Alizeh begins to cry again, but they’re tears of joy.

“Do you promise?” she asks in a broken voice. “Because that’s what I’ve wanted so much these last two years. I’ve wanted to be used by my men. To be treated as a doll, and to be taken for their pleasure. Because you see, that’s what I want too,” she confesses in a whisper. “So please, do as you like.”

With that, Trainor and I descend on her curvy form, two male animals ready to ravish.



I can’t believe it’s actually happening. My entire time at the Lodge, I’ve felt like an outcast. I’ve felt that I was “other” while all the other girls were laughing, giggling, and fondly rubbing their pregnant bellies. I felt that they had stories to share about how dirty they were with their husbands, while with me, it was always the same old, same old: I did an outcall. It was okay. The trucker came hard, and then fell asleep. No, they took care of me too, but it was nothing special.

Now, with Torrent and Trainor, I know it’s going to be special. They know the sources of my insecurity, and why I’ve been so unhappy these last two years. After all, what daughter wouldn’t be? I’ve offered my body to so many hardened, muscled truckers, and yet they always keep me at a distance.

But Torrent and Trainor are different. They look at me with gleaming blue eyes, resembling two predators who are ready to devour their prey. I want it too. With an anticipatory sigh, I lean back on the couch and spread my legs, offering my body for their pleasure.

“Please,” I beg again, cupping my breasts as an offering. “This is yours to take. Enjoy.”

Trainor and Torrent are on me at once. Trainor kneels between my legs and licks up my pussy slit with his tongue. The touch is so tantalizing that I let out a breathy scream, dripping honey into his mouth. He swallows heavily and breathes against my womanly flesh.

“Sweetheart, you taste so good,” he growls. “So fucking amazing.”

Meanwhile, Torrent is going to town on my breasts. He sucks a pink crest into his mouth, pulling hard while kneading the other large orb with his hand.

“Mmm, baby,” he groans. “Can you do that thing that you did in the pool?”

I know what he wants and with a coy smile, I reach down and push one creamy tit up high before bending down and licking the nipple myself.

“You want some, big boy?” I coo, offering him the delectable treat.

His eyes gleam, and he licks the pink crest a few times, before I lick it again. We take turns, going back and forth, and then he suckles hard for a moment. I gasp as my head drops back. Jolts of electricity run straight from my nipple to my cunt, and Torrent groans below as a rush of fluid gushes onto his tongue.

“Her pussy gets so wet when you do that,” he tells Trainor. “Do it again.”

Trainor is only too happy to oblige. This time, he bites my pink crest a little, and I cry out in shock at the pulse that runs to my cunt.

“Mmmm!” I moan breathily. “Oh shit!”

Meanwhile, Torrent’s going to town on my sweet slit, drinking all the nectar he can. He literally puts his mouth directly on my little hole and swallows everything coming out, his throat working like a madman.

“Fuck,” he gasps when he finally pulls off. “You taste sweet, Alizeh. Have you been eating strawberries?”

I giggle a bit, bumping my hips up and down to tease him.

“Maybe,” I say. “More raspberries and blueberries.”

Torrent merely groans again before catching my clit in his mouth and sucking on the nub. His tongue teases me along the bottom as he increases the suction, and I scream wildly while pushing my fingers through his hair.

“Fuck!” is my loud wail. “That feels so goooood!”

“I know baby,” soothes Trainor as he continues working my nip. “You taste so good, and it only gets better from here.”

After all, these men aren’t here for vanilla. No, they’re going to show me a good time to the wildest extent, and I can’t wait.

“Please,” I coo, panting desperately now. “Give me what you have.”

They chuckle low in their throats.

“You need dick, don’t you?” Torrent growls. “Baby isn’t going to be happy unless she gets hard cock in her holes.”

Another girl would shake her head and deny it, but I’m far past that point.

“I do need it,” I pant. “So bad. Please, now!”

The two men laugh, but I can see that they’re dead serious and very aroused. Their enormous poles are as hard as iron, and the tips gleam with wetness. Veins pulse along their shafts, and I pull one each into each hand.

“Now,” I murmur, running my fists up and down those massive lengths. “Please, I’m begging you.”