She looks a little bit sad now, and gazes down at the water. Her hands droop slightly from her breasts, and I see the edge of a pink nipple come into view.

“Actually, I was named after a French singer. My dad was in the military, and they used to play her songs all the time. She was very pretty, even if she doesn’t look like me.”

I shrug.

“I’m sure she’s not as pretty as you at all. Trust me on this, honey.”

She shrugs and smiles a little again.

“Well, my dad is a doofus because he didn’t even get the spelling right. Her name is spelled with two e’s as in ‘Alizée’ whereas mine is spelled phonetically with an ‘eh’.”

I shrug and laugh.

“It’s okay, sweetheart. Lots of dads get things wrong all the time. Your dad was a member of Dads and Daughters, right? That’s how you became a member.”

But Alizeh’s face grows shuttered and she looks down.

“I really don’t want to talk about it right now,” she says. “Besides, look at us! I’m nude and so are the both of you! We really should put some clothes on before we have a conversation.”

Torrent chuckles beside me.

“We’d love to have a conversation with you, baby girl, with clothes strictly optional. But come out of the water,” he invites. “Here, I have your towel for you.”

He leans over and grabs her towel off the lounger before holding it open in invitation. Alizeh hesitates. She wants to come out of the water, but there’s no way to do it without showing us everything. But then, her shoulders straighten and her chin lifts. Her hands drop, revealing those magnificent breasts and the sweet slit of her pussy, and then she ascends the steps as regally as a queen. Torrent and I can barely breathe because she’s so beautiful.

Finally, she reaches the top and my friend envelops her in the soft white fabric. She accepts it graciously, wrapping the fluffy cotton around herself. Then her blue eyes flash at us.

“So what’s next?” she asks suspiciously. “Now that we’ve gotten acquainted, my guess is that there’s more up your sleeve.”

I chuckle knowingly.

“You’re right, sweetheart. We’re not done with you by a long shot. I mean, look at us,” I say, gesturing at my shaft with the dripping tip. “Do you expect me to go out like this? I’d be a laughingstock!”

Torrent growls by me, and his shaft literally spurts a bit onto the ground, he’s so aroused being around Alizeh.

She grows red, but her eyes rove over our forms, unabashedly taking in our enormous rods. Unconsciously, her tongue slips out to trace over her bottom lip, and she shoots us hungry looks. Oh yes, Alizeh wants us.

“Let’s get to know one another a bit better,” I say. “We don’t have to go fast, but sweetheart, would you like to come back to our suite with us? We’ll be sure to start with Lesson One.”

She gasps and her cheeks turn pink. But I know from the flare in her blue eyes that soon, Alizeh will be ours.



I sit down on the couch and look around. Torrent and Trainor’s suite is enormous. There are two bedrooms off to the left, and to the right is a small utility kitchen, as well as a luxurious bathroom.

“Wow,” I marvel. “The truckers’ suites are definitely better than what we have on our side of the Lodge.”

The two men’s eyebrows raise.

“Why, what do the ladies have?” as Torrent.

I shake my head.

“We have dorm accommodations, basically. Each girl has her own room, but the rooms are pretty spartan. There’s a bed, a desk, a chair, and a closet for your clothes. We all share one big bathroom, with lots of sinks and showers. There definitely isn’t a lot of privacy.”

Trainor frowns.

“I wonder why the Lodge does it that way? I’d think they’d want to treat you guys like princesses.”

I’m quick to step in.

“Oh, they do. The Lodge is very generous when it comes to spa treatments, gyms, and access to facilities like the pool,” I say, blushing a bit. “But when it comes to sleeping arrangements, I think they keep it simple because most of the girls are only here for a few years. They’re not like the truckers, who basically keep permanent quarters at a Lodge.”

Trainor nods.

“Makes sense,” he says. “We’ve had this place for almost a decade now, although as you can tell, we’re not much for interior design.”

I giggle a bit because it’s true. Although their suite is large and spacious, there isn’t much in the way of decoration. One painting hangs on the wall, and there’s a box of Kleenex on the dining room table. But otherwise, the suite has the air of corporate accommodations. It’s pretty bland and impersonal.

“Well, it’s not too late to decorate,” I venture. “There are lots of things you can do. For example, the blinds you have are quite bland. Maybe some vertical blinds instead? You know, the kind that look French. And maybe some couch cushions,” I add. “Right now, you don’t have any. I think some red and purple throw pillows would add a splash of color and zest to your living quarters.”