The men look around, as if seeing the space for the first time.

“I think you’re right, Alizeh. In fact, would you like to help us?” asks Trainor.

I blush.

“Oh, I don’t know anything about interior design,” I say quickly. “I was just throwing some ideas out there.”

“But they were good ideas,” says Torrent. “We like them. They were really creative and fresh, and frankly, couch cushions have never crossed our minds before.”

“They’ve crossed my mind,” Trainor interjects. “I’m just lazy as fuck and can’t be bothered to buy them.”

I giggle, pulling my white terrycloth robe closer around my curves.

“It’s okay. I get it. You guys are manly men, and have no interest in interior décor. Ok, I can help you,” I say, “Although I have to warn you, I have no formal training in this area.”

The two men smile at me, and I catch my breath at how handsome they are.

“It’s okay, Alizeh,” Trainor says. “You’re better than us, that’s for sure.”

“Just give it a try,” urges Torrent. “What’s a few couch cushions anyways? If we hate them, we’ll just throw them out.”

I giggle and look at Trainor and Torrent sitting across from me. It’s such an absurd sight: the three of us are dressed in bulky, terrycloth robes taken from the pool deck. The two men look especially incongruous because they’re huge and bronzed, and the robes are just a bit too small. The fluffy white material stops right above the knee, and Trainor looks like he isn’t even trying to keep his belted anymore. It hangs loose, and I catch a glimpse of strong thigh, as well as something else that makes my cheeks flare.

He sees where my eyes are and chuckles deep in his throat.

“See something you like?” he asks.

I blush.

“Well, we’ve just gotten off to such a weird start,” I murmur. “I mean, you’ve seen everything about me, and I’ve seen everything about you.”

Torrent grins and nods.

“And you were gorgeous, sweetheart. In fact, we want to see all of that, all over again.”

I blush.


They nod.

“Oh absolutely,” adds Trainor. “In fact, I’m very comfortable with nudity. I think we should sit around and talk completely naked just to show how comfortable we are with one another.”

Before I can protest, he’s slipping the white robe off his shoulders, and that magnificent physique comes into view. I gasp and go hot because he’s just so beautiful. A massive chest greets my eyes, with developed pecs and six pack abs. His legs are long, tanned, and strong, and of course, there’s that massive club hanging between them. It goes almost to his knee, even though it’s flaccid at the moment.

“Oh my god,” I murmur, unable to look away. “Holy cow.”

Torrent merely grins and slides his robe off as well. Now, I’m faced with the sight of two gorgeous men. Their bronzed forms remind me of Greek gods, and I swallow thickly, just trying to absorb it all.

“Like what you see?” murmurs Torrent, sliding a hand against his shaft lightly. “Is this what you want, Alizeh?” The tip glistens a bit, and slowly, I watch as a drop oozes out.

I swallow again, still unable to meet their eyes.

“Um,” I stammer. “Um …”

The two men throw their heads back and laugh, revealing strong bronzed throats and flashing white teeth.

“But Alizeh, this is a game for three. We’re both naked now, so it’s time for you to get naked too.”

I gawk at them.

“But I never signed up for this game,” I protest weakly. Of course, I don’t mind watching though. My vision is filled with the most sinful sight I’ve ever seen, and this is promising to be the best night of my life by far.

The two men shrug and smile again.

“That’s okay,” says Torrent. “You can stay fully clothed if you want then, sweetheart. So long as you’re not distracted by us.”

I gawk at them some more. Not distracted? Who’s kidding whom? I can barely breathe, much less function, with Torrent and Trainor nude before me. But I’m going to set some boundaries before things get serious.

“Okay,” I say a little breathlessly, holding one hand up. “But before we begin this ‘game,’ I need to know more about you. How did you get into Dads and Daughters? Do you have a daughter in the club? Maybe I know her.”

The two men share a look and shake their heads.

“No, we don’t have any children, sweetheart. Nor are we married. We joined Dads and Daughters about ten years ago, when we got into the trucking industry. You know that they allow single men to join, don’t you? You don’t necessarily have to have a daughter.”

I’m stumped. In fact, I didn’t know that.

Trainor continues.

“That’s right,” he nods. “The rule is that if you have a daughter, when she turns eighteen, she should be submitted for initiation with the club. But there are truckers who only have sons, or guys like us who don’t have kids at all. We’re still allowed to be members.”