To my shock and horror, two goons burst out from nowhere. They must have been hiding in the trailer when I came, and they’ve been lying in wait all this time. The two men are huge, and they’re wearing ski masks. They grab my arms and let out low chuckles of laughter.

“Fuck, she’s gorgeous.”

“Yeah, we’ll have a good time retraining her.”

I squeal and twist in their grip, trying to get away.

“Who the fuck are you?” is my scream. “Get your hands off me!”

The goons merely give me a harsh shake, making my head tumble back and forth like a rag doll. Then they stuff a sock into my mouth, muffling my cries.

“Mike, you didn’t tell us your daughter was so beautiful,” Goon One remarks. “She’s got tits on her the size of the Titanic.”

“And that ass,” remarks Goon Two. “Shit, I can’t wait to fuck it.”

Ice cold dread pours down my spine. They’re here to do that to me? My dad sold me out?

Evidently so. The goons produce a dark bag which they throw to Mike, and he unzips it. His face literally lights up with glee when he sees what’s inside. Then with trembling fingers, he reaches in and pulls out a hundred dollar bill. He lifts the crisp Benjamin to his face, inhaling the new-money smell.

“Shit boys,” he says, his voice full of reverence. “You did well. This money is good stuff. You can have her here, if you want,” he says, gesturing to the sad, saggy couch. “You’ve got her tied up and bound right? She won’t make a noise with that gag in her face.”

I can’t believe I’m hearing this. The goons evidently can’t either. They continue dragging me to the door, but then they stop.

“It’s not dark yet,” Goon One growls. “Other people will see us if we go outside now.”

“You’re right,” says Goon Two. “We better take her now, here.”

With that, they toss me to the couch, and throw me down. Clearly, these aren’t intelligent criminals. They’re lowlifes who somehow got their hands on a bag full of money and are willing to pay my dad to enjoy my curves. I struggle up on the seat, making screaming muffled sounds, but Goon One pins me down again.

“Don’t worry, little whore,” he rasps. “You’ll enjoy this, I promise.”

Goon Two chuckles as he whips out some barbed wire, the kind that you use to mend fences. “This is your type of thing, isn’t it, sweetheart? Your dad told us that you like all sorts of filth, and maybe even some pain. We plan on doing everything to you.”

With that, I let out a blood curling shriek. I can’t believe this is happening to me. I’m about to be violated in an untold number of cruel ways by these two thugs, and all while my father watches. What’s going to become of me?



Torrent and I had a job, but we hightailed it and finished early. Somehow, we knew something was wrong. I could feel it in my blood and the minute we delivered the items, we turned around to head back to the Lodge.

It’s something about Alizeh. She wasn’t answering her phone, and she doesn’t usually do that. I even called June, her best friend, but June said she hadn’t heard from her.

“She’s probably fine,” June remarked. “You haven’t talked to her for fifteen hours? That doesn’t sound like very long.”

I didn’t bother to explain.

“Thanks, we’ll catch you later then.”

But when I hung up, Torrent was just as worried as I was.

“Fifteen hours is the equivalent of fifteen years in our world,” he says in an uneasy tone. I nod.

“You’re right. We need to get back to her asap.”

It’s true because Alizeh lives with us now. She still has her old room on the other side of the compound, but for all intents and purposes, she’s taken up residence in our suite. Life is sweet. We share her each night, and find ourselves buried in her tiny holes for hours at a time. What can we say? We love being with her, and adore stretching out her body.

But it’s more than just the physical connection. Torrent and I have been looking for “The One” for a while now. It’s silly because we’re two alpha males. Our beloved should come find us, and not the other way around. Yet, despite the stream of sweet young things we’ve sampled, no one comes close to Alizeh. The beautiful blonde is smart, sassy, sweet and yet so vulnerable too. We love the way she opens up to us, and how she finds the good in difficult situations.

For example, the number of babies at the Lodge has become overwhelming. So many of the girls are giving birth that I swear, the place is becoming a nursery. There are babies at the breakfast table, toddlers running around underfoot during lunch, and a couple guys have even started bringing their kids to the bar while their women take catnaps or get their nails done. It’s insane, and a war was brewing between the guys who wanted to keep the Lodge adult-oriented, and the ones who had growing families.