Domenico was startled. “What about me?”

“You didn’t get to---” She blushed.

Mesmerized at the play of emotions on her face, he drawled out, “Is that an offer to make me come, darling?”

Swallowing, she nodded.

He smiled, knowing she was probably mentally squirming by now. “Relax, Misty. I don’t ever want you to think that you have to return the favor every time I give you an orgasm. I like doing it for you,” he said simply, honestly.

Misty’s gaze was earnest when it sought his, making him suck his breath as she said shakily but feelingly, “I want to pleasure you.”

His c**k immediately rose to attention. “What,” he said slowly, “do you have in mind?”

Misty gulped at the hunger in his eyes, and his challenging tone made her wonder if she was truly ready for what she was about to do. Taking a deep breath, she said, “I want to take you in my mouth.” She closed her eyes the moment she said it, feeling her cheeks heat.

“Are you sure you want to?”

Her eyes flew open at the mocking doubt in Domenico’s tone. Even though she knew he was only teasing her, she felt defensive. Lifting her chin, Misty said, “Yes.”

“Then come and kneel before me.”

Here it goes, Misty thought, and her panties immediately became wet at the thought of what was about to happen. The thought of making him come in her mouth, of being able to make someone like Domenico Moretti lose control, was enough for her heart to beat madly and her br**sts to throb in exquisite pain.

She got up from her seat and knelt between her knees as he turned his chair away from the table.

Seeing Misty in a subservient position brought out something fierce and primitive from inside him, and Domenico’s c**k swelled even more. “Unzip my pants and take my c**k out,” he said, lust causing his voice to thicken.

With none too steady hands, Misty carefully lowered here zipper, pushing the black briefs to the side so his c**k would spring free. Even though it was her second time to see his cock, the sheer length and girth of it still made her gasp.

Domenico almost smiled. He would have if he did not have the most painful hard-on in his life. He had never been this excited for a blowjob. “Do you think you can take all of me?”

She nodded.

“Then start holding me first, stroke me up and down like that.” He grunted when her fingers found him and she did as asked, quickly finding a rhythm that had him clutching the armrest hard.

“Slowly take me in your mouth…aah.” Domenico’s fingers clenched around the armrest even though he knew he was close to breaking his chair. The warmth of Misty’s mouth surrounding his c**k was a pleasure like no other.

Misty did her best to take as much of Domenico’s c**k as she could, but she could only manage a few inches before she felt the gag reflex kicking in.

“Relax your throat,” Domenico gritted out. “Take it slowly.”

Focusing on his words, Misty tried again, this time concentrating on the strangely addictive taste of Domenico’s c**k as she sucked him. The words worked like magic, her mouth and throat relaxing in a way that let her take almost his entire length.

Domenico’s head rolled back. “Yes. Like that.” He groaned as her teeth grazed the sensitive tip of his cock.

Hearing Domenico’s sounds of pleasure made Misty wetter, and she instinctively tried to move faster, one hand holding the base of his c**k more confidently while her other hand caressed the balls underneath.

Domenico’s fingers gripped her hair, using it to guide her movements. He tried his best to keep his h*ps from thrusting too hard into her mouth but as he became closer and closer to reaching an orgasm, it became near impossible to control his movements.

“Pull out now if you don’t want me to come in your mouth,” he rasped, letting go of her hair as he focused on keeping himself from ejaculating.

In response, Misty, without releasing his c**k from her mouth, took his hands again and put it back on her hair.

Domenico lost all control after that. Gripping her hair hard, he thrust his c**k into her mouth and exploded, his body shuddering at the force of his release.

Misty did her best to swallow it all in, but there was just too much and some of the salty white liquid dribbled out of her mouth. She slowly let go of his cock, blushing when it came out of her mouth with a loud pop. For a moment, she could only stare at him wide-eyed, unable to believe what she had done – and how much pleasure she had derived simply from giving him head.

Domenico opened his eyes and caught sight of the look of stunned realization on Misty’s lovely face. Taking the napkin from the table, he gently wiped her lips clean, finding it hard to believe that it was her first time to suck cock.

“Are you really sure you didn’t take lessons before this?” he teased her as he slowly pulled Misty up.

Her nose wrinkled as she admitted a bit wryly, “You were my first French kiss, Domenico.”

He cupped her chin possessively at that and took her lips in a kiss, loving how she tasted like him when his tongue swept in. “I will also be your last.”

When he let go of her, Domenico saw Misty’s surprised gaze stray down to his still erect cock. “Shouldn’t it be, umm, resting by now?”

He shook his head. “Lyccans have more stamina than men.” He paused.

She raised a brow.

“And I have more stamina than most Lyccans.” He waited and was not disappointed when she blushed. He grinned.

After insisting on helping Domenico fix his clothes, Misty let Domenico pull her into his lap and feed her. They talked about her family and more of his work at the Lyccan Council, Misty sobering a bit when she learned more about the recent killings.

“Do you have any suspicion about who it could be behind those murders?”

He nodded. “But they’re not worth discussing since they are merely suspicions.”

When they finished their meal, two of the restaurant’s female servers bustled in, one taking care of the dishes while the other handing him the bill. He gave his credit card, and with his gaze lingering on Misty’s mouth, he murmured, “Charge me for the napkin, too. It’s been…used.”

Misty and the two other women blushed as Domenico continued staring at Misty’s mouth, the reference more than apparent.

Inside the limousine and on their way to a salon Domenico insisted she have her hair cut and styled, Misty accused, “You did that deliberately.”

He did not even bother denying it, and instead used a lock of her hair to tug her close for a quick hard kiss that was more than sufficient to make her cl*t ache. “Darling, I’m just staying true to my promise. I want to prove to everyone how much I want to f**k you.”

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