“She’s so out of league it’s not even funny. He probably dated her out of pity, maybe she even blackmailed him?” Janice’s blue eyes shone with malice. “Or, you know what? Maybe he did it because of a dare.”

Hannah nodded thoughtfully. “You’re probably right.”

Domenico watched the scene from the CCTV, controlling himself with an effort. He had been observing her from the moment she had stepped out of the cab and when he saw Misty caught in a downpour, his first instinct was to help her. But then he reminded himself that she had to learn her lesson. He was the future pack leader, for chrissake. He could not afford to be weak and be controlled by a woman in any way. Misty had to learn early for herself that his word was law.

Yet was it a lesson worth teaching when Misty looked this forlorn?

Returning his attention to the CCTV, Domenico gritted his teeth at how she quietly took in the barbed insults coming her way. He zoomed in to where Janice and Hannah were huddled together, speaking in shrill loud voices that grated on his nerves. They knew Misty was hurt and delighted in it. How could they not when Misty’s face was like an open book?

She should have looked pathetic in his eyes. This should have made him hesitate to proceed with marrying her for how could she rule as his future queen when she so easily let others step on her?

A tear dropped from Misty’s eyes.


With just a few minutes left before her lunch break ended, Misty was only a third way through with her meal when a large shadow suddenly blocked her line of sight. She glanced up and spit out a forkful of mac and cheese when she realized who it was.

And just like that, Domenico’s irritation at her vanished. It was impossible to stay angry with her when she was just so – her.

He slowly dusted away the bits of mac and cheese that managed to reach his shirt. The people around them were unsuccessfully trying to smother their laughter.

Misty wanted to die of embarrassment. Had she just spit out food on Domenico’s expensive clothing? “I’m sorry---”

“It’s my fault,” he said graciously as he dragged the executive seat from another desk and placed it next to hers. He could have sat on any of the plain armchairs across her desk, but Domenico being Domenico, he’d rather not settle for anything less than the best unless it was entirely necessary.

The fact that she was starting to understand how his mind worked made Misty smile. It also made her hope that things were going to be better now.

“Are you still angry?” she blurted out.

He stared at her for a moment, just to make her squirm. And squirm she did. Then he leaned close and kissed her on the forehead. “What do you think?” he asked when he pulled away.

All Misty could do was smile at him, utterly besotted.

Unbelievably cute, he thought again.

“I’d like to share lunch with you here if you don’t mind,” he told her.

She blushed. “Of course I don’t mind.”

When she offered him her fork, he shook his head and said with a gleam in his eyes, “Feed me.”

She choked again, but it was water thankfully this time.

He slowly brushed away droplets of water that landed on his sleeve.

Misty’s face was fiery. Dear heavens, would her embarrassment never seize? She was willing to bet she was the most socially inept woman Domenico had ever dated. “You can break up with me now. Really. And I won’t blame you. At all.”

That was too much. He let out a short bark of laughter, amusement overcoming him. Looking at her, Domenico knew she meant every word. No other woman he had dated would react the same way. Well, actually, none of them would even dare choke or spit on him in the first place. But that was what made her unique.

A powerful surge of possessiveness filled his entire being. More and more, Domenico was convinced that letting go of a treasure like Misty would be the most foolish mistake he could do in his life. So she was not the most obedient woman in the world. He supposed he could live with that.


She held her breath. “Domenico?”

“Can you finally come home with me tonight?”

Her jaw dropped and then her eyes brightened. A shy smile formed on her lips. “I thought you’d never ask that again.”

His eyes dipped…and dipped some more until it settled on her br**sts, lingering there until her ni**les protruded against her blouse. He said softly, loving how her br**sts seemed to strain out, “Impossible. I want you too much.”

“Domenico,” she protested under her breath.

He settled a hand on her knee and cherished the gasp that she made when he squeezed her knee before moving his hand slowly up.

Although the desk completely hid the lower halves of their bodies from view, nobody really had to see to know what exactly Domenico was up to. The look on Misty’s face said it all.

“Domenico.” It was all she could say since she was too busy trying not to have a heart attack. Domenico’s hand was splayed over her left thigh now, and it was all she could do not to move so he could touch her more intimately. She could feel everyone staring at them. Although it made her cringe, knowing that everyone in the office knew exactly what was going on, Misty was powerless to stop her body from reacting to his touch.

Dressed impeccably in a gray suit and an emerald green tie that matched his eyes, Domenico looked mouthwateringly gorgeous, with his eyes gleaming wickedly as he slowly let his fingers walk further up her thigh.

She squeezed her thighs shut instinctively, making him laugh.

“I’m looking forward to tonight,” he said and pressed his thumb hard against her cl*t as he finished speaking.

Misty bit back a whimper.

“Think of me until it is time for me to take you to bed, mm?” Domenico withdrew his fingers and pressed a kiss on her forehead before standing up.

She watched him walk away, knowing he wouldn’t look back at her as he did. And he didn’t, because that was the man he was. But she was surprised when he turned around, walking to the center of the office and stopping before Janice’s desk.

Misty watched Janice’s smile vanish, her face whitening in fear as Domenico murmured something to her. Then he was gone.

Chapter Four

Dear Diary,

I suck at this. I don’t know what to do now that I’m about to sleep in a guy’s house. Do I buy new underwear? Would it be overkill if I did? What if I suck at third base and beyond?

And dear Lord, I know this is a silly question, but will it really fit? I’ve seen how his pants look near to splitting apart when he’s aroused. I’m excited and terrified at the same time. I know this is shameless of me, but I’m glad that Domenico’s c**k will be the first and the last one I’ll see. I don’t think there’s going to be any room for comparison once I see it.

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