“Really?” my friend asks, taken aback.

“Yeah,” I say. “I mean, that’s what Dads and Daughters lacks. It’s just a one-off for most of us. When you work like dogs, the way we do, there’s no way to get to know the girls at the Lodge.”

“So we’ll cut back on our hours,” my friend says, lounging back in his chair. “We have plenty of money, so there’s nothing wrong with that.”

As he sits back, even I have to admit that Trainor is an impressive sight. He’s six three, with black hair and blue eyes. Both of us have muscular frames, and right now his chiseled abs are on full display as he relaxes in the lounge chair. He grins at me in the darkness, and the flash of teeth is incredibly bright in the darkness.

Some people say we look like twins, but the resemblance isn’t that strong. Trainor’s got deep navy eyes, while mine are more of a bright, piercing aquamarine. Trainor brushes his hair back, while my hair is buzzed into a shorter cut. But overall, I can see why people think we look alike: we’re both tall, handsome men with athletic builds and cobalt gazes. What’s not to like?

Add to that the fact that Trainor and I sometimes share women. It sounds kinky, and it is, but it’s also a great experience for everyone involved. We tend to like sassy girls, the kind who has spirit and fire. Girls like that, when asked, will often share their bodies with two men. At first, they’re shocked at the idea. But when they get into it, they get into it. Soon, they’re begging to take two at once, and asking when we’re going to be back in town.

But that’s the problem. Sure, we’ll roll back in town, but a lot of times, we have no idea when that might be. Sometimes, it’s the next month. Or it could be the next year, or two years after that. By then, some of the girls have moved on, and who can blame them? These girls are luscious, creamy, and so nubile. They find their footing with Dads and Daughters, but inevitably, some lucky man scoops them up.

Now, I want to change things. I want to meet someone whom we can be with on repeat. Someone lush, curvy, and lovely, who looks forward to our return from the road. Someone with a sweet smile, giving ways, and a certain sparkle in her eye. But like Trainor said, we’re going to have to travel less in order to make this happen.

Suddenly, a noise sounds by the door, and my friend glances at me. He motions for me to stay quiet, and we both remain unmoving in the dark. A girl comes in with a towel slung over her arm, and she looks around for a minute. Evidently, her eyes haven’t adjusted to the darkness because she can’t see us over in the corner. She smiles to herself and continues to a lounger situated by the pool.

Then she puts her towel and bag down, humming to herself. This girl is absolutely gorgeous. She’s got long, blonde hair which she piles in a messy bun on top of her head, revealing a lithe, slim neck and narrow shoulders. The bikini is about two sizes too small because it reveals large, shapely breasts that look all-natural. Plus, her bikini bottoms are utterly ridiculous. There’s a postage-sized stamp fabric in the front, barely covering her clit, and then a string runs through her buttocks in the back, highlighting the soft curve of her bottom. In short, she’s exactly the type that Trainor and I like.

I make a move to get up, but my friend stops me. He holds a hand up, palm out, his blue eyes gleaming. Nodding, I sit down slowly again. What is this girl doing here? The pool is obviously closed. Is she going for a midnight swim?

But then, she takes us by surprise because with a naughty smile, she reaches into her bag and pulls out two enormous toys. Well, they’re not that big, to tell the truth. They’re what I would call medium-sized, and in fact, one is quite small. But they’re both black and thick, and she eyes them admiringly before putting one into her mouth.

Oh shit. This is really happening. We watch, breathless, as the girl licks up the side of one before twirling her tongue around the tip. Then, she turns to the other and sucks hard on the head before running the flat of her tongue up and down the length, getting the shaft lubed up. Oh shit, is this where I think it’s going?

Yes, it is. Moaning, her eyes flutter closed as she leans back. She spreads her legs so that each foot is on the edge of the lounger, giving us a perfect look at her prone body. Then, she pops one tit out of her bikini top, squeezing it with her hand. With a secret smile, she pushes it up until it hits her chin, and then leans down and suckles the pink tip while moaning with pleasure. Goddamn. What a bad girl.

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