Tidying her desk at exactly five o’clock in the afternoon, Misty hurried out of the office and managed to slip inside the elevator just before the doors closed. When she pressed the P button for Domenico’s penthouse office, someone tittered behind her back.

Misty absently looked back and that was when she realized everyone had been – again – staring at her. She also realized that everyone knew she was going up to Domenico. She immediately blushed even though she knew they had no way guessing what she had been thinking. Or did they?

Face turning red, she mumbled, “I have someone to do---”

Everyone smirked, and she hastily corrected herself while mentally banging her head on the wall. “I mean, I have something to do!” What was wrong with her? It was one humiliating blooper after another.

“We know,” Bea from 8/F floor said just before stepping out. “We so totally know and are envious of it.”

“Honestly, it’s nothing like that,” Misty said with an emphatic nod, but all she got were more knowing looks from the other passengers.

“Who cares? There’s nothing wrong about indulging in a little kiss or two,” Jim from 12/F said suggestively.

“It’s really not like that!” she protested, uncomfortable at how everyone seemed to assume she was about to have mind-blowing sex the moment she reached Domenico’s floor. Misty hurriedly added, “I mean, all of you know Mr. Moretti! He’s not the type to play where he works. He’s very, very serious. Have you ever seen him smile?”  She could see they were beginning to believe her. Domenico was known for his gorgeous but unsmiling face.

“I did see him smile,” admitted Heidi, who was also from 12/F. “Just once.” Her eyes twinkled. “He was with you.”

“Well---it’s only because he always finds me amusing,” she said, only half-joking. “But really, Mr. Moretti is a model of propriety and I don’t think he’d be glad if any of us think of him that way.”

“You mean us,” Jim retorted. “Because you’re his fiancée. He’ll never get mad at you.”

“But I’m his employee too, and he’s entitled to everyone’s respect here.” She saw a chance to put a stop with all the teasing and eradicate her earlier blunder and seized it eagerly. “I’ve seen him mad just once and---” Misty pretended to shudder. “It was scary. So I really think all of us, including me, should, you know…stop with all the teasing. It’s just not professional.”

Her words were sinking in, she could see. She almost grinned. Now they were remembering that Domenico Moretti was everyone’s boss – one who was respected by the entire business community. Definitely, he wouldn’t do anything like…like make out with his employee at the workplace – even if that employee happened to be engaged to him.

Lorraine glanced at the ceiling-mounted CCTV dome camera nervously. “He wouldn’t fire us for teasing you a while ago, right?” Everyone tensed at the reminder that their activity was being monitored. Even Jim paled a bit.

“Of course not,” Misty assured them quietly while inside, she was jumping for joy.

She had done it! No more embarrassing teasing!

The elevator beeped as it reached the 12/F floor, where the accounting office was and everyone except her was heading.

She turned to her side so they could walk past her easily. “It’s just that talking about private things in the workplace is not professional. And you know how Mr. Moretti---” She saw their eyes widen as they stared at something behind her back.

Oh, shick.

She had a feeling it would be him.

As everyone scurried out of the elevator, Misty slowly turned around and felt herself wilting at the sight of Domenico grinning at her.

Domenico, grinning.

It was a heavenly sight, and her entire body quivered in response.

Domenico stepped in, standing next to her as he pressed the Open button while the remaining employees of the accounting department filed out.

When the last one left, Domenico immediately released the button and backed Misty against the wall, covering her still-gaping mouth with his.

As the doors slid close and just before her mind shut down, Misty heard Bea snicker, “He kisses like a pro, I’ll give her that. Maybe that’s what she means?”

When they were alone, Domenico pulled away and burst into laughter.

It took her a moment to get over the dazed feelings that always overwhelmed her after Domenico’s kisses. She stared at him, confused.

“Not so professional, huh?”

She gasped. “H-how----”

He pointed up.

The CCTV! She groaned. “You heard everything?”

“Let’s just say that the ‘someone’ you want to do is eager to get the, err, doing done.”

“Someone please just kill me before I embarrass myself to death,” she muttered. Her face probably wouldn’t stop flaming until the day was over. She was finally resigned to that fact. What was wrong with her?

Domenico could see that Misty was seriously miserable and he pulled her in his arms. “It’s okay.”

She shook her head adamantly but said nothing.

He grinned. “No, really, it’s okay. You know why?”

Misty looked at him questioningly.

“Because sooner or later, you will be doing me---”

Her hand had slammed against his mouth before he could finish. “Never mind, I’d rather not know,” she mumbled, making him laugh.

Later, she and Domenico were back again inside his limo as Matteo drove them to his home. While Domenico spoke on his mobile phone about one deal or another, she used the time to send text messages to all her siblings. It was her time to give them a fib, and it made her uneasy.

By the time they reached Domenico’s palatial home, Misty’s anxiety had reached disastrous levels already. The ever-present parade of guards just made her more nervous. If she messed up and disappointed Domenico in bed, would his battalion of bodyguards somehow know about it as well? Would they be close enough to hear Domenico sigh in disappointment when she failed to arouse him---


“Yep?” she strangled out.

Domenico held her nape, tilted her head up, and kissed her - long, hard, and deep enough to drive all the worries away he could scent from her. As she moved close to him, he brought his hands down to curve around her bu**ocks, squeezing them before using it to propel her forward so that she could feel his arousal.

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