One year later.

We watch as our daughter crawls across the floor of the suite.

“Da-da,” she gurgles while waving a block at me. Then she turns to Trainor. “Da-da.”

“Oh sweetheart, you’re so cute,” coos Alizeh while leaning over to scoop up baby Michelle. “You know your daddies, don’t you? And they love you so much.”

“That they do,” I growl, coming over to stand by our beautiful girls. Michelle is a carbon copy of her mom, from her blonde hair to her big blue eyes. But as she grins at us toothlessly, she looks just like her mischievous fathers.

“Our little girl is a smart one,” adds Trainor, coming to press a kiss to Alizeh’s forehead. “She’s going to have all the boys in Dads and Daughters eating out of her hand.”

It’s true because the Lodge has had an explosion of babies. So much so, in fact, that we converted another building on the premises to a dedicated nursery and playroom. The kids spend their time there, and it’s like a wonderland to them. There’s a huge jungle gym, as well as an outdoor ropes course, three tree houses, and even a zipline. None of the kids are old enough to ride the zipline yet, but we installed it as part of the re-model.

After all, the club is bursting at the seams now. We have so many pregnant women and giggling babies that it’s astonishing. And yet, this is the way it was meant to be. The truckers have found happiness with these sweet, nubile young girls, and we’re testament to that positive outcome. Trainor and I are overjoyed to be living here with Alizeh and our daughter. Michelle brings light to our lives, and we’d love to have many more children, in fact.

The only sad part of this set up is Alizeh’s dad, Michael Marron. The old man was given a private trial by the club, and he was found guilty, as expected. Now, he’s disappeared. The club metes out justice in unfathomable ways, and to be honest, I think it’s better if our girl doesn’t know what’s happened to her father. Sometimes, peace of mind is more important than knowledge.

But Trainor and I know. We’ve been opening Lodges in other parts of the world, including places like Lebanon and Libya. These countries are known for their lax policies on torture, and last I heard, Michael was in the basement of our new compound in Khartoum. He hasn’t seen the sun in months, and has likely shriveled to a shadow of the man he used to be.

But he deserves it. No one should sell their daughter, and to cackle with glee as she’s violated right in front of you. That kind of behavior is heinous, and deserves the worst type of punishment.

My eyes dark, I turn back to the family tableaux before me and smile again. Alizeh has Michelle in her arms, with Trainor beaming down at the baby. And in fact, he’s stroking our girlfriend’s belly lovingly, as if saying hello to a child inside.

“So is it true?” I ask, walking over to join them. I press a kiss to the pretty blonde’s forehead. “Are we expecting number two?”

Her face lights with joy and her cheeks blush a bit.

“Yes, I think so,” she murmurs. “I was just telling Trainor that I’ve been craving pickles again. That, with my recent weight gain, tells me that Michelle is going to have a baby brother or sister in maybe eight months or so.”

I smile and to my surprise, my cheeks are wet.

“Sweetheart, that’s the best gift you could ever give us,” I whisper into her ear. “This is what we want most in the world. More children. A life with you.”

“And,” Trainor adds from her other side. “This too.” He produces a gorgeous diamond ring and holds it out in front of our beautiful girl. “We want to keep you, Alizeh. We want to give you more babies, and have you grow round and heavy. You’re a wonderful mommy already, and we can’t think of anyone else we’d rather have more children with.”

Alizeh smiles tearfully as Trainor slips the diamond on her finger. It flashes in the light, and looks as if it was always meant to be there.

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