Chapter Seven

Dear Diary,

There’s something about Rebecca Findley that bothers me. She keeps talking about Domenico when I’m around. She keeps dropping hints that I don’t want to read too much into. If I do, I don’t know what would happen. I don’t want to think Domenico making love to any woman but me. I know it’s silly, he’s anything but a virgin, but I can’t help it. I want him to be mine alone.

I hate the thought of Domenico with another woman. Hate it so much that sometimes when I see women staring at him, I have this urge to show them just how much he loves my touch. I want to have his c**k inside his mouth, want to hear him gasp in pleasure as I suck him dry. I want them to know that only I can do that to him.

It was only thirty minutes before midnight when she got to Domenico’s home. Rebecca had made her work overtime and by then, Misty was simply too tired to argue. Domenico had demanded an explanation over the phone and she said a little white lie about wanting to make a good impression.

She managed a smile for the butler, who smiled back kindly and said, “We have dinner waiting for you.”

“Oh.” She was too tired to eat but didn’t think it was polite to refuse. “Thanks. I appreciate it.”

And then she heard voices.

No way.

She rushed inside, heart in her throat.

It was true.

Tears rushed to her eyes.

“Misty, you’re back!” Andy crowed, rushing to her.

She laughed, her exhaustion swept away at the sight of her family crowding Domenico’s living room. She had never seen them so happy and at ease. Her eyes met Domenico, who was dressed casually in shirt and jeans but managing to look a million dollars all the same in it. He smiled at her. It said everything.

Misty was crying when she tucked Andy in his bed – his own bed. She couldn’t believe how Domenico had managed in one night to prepare separate bedrooms for her siblings, designed even to suit their different personalities. Nicole, for instance, had a mini library in her room. Even Dylan had his own room, a nursery decorated in shades of blue and adjoined to her own room.

Misty heard a knock around midnight from the balcony doors. Hurrying to open it, Misty let Domenico in, who shook his head at her. “The things you make me do,” he murmured with the faintest exasperation.

She smiled sheepishly. “I’m sorry?”

“Creeping in my own home…”

“I don’t want to set a bad example,” she protested.

“Having to go through the balcony…”

“But it was because I didn’t want to risk having them see or hear you knock on my room or something.” She looked up at Domenico with a look that he found irresistible. “Sorry.”

His eyes narrowed. “That’s not enough.”

“It’s not?”

“I want you to make it up in another way.”

All of a sudden, Misty became extremely conscious that she and Domenico were alone again – and they were in close proximity to the bed.

They looked at each other.

No words were needed after that. Clothes were strewn around the room as their lips fused, Misty gasping when she felt Domenico’s hard body against hers.

“Make love to me,” she begged as he took her nipple into his mouth.

He bit it gently, making her whimper.

“No. Just a few more days and then I’ll make love to you so much you’ll be complaining.” Before she could protest, his mouth moved to her other breast, his hand kneading and cupping it before feeding the nipple to him like an offering.

She moaned, unable to help it.

He lifted her in his arms and Misty immediately wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling his head tightly against her. Her nipple still in his mouth, Domenico navigated his way to her bed until he could lay her down. He automatically covered her bed with his.

“I want to please you again,” she whispered.

“You always do.”

She shook her head and, ignoring her shyness with an effort, she took hold of his face to make Domenico look up to her. “I want to make you come once more.”

An idea occurring to him, Domenico asked throatily, “How much do you want it?”

“I haven’t wanted anything as badly.”

The words inflamed him, and it took his entire willpower not to ram into her and possess Misty once and for all. Flipping her around and rolling to his back in one move, he settled Misty over his body, his head between her thighs and hers between his.

Misty stiffened. “What---”

He pulled her cunt down to him, shoving his tongue inside her.

She screamed.

“Sssh,” he said as he took out his tongue, savoring her taste. “Your siblings might hear.”

Misty stiffened again when he licked her folds slowly. “I d-don’t think I can keep quiet.”

His laughter vibrated against her cunt, making her arch again over him, and forcing Domenico to hold Misty by the h*ps to keep her still. “You can if you suck my cock.”

She didn’t need another second’s urging. When he shoved his tongue back into her, he felt Misty lowering her head over him. Domenico groaned as Misty took in the entire length of him. When he moved up to suck her clit, Misty sucked him harder as well.

The sucking sounds that filled the room was the most erotic kind of noise she had ever heard in her life, spurring Misty to dig her fingers into Domenico’s bu**ocks as she pulled him down so she could swallow even more of him.

As his tongue went in and out of her, Domenico could feel Misty moving more wildly on top of him, cuing him that she was close to coming. He wasn’t too far himself, but Domenico wanted them to come together so he let go of one of her h*ps to start playing with her clit.

She screamed even as she sucked on his c**k harder, making Domenico’s h*ps jut more aggressively into her mouth.

“I want you to come with me, Misty,” he said harshly.

She bit his tip in response.

Tightening his hold on her hip, Domenico rammed his tongue in as far as he could while pressing on her cl*t in the exact way that he knew would drive her wild.

Misty immediately bucked, coming in his mouth while her hands squeezed his c**k and caressed his balls, her mouth closing around him tightly. He spilled his seed into her mouth even as he continued lapping her up once more with slow and long licks so as not to miss even a drop of her come. His body shuddered as his c**k didn’t stop pouring out its load.

Later, draped on top of Domenico, her body heavy and replete, Misty couldn’t help grumbling a little, saying, “We still didn’t do it.”

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