Which explains why I’m creeping down the hallway now. It’s nearly midnight, but I want to take a dip in the indoor pool that’s below-ground. It should be closed this time of night, which is why I’m going to have to sneak in.

The pool at the club isn’t your average pool. It’s a place where women swim topless, and men enjoy being pampered like kings. There’s so much naughty action that they actually have to drain the water and re-fill it every day. Can you believe that? Yet, I’ve never been to the pool for anything other than innocent recreation. None of the men I know have invited me for naughty times, and sometimes, I can’t help but wonder why.

“It could be because you’re a bit on the thin side,” my friend Melissa said to me, eyeing my curves with a frown.

“What do you mean?” I ask. “I’ve been eating like a madman.”

She sighs.

“Yes, but Alizeh, you’re just thin,” she says. “Most of the truckers appreciate curvy girls, and girlfriend, you have about thirty pounds to put on before you get there.”

Thirty pounds! Was she crazy? But I started eating frantically in an effort to put on weight, and it’s worked. Now I have two desserts after dinner, and I’ve put on fifteen pounds in the last few months. My breasts a bigger now, and my hips wider. I feel a lot more sexy, and tonight, I want to explore that sexiness.

I go down a set of stairs, and before me is the entryway leading to the pool. It’s a big, wooden door and it appears to be locked tight. But stealthily, my fingers slip into my pocket, and I pull out the key. A few years back, one of the girls had a copy of the pool key made, and it’s been passed down among the girls living at the Lodge. It’s our little secret among the sisterhood.

I put the key in the keyhole, turn right, and a snick sounds. Perfect. The large door swings open easily on its hinges, and I step into the darkness. Carefully, I pull the door closed again, and shut it so that it looks undisturbed. Then, I make my way down the hallway.

To the right are glass windows that overlook the sunken pool on the level below. It’s dark and shadowy because the lights are off, but there are a few underwater lights in the pool which render the water a mysterious, inviting turquoise. The pool itself is magnificent. It’s Olympic-sized and kept at a constant eighty degrees. There’s a mosaic pattern of a sunburst on the bottom, and the water laps gently at the edges.

The setting around the pool is also luxurious. There are dozens of loungers scattered about, along with potted palm trees. The tile is a clean white, and there’s even a jacuzzi tucked into the corner, along with a spray shower and a bar that serves cocktails. Of course, right now there’s no one there, but that’s what I’m counting on.

Quietly, I tiptoe down the hall and turn right, into the women’s locker room. Empty, as expected. I pull open one of the lockers and quickly strip, before opening my pack and fishing out a tiny red bikini. It’s one of my old ones, and when I put it on and look in the mirror, even I have to admit that it looks a bit ridiculous. With the extra weight I’ve put on, this bikini is now too small, and the top barely covers my large breasts. Creamy flesh leaks out the bottom and sides, and there’s no way to adjust the fabric for more coverage no matter how hard I try. The strings at the sides dig into my hips, and the panty patch barely covers more than my swollen lips. Oh well. No one’s going to see me, so it’s okay.

Then, I reach into my pack again and pull out what’s really brought me here. Mr. Big and Mr. XL are my secret friends, and the two toys gleam in the light as I hold them up. My mouth waters because they’re two black dildos, which are huge. They gleam, and Mr. Big has a vein running along the bottom which I can feel when he’s inside me. Mr. XL, on the other hand, has spiraling ridges that always make me go berserk. I’ve used them alone before, but tonight, I want to use them simultaneously. My friends love talking about double penetration, and I’m so ashamed to not be able to join in the conversation. Instead, I blush and mumble while looking down whenever the girls giggle about it. Well, not anymore. This time, I’m going to have both holes plugged deep and I’m going to love it.

With a secret smile, I exit the locker room and make my way to the pool. Tonight’s going to be amazing, and I can’t wait.

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