“Why didn’t you say something?” she sputters. “I thought I was alone! A gentleman would have made himself known. He would have introduced himself, and …”

I cut her off.

“Well, I’m Trainor, and this is my friend Torrent. We’re making ourselves known now,” I say helpfully.

She turns a deep shade of eggplant, and looks like she could explode, she’s so mad.

“Are you freaking kidding me? That’s not the same! I mean, a gentleman would have made himself known the moment he saw me, not now!”

But this time, Torrent cuts her off.

“Who said we were gentlemen?”

That makes the blonde girl even angrier. She’s huffing and puffing and shooting daggers at us with her eyes. Not to mention the fact that she’s completely nude, her lush figure on display as droplets trail tantalizingly down her curvy figure.

“You two are terrible!” she hisses. “Absolutely incorrigible!”

I laugh before turning to look at my friend.

“Actually, I have no idea what that word means. Incorri-what? Do you know, Torrent?”

Of course, my buddy is no help at all.

“Nope,” he says. “No idea. Never heard of the word”

The girl is shaking now with anger, and her curves bobble invitingly. She has no idea how gorgeous and lush she looks. In fact, she looks even more tempting with sleek rivulets of water running over her golden form.

“So honey, what’s your name?” I ask invitingly. “As I said, I’m Trainor and this is my friend Torrent. We’re members of Dads and Daughters. And you are …?”

Her mouth snaps shut.

“I’m not telling you.”

I arch an eyebrow at her.

“Oh really? You broke into the pool at midnight, but you’re not going to tell us?”

That makes her bite her lip, but she doesn’t give up.

“Why, what’s it to you?” she asks.

I shrug.

“You know ladies aren’t supposed to be down here after closing.”

“Well, you’re here, aren’t you?” she challenges.

I nod.

“Yes, but we’re truckers, sweetheart. There’s a lot of leeway for truckers because we’re out on the road for weeks, if not months, at a time. Sometimes, after a long trip, we need to stretch our muscles a bit and get relaxed. The pool is the perfect place to do that, even if it’s closed. I’m sure management will look the other way.”

“But you weren’t even in the water!” she hisses. “So that reason doesn’t make sense!”

I dip a toe into the water.

“I’m in the water now,” I say. “It feels really good.”

She glares at both of us.

“Incorrigible,” she mutters. “Absolutely incorrigible.”

I grin.

“You’re right. We’re not supposed to be here, but rules are made to be broken when it comes to trucking. Now you…” I add, trailing off.

Her head jerks up, and those pretty blue eyes flare.

“What about me?”

Beside me, Torrent shrugs.

“How would you like management to find out that a nubile young woman was here on her own after hours, playing with herself with these?” he asks, holding up the two toys. “They’re huge and fun, we admit that, but wouldn’t it be embarrassing if the story got out?”

Her cheeks flush and she bites her lip again.

“A lot of dirty things go on at this club,” she mutters. “I’m not the only one.”

Torrent chuckles indulgently.

“Yes, but would you want people to know you were alone? A lot of filth happens in Dads and Daughters. Of course. We acknowledge that. But it’s usually male/female filth, whether with toys, food, or whatnot. What would people say if they knew you were here by yourself?”

She blushes again.

“You know, being alone is not bad. It’s very safe this way.”

Torrent chuckles.

“You’re right that being alone is “not bad.” But sweetheart, this is Dads and Daughters. If “not bad” is the best we can do, then who are we? Perhaps we should discuss the entire mission of the club.”

At this, the girl bites her lip and shakes her head.

“You guys are talking in circles,” she says. “I can’t believe we’re even discussing this.”

But I cluck my tongue.

“Sweetheart, no one wants to be known as the only “unfulfilled” woman in the club. No one wants to be labeled as the “woman who’s pining away” or who “desperately needs a dick.” Would you want that to be you, Torrent?”

My handsome friend pretends like he’s thinking.

“No,” he says finally. “Absolutely not. I’d kill myself first.”

I grin at the woman in the water.

“That’s why, sweetheart, we urge you to tell us your name. We just want to get to know you better. I promise, no one will ever know about your sexy interlude from us,” I say.

She frowns again. But then she sighs and looks exasperated.

“Fine,” she says shortly. “I’m Alizeh.”

“A beautiful name,” growls Torrent to my left.

“And before you say anything,” she warns us. “No, I was not named after the liqueur.”

I pretend shock, but then my look goes serious.

“Of course not, Alizeh. I wasn’t even going to ask that. But that is a beautiful name,” I echo. “How did you get it?”

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