Of course, both Trainor and I have our cocks out now. The huge shafts are stiff and leaking, and we palm them as we watch this beautiful girl continue with her self-pleasure. Leaning back with a delighted sigh, she reaches down and pulls her bikini bottom to the side, revealing that pretty pink cunt. The lips are already swollen and gleaming and her clit peeps out, erect and begging to be kissed. But the girl merely takes the two toys and begins rubbing them through her pussy lips. She toys with herself, getting the shafts lubed up, but never actually inserts either of the toys into her tiny hole.

Both Trainor and I are breathing hard now. We’re probably only twenty feet away, and yet she has no idea that we’re here. We lean forward on our loungers, our hands sliding up and down our slick shafts. But why hasn’t she taken one of the toys into herself yet?

Suddenly, the answer becomes apparent. The toys are now slicked up, and the blonde sits up in the lounger, and then stands. She’s a gorgeous sight: perfectly proportioned, with large breasts, wide hips, and long legs. Giggling a bit, she moves to the edge of the pool and dips her toe inside. Then, she begins to ease herself into the water, her beautiful form disappearing into the liquid.

God, I hope she doesn’t disappear altogether. But sure enough, she stops when she’s about waist-deep in water. The pool is quite shallow in that area, and she’s right by the edge, so we still have a good view. She shimmies her bottom a little, and I imagine the water feels good: slick and slippery over her soft curves.

Then, she reaches behind her neck and the bikini top drops off altogether, revealing those lush, creamy orbs. Moaning a bit, she squeezes her tits, massaging them, before popping off the nipples for fun. Then she does the same with her bikini bottoms. Those are gone too, the wet fabric hitting the pool deck with a splat.

Holy fuck. What is this girl up to? With a secret smile, the woman reaches forward for the toys she’s placed by the edge of the pool, and brings them to her mouth again. She gives them good, hard sucks, as if getting them ready, and then bends over so that her big bottom lifts from the water. It’s a gorgeous sight. Her pink pussy lips are swollen with arousal, and her hidden hole comes into view as she widens her legs into a vee.

Then, Trainor and I watch with our mouths open as slowly, she works one of the toys into her tiny pussy. It’s hard because she’s small, and it’s clear this is why she came to the pool. She wanted the extra lube provided by the water. It’s not regular water because often they scent it with various perfumes, and add lotions as well. The water is slick and perfect for this purpose, come to think of it.

But the blonde girl is determined, and we watch with hungry gazes as she moans throatily again, her eyes still shut. Slowly, that enormous black tool disappears into her sweetness until it’s almost all gone except for the base. She moans again, and pulls it out before pushing it back in. The toy is glistening and wet from her female fluids, and her breasts shake with arousal.

After a few minutes of dirty play, the blonde’s eyes open and alight on the other toy still sitting on the deck. She smiles and reaches for it, the first toy still embedded deep inside. Then, she brings the second toy to her mouth for another good suck while widening the vee of her thighs, as if getting settled in place. Then, she brings the second toy around and begins to penetrate her ass.

Trainor and I share amazed looks. Holy fuck! We’ve engaged in a lot of filthy acts in the past, but this is up with the best of them. We watch as she winces a bit, her brown pucker refusing to give. But then the blonde takes a deep breath and increases the pressure. Her sphincter literally lets go with a pop, and the head of the toy slides into her ass.

Shit. Shit. Shit. I stand now, fully intending to enter the water and take my share. But Trainor shoots me another warning look, and I sit down again. How far is she going to go?

Really far, from the looks of it. Once she gets both toys fully situated inside, she begins a rhythm of sorts. One hand pulls the toy in her ass out, while the other pushes the toy in her pussy in. Then, they repeat, but the other way around so that she’s always full at any moment in time. Meanwhile, her moans are getting louder and louder, filling our ears with the soundtrack of a woman being pleasured.

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