“Don’t think of another man while I’m kissing you,” was all Domenico growled before kissing her again, more roughly this time as if he was punishing her.

But Misty didn’t mind. She was thrilled by his show of possessive jealousy, and her body immediately responded to the command. She moved closer, restlessly trying to find a way they could be one as quickly as possible.

She sighed when he flipped her around so that she could lie against his chest, and she sighed again as he nudged her thighs apart. Even though she was embarrassed, knowing how close the pilots’ cockpit was, she couldn’t stop her legs from falling open immediately.

Domenico tweaked her left nipple with one hand while the other went under her loose black skirt. “You’re already wet,” he rasped as he traced her slit over her panties.

She moaned silently.

“Are you wet for me or for the pilot?”

Eyes flying open at the question, she stammered, “Y-you.”

“Are you sure?” Domenico demanded as his fingers slowly slid inside her panties.

“Yes.” She barely got the word out before Domenico had ripped the tiny fabric away from her body.

“Domenicoooo.” She ended up moaning his name when he slid his fingers in, three at the same time once more. Misty was wet enough to accommodate his entry with ease, and she couldn’t help thrusting upward to meet his fingers more than halfway as Domenico pushed his fingers in and out of her in a rhythm that drove her wild.

“I want you to scream for me,” he said while working his fingers in and out faster and harder.

“I c-can’t…”

“Yes. You. Can.”

She moaned loudly when Domenico pushed his fingers as deep as he could without breaking her hymen.

“Are you ready?”

“Domenico,” she pleaded.

Domenico withdrew his fingers almost completely before pushing them back in just as his thumb found her cl*t and pressed her hard.

She screamed.

“I can’t believe we did that,” Misty couldn’t help but half-wail as Domenico led her to the private washroom between the public cabin and his office. She tried to take the small towel he was holding but he shook his head.

“Let me clean you up,” he said softly.

Misty squirmed, embarrassed and touched at the same time at Domenico’s unexpectedly tender ministrations.

“I love making you scream for me,” Domenico said, the satisfaction brimming in his voice more than audible. He straightened, tossing the wet towel into the laundry bin before opening the glass cabinet over the sink.

When he closed it, Domenico had a pair of panties packed and sealed in a silver foil bag. “I had this prepared in advance.”

“Th-thanks,” she mumbled as she took the underwear. Even though she knew it was silly of her to ask, after what had happened between them, Misty swallowed and inquired, “Could you turn your back while I put this on?”

Domenico grinned. “No.”

She glared at him. “You’re having fun with this, aren’t you?”

“Yes.” And so he watched her with unabashed delight as Misty pulled the panties up as quickly as she could.

“Spoilsport,” he murmured on their way out.

“Bully,” she retorted.

Laughing, he caught her arm and pulled her to the opposite direction when she was about to return to the public cabin. “We need to talk in my office first.”

Domenico’s office in his private jet was nowhere near his penthouse apartment in terms of size, but it more than made up with its beauty. Looking around her, with its soundproofed ceiling and walls and an amazing living room set, Misty knew she would never have guessed that this belonged to a yacht.

“Sit down,” Domenico said gently as he took her to the couch. When Misty was seated, he went to his desk and took two folders, handing one to her when he returned. Sitting opposite her, he said, almost defensively, “This is our prenup.”

Her nose wrinkled. “Not exactly romantic.”

His eyes burned green fire when he answered, “Don’t worry. I’ll make it up to you every second of our marriage.”

I’m not going to blush, she thought furiously but she knew she already was. She flipped the pages hurriedly, trying to take her mind off things.

“My siblings…?”

“Check page ten.”

She gasped. “You’re going to let them – all of them – live with us?” Did he realize what that meant? She didn’t have just one or two siblings he could easily adapt to. She had a battalion of them, and they all had personality issues.

Domenico leaned back against his seat, regarding her impassively. “We have a big house. We might as well make use of the space.”

She tried not to show how happy she was at the sound of that. ‘We’. She had never thought she’d be a part of a ‘we’.

She scanned the rest of the page and gasped again. “But what you’re promising them is too much. I mean, if you’re going to pay for their schooling and their upkeep---”

“Those you care for are automatically under my protection. I will do my best to care for them, too.”

Her eyes teared. “You’re like an angel, do you know that?”

He leaned forward. “I’m not. I’m a werewolf.”

She couldn’t help but laugh. When he smiled, Misty’s toes curled. “Domenico, I can’t thank---”

He shook his head. “There is no need for gratitude. You are doing me a favor, too.”

But she got what he wasn’t saying. He was uncomfortable with how she was acting. She hid a smile. Amazing. He really wasn’t so intimidating all the time, apparently. He could even be quite cute.

He raised a brow at her. “Are you laughing at me?”

“Of course not,” she said hastily and looked down at the papers. She went to the next page and the next. There was a long list of responsibilities and duties under her role as the wife to the heir of the Moretti Clan.

“There’s nothing about my foster mother,” she said uneasily.

“Ah, well. Let’s just say I have a different arrangement with her.”

“What kind of arrangement?”

“I’ll pay her a certain sum each month as long as she doesn’t bother you.”

“But she doesn’t bother---”

“Be honest, darling. She bothers you with her indifference and insensitivity. Understand that she is not forbidden to see any of you. I only said that she must visit if she truly does care for you. I will know if she does not and if she does visit you with any other motive than to see all of you are well, my financial support will be withdrawn immediately.”

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