Torrent and Trainor close their eyes, moaning while enjoying the sensation. But they understand my urgency.

“Baby, we’re going to plug you deep,” Trainor growls, pulling himself out of my reach. “Do you think you can get on your hands and knees?”

He doesn’t have to ask twice. Within one second, I’m poised on the couch, my bottom high in the air with my face pressed into the cushions.

“Here it is,” I moan delicately. My hands reach back to pull my buttocks apart, revealing my pink slit to them. “Take what’s yours.”

The two men growl, their blue eyes alight with fire. They get in back of me, and I can’t quite see what’s going on, but then I feel a huge head nudging at my pussy. I moan with bliss and shut my eyes, preparing myself to be split in two. Sure enough, the head alone stretches me, and my fingers grip the couch cushion as I’m penetrated deeply.

“Oh,” I moan blissfully, my nips pressed into the sofa. “Oh god, that feels good.”

Low groans come from behind me, and a set of male hands grips my curvy hips, keeping me in place.

“You’re so fucking tight,” Torrent rasps from behind me. “Like a fucking glove.”

I moan again with delight, loving the feeling of fullness.

“Yes, use me,” I mewl again. “My body is yours.”

But they aren’t done yet. There’s a spitting sound, and then I feel a large finger begin circling my back pleats. The touch electrifies me and I jerk up and let out a wail, my eyes opening.

“Oooh!” is my cry. “Oh my god!”

Trainor’s voice comes from behind me.

“Didn’t you say you can’t come unless your ass is touched, baby? Either by a man’s finger, dick, mouth or toy? Well, I’m giving you the best one of the lot.”

Sure enough, he gets my back pucker slick and ready, and then slips his finger inside. I let out an unladylike bellow, my breasts shaking as I experience two men inside. Trainor’s finger worms its way deep, going in and out a few times. He widens his fingers into a vee, getting me ready for the cock to come. But too soon, he pulls out, leaving me empty and hollow.

“Please!” I cry. “I need more.”

Both men chuckle.

“We’ll give you more, baby girl. Just you wait.”

With that, Trainor gets in front of Torrent and begins to mount me. His wide head pushes against my asshole, and I cry out with torment. Dear god, it feels so good, but it’s clear he’s huge. He’s not going to fit!

“Oh please, please, please,” I beg, although I’m not sure what I’m asking for. “Mmmmm!”

My face is buried in the cushions, and my body tenses. But then one man reaches around to niggle my nub and the jolt of electricity is all it takes. My sphincter pops and Trainor slips all the way in. Oh my god, I’m completely full of hard, needy man.

“This is better than the two toys, isn’t it, sweetheart?” Torrent hums in back of me while pulling out. “Shit, you feel good. You’re so fucking wet.”

Trainor merely groans as he eases himself into my asshole.

“Fuck,” he curses. “Oh shit.”

But the men want to do even better. As they slide in and out, Trainor grabs my hair like a leash, and pulls my head back gently. I arch my back and gasp, the position pushing both men even deeper into my body. But then Torrent reaches around and slips a dildo into my mouth so that all three of my holes are plugged.

“Isn’t this what you wanted, sweetheart?” he rasps. “Filth to the max? Because this is only the beginning.”

The words are what do it. Of course, I have two men in my body and a huge black toy in my mouth, but the promise of more ecstasy, more love, and more dirty filth are what pushes me over the edge. I let out a muffled scream and then come hard. My pussy spasms violently as my ass ring grips the cock inside tight. I cry out, again and again, as my body pulses, squeezing the men and draining them of their goodness.

After all, Torrent and Trainor are coming too. They’re mighty gods, letting out conquering roars as they fill my nubile body with virility. Hot jets of seed spurt into my holes, and like a greedy girl, my body contracts and squeezes, milking their members for every last drop.

“Shit!” Torrent roars.

“Fuck!” Trainor bellows.

I myself am no better. I let out shrieks and wails around the toy crammed in my mouth, even as stars dance before my eyes. My body goes hot, loose, and wet, welcoming the men as they pump gallons of seed into my sweetness.

“Yes,” I moan delicately. “Yes, yes, this is what I need.”

After all, it’s the truth. Dads and Daughters has been good to me, but I need more. I’ve been treated with kid gloves so far, but now the gloves are coming off. I need everything, and these two men are only too willing to give it to me.