And now she was here. A receptionist had shown her to a private room. Domenico had been talking on the phone when she had come in, but he had smiled at her so beautifully it made her heart race.

She remained standing, content just to look at him.

No matter from what angle she looked, he was just too sexy. No matter what he did, no matter what he wore, he exuded a kind of magnetism that made one stop and just stare. She herself could stare at him for days without getting tired of him.

She watched with helpless longing as Domenico took off his shades, placing them on the table before running one hand through his hair. Her mouth dried as he slowly stood from his seat, mesmerized at the way every suit he wore seemed tailored to emphasize the elegance and ruthless strength of his whipcord thin body.

Fingers snapped in front her.

Misty straightened, surprised to see Domenico already standing inches before her, an odd look in his eyes. “Are you all right, darling?”

She swallowed, “Yes, sir---uh, Domenico,” she corrected herself quickly. Dear, dear Lord…why was she feeling so hot? The air-conditioning was fine, wasn’t it?

Maybe, a sly voice inside her head suggested, it’s because you’re H.


Have the hots for him, horny---

I am not!


“Misty.” Domenico wore a puzzled frown this time.

Oh God, she had been talking to herself.

She managed a weak smile. “Sorry. I was just thinking.”

Domenico raised a brow. “About what?”

“Nothing.” But her blush gave her away.

Domenico bent down to stare straight into her eyes. “Really?” he asked slyly.

She took a step back. She couldn’t help it.

But he countered each step with another step forward until she found herself yelping as her back hit the wall.

Domenico’s hands were suddenly braced against the wall, forming a barrier on each side of her face and effectively imprisoning her in place.

“I wasn’t thinking anything important.” But her voice trembled in the end. God, God, he was so near. His lips were so near. And he smelled so good. And God, God…

He laughed. “Liar.”

Domenico’s lips touched the edge of her mouth.

Misty wanted to turn so their lips could meet, but she couldn’t. She didn’t have the confidence just yet, even with everything that happened last night. That time still felt like a dream.

“Tell me,” Domenico whispered, his mouth near her ear this time.


He licked her ear.

She jumped.

“What were you thinking about?”

He cupped her face.

And she realized she couldn’t lie. “You.” She couldn’t elaborate, wasn’t allowed to elaborate because Domenico was kissing her deeply then.

An hour later and they were seated across each other, Misty glaring and Domenico smiling complacently as blushing and giggling waitresses served them their food.

When they left, Misty burst out, “They knew!”

Domenico shrugged. “So?”

“What do you mean so?” she sputtered. “They knew we---w-we----” She couldn’t get the words out, but her red face said what she had to say.

“I wanted you. You wanted me. We’re about to be married,” Domenico said simply, finally looking at her. “They didn’t see us, did they?”

“But they heard us!” In fact, she could remember the five times she moaned and the particular thud that her back made when he slammed her against the wall and made her come in his mouth – again, with his tongue thrusting in and out of her.

She closed her eyes in mortification.

And even if they hadn’t heard them making noise, the way Domenico was acting said it all. There was an unmistakable air about him, one that told everyone very clearly he had just been satisfied, sexually, and completely.

Domenico nearly smiled, but he didn’t because he could see Misty was halfway to being seriously upset. “Cara, Lyccans are not like humans. I told you already, didn’t I? We are not as uninhibited as humans are. Passion is definitely not something to hide. I’m not saying we’re ruled by it but we don’t find shame in enjoying it - especially if it’s with the right person.”

“But we’re in a restaurant!”

Domenico almost smiled again. She reminded him of that cute kid in the Disney movie – the one that the girls had made him watch with them years back. But it’s a talking dog!

“No one saw us. So what’s the problem? Didn’t you enjoy it?”

Misty looked tormented.

This time he laughed. He knew why she was looking like she was about to have diarrhea. She wanted to be honest but at the same time felt embarrassed at doing so.

“You’re so hard to understand,” Misty mumbled.

“Am I?”

“You were supposed to be cold. Everyone thinks you’re cold.” Misty sounded almost accusing. “But you’re not!”

And there, Domenico thought, was the difference.

Any other woman would have rejoiced in making him lose his cool. Because Misty was right. He did not normally act like this. Yes, he was Lyccan and yes, his kind was very passionate. But Domenico used to be different from other Lyccans…until now.

Until Misty.

But she didn’t know that and he liked it that way.

It was beginning to be clear to him that Misty was going to be more important to him than he expected her to be, dangerously so. It was imperative that she did not realize that. If his own father – his own flesh and blood, someone he had once idolized – could hurt him so deeply, then Misty – who owed him nothing – could do worse.

He smiled at her, knowing that his thoughts – unlike hers – were completely hidden from Misty. “I promise I’ll never make love to you again until we’re married. Will that make you happy then?”

She looked tormented again.

He laughed.  “Come on, come on. You know you want to say it,” he murmured silkily.

How did he know her so well in so short a time, she wondered. But out loud, she said reluctantly, honestly, “No. That’s not going to make me happy.”

“Great. Because I wasn’t about to keep that promise anyway.” He suddenly took her hand across the table and brought it to his lips. “Never lie to me, hmm, Misty? Even if it’s out of embarrassment. I despise dishonesty.”

She nodded, trembling still at the touch of his lips against her skin. She wanted to tell him that he shouldn’t lie to her, too, but in their circumstances, she didn’t really have the right, did she? Glancing at Domenico and seeing the brooding look on his face, she said haltingly, “What about you?”

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