have you used that new washing machine?” Trainor growls. “I hear you can use two implements at once.”

I blush hotly.

“I have,” I say. “It’s so bad, but I go there all the time. It helps me work out my stress,” I add, blushing even hotter now.

The two men’s gazes flare a bright blue.

“So let me get this straight, sweetheart. You go down into the basement laundry room, and you mount the new washing machine, right? You pick two dildos from the selection there, and put one in each of your holes?”

By now, my face is cherry red, but given what they’ve already seen me do, there’s no point in denying it.

“Yes,” I whisper. “You see, I find that I come best if both of my holes are stimulated. I need it like that now. I can’t just be with one man. Or I can, but he has to stimulate my other hole in some way too, either with his mouth, his finger, or at least a toy.”

This makes Torrent and Trainor sit on edge.

“Well,” says Torrent in a quiet voice, although his calm is belied by a tremor beneath that deep tone. “I think we’ve met our perfect girl, don’t you think, Trainor?”

The other man’s blue eyes flash.

“I absolutely agree,” he says. “No one could be more perfect.”

Then, they both turn to me, their shafts standing straight up now. The massive poles glisten beneath the light, the veins throbbing. I desperately want to put my hands on them, and jerk them off simultaneously. The men can read my mind because they smile, their blue eyes darkening with need.

“Now that we’ve got that settled, Alizeh, I think it’s time to take your robe off. Do us the honors?”

My heart races and my cheeks flush. But with a nod, I obey.



As Alizeh slips her robe off, I gasp. She’s literally so beautiful that I can’t catch my breath. The light gleams off her creamy curves and she’s so lush yet slim at once. Her breasts are full and they tremble as she breathes. They’re tipped with pink crests that make my mouth water.

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