But we can’t take it anymore. We can’t just stand by and be bystanders. This woman is too creamy, too lush, and too filthy to ignore. We need her, and we need her now.



Pleasure pounds through my veins as I increase the pace. One toys slides into my ass, and then I pull it out, as the other enters my pussy. The fullness is incredible, and I moan loudly, hardly able to believe I’m actually doing this.

After all, I wasn’t sure about this plan. In general, I’m a good girl. I go where they tell me to, and do what they want me to. But I was just so sick of being boring! I wanted to have some naughty fun, even if it was just by myself.

So I snuck into the pool for exactly this purpose. I’ve been wanting to try DP for a long time, but could never do it in the privacy of my bedroom. Even though I used globs of lube, I couldn’t work the toys into myself. The lube wasn’t slick enough, and I couldn’t get into the right position on my bed either. So I dreamed up this pool idea instead.

It’s ideal because here, I have the water to use as buoyancy. My big bottom is heart-shaped, and it lifts easily from the water. My breasts are currently submerged, the tips sensitized from the cool liquid. Plus, the water in the pool isn’t just regular water. For one, they don’t chlorinate it because of all the naughty activity that goes on. Also, they add lots of lotion and oils so that it smells good, and is slickly sweet. It’s a perfect lube, in my opinion.

And so far, my experiment is working out well. When I was alone in my room, I could get one toy in, or the other, but definitely not both. Here, I’ve got them both buried deep and it feels amazing. I pump them in using a steady rhythm, and the pressure builds in my secret spot. I feel the ecstasy begin to rise and the tension between my thighs intensifies. Then suddenly, it happens. My pussy and ass contract hard on the toys buried within as I let out a loud scream.

“Ooooh!” is my cry. “Oh god, YES!”

Tremors wrack my frame as I scream again, the sound echoing in the tiled chamber. My pussy continues to convulse even as my ass ring grips tight on the toy inside. But then the convulsions become too strong and despite my best efforts, my body actually ejects the two dildos. They slip out as my holes clamp and clench furiously, still shaking with pleasure.

After a few minutes of this bliss, my breathing calms a bit. Oh my god, what just happened? Blearily, I open my eyes. The water in the pool is still sloshing a little, and behind me, the two toys bobble on the waves innocently. I feel wrung out but also so happy, and so sated.

But then, my vision sharpens and I straighten a bit because the two toys are floating to the edge of the pool. Suddenly a bronzed, masculine hand reaches in to catch them. The hand pulls them from the water, and my gaze follows it to an imposing form standing by the edge of the pool. Holy shit! Has he been here the entire time?

Immediately, my hands go to my breasts and pussy, trying to cover the lushest parts of my body. But instead, the man, who’s still in silhouette, merely chuckles.

“That was a beautiful show, sweetheart. But tell me: you have two holes that are empty now. Would you like my friend and I to fill them?”

The air escapes my lungs because out from behind the first man steps a second, just as big as the first. They’ve both got broad shoulders, wide, muscular chests, and a vee-like hip structure that leads to … OMG, are those really for me? Suddenly, my night just got a lot steamier.



She’s so beautiful and shy at the same time, which is adorable given what we’ve just seen. The girl shrieks and blushes as she tries to cover her assets with her hands.

“Oh my god, how long have you been standing there?” she squeals. “Did you just see … just see …?”

She’s unable to finish her sentence, and I grin.

“We did,” I confirm. “We saw all of it and it was magnificent.”

She goes fire-engine red and her wet blonde hair tumbles from its topknot suddenly, forming a golden river down her back. The girl wants to fix her hair, but she can’t because her hands are currently occupied trying to shield her precious assets.

“Sweetheart, we’ve already seen that, if it helps,” Torrent chuckles from beside me. “In fact, I’d say there’s no part of you that we haven’t seen already.”

That merely makes her even more irate. She glares at us with sparks shooting from her eyes.

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