Tears made her eyes sparkle as she smiled tremulously at him.

Domenico groaned softly before he bent down.

Thunderous applause filled the chapel as they shared their first kiss as man and wife.

When he lifted his head, Misty said without thinking but with every emotion inside her, “I love you.”

“Ah, Misty.” Unable to help it, Domenico pulled her to him, uncaring of what people said, and kissed her more deeply.

She was smiling and blushing when Domenico finally pulled away, his arm going around her waist possessively as they faced their well-wishers.

He had not said ‘I love you’ back, and she was thankful. It gave her hope. It proved to her that he meant what he had said. He would not lie to her again. But in time, she was confident she’d be able to make him love her back. They were destined for each other. She knew it now.

At the reception, she and Domenico opened the dance floor with a waltz that would remain one of the most magical moments in her life, especially when Domenico kept teasing her by gazing meaningfully at her exposed décolletage.

“Stop it,” she giggled.

“I can’t help it! They’re begging to be kissed---”


He laughed. “You are so beautiful tonight, Mrs. Moretti.”

“Glad to please, Mr. Moretti.”

And then she was being passed on to her brothers – even little Andy – and finally, Domenico’s father himself.

“Welcome to the family,” Dio Moretti said gruffly as he swirled her on the dance floor.

“Thank you, sir,” she mumbled and almost tripped in her nervousness.

But Dio was strong and he did not let her fall, expertly maneuvering her into a twirl.

“I know I can’t offer much as a daughter-in-law,” she ventured.

He stayed silent.

“But I can promise you that I will do my best to help you and Domenico be in good terms again. I have lived all my life without my parents so I know how precious it is to still have a father and mother with you. I’m sure Domenico knows it. He just has…issues,” she ended tactfully.

“You don’t need to work to gain my approval,” he said finally. “You are my son’s bride. It is done.”

Misty shook her head. “It’s not that. I mean, what is it with you Lyccans? You’re so…suspicious.”

His lips twitched but he said nothing.

Later, Misty found herself dancing with Jayme. As usual, he looked wickedly handsome, this time dressed in a tux. He stole a kiss, his lips fleetingly brushing against her cheek before he made her twirl in his arms.

“Jayme!” Her eyes automatically searched for Domenico’s. She didn’t want trouble.

When her gaze found his, Domenico made a slow killing gesture across his neck with a meaningful look at Jayme. She burst into laughter.

“What’s so funny?”

She shook her head. “Nothing.”

Jayme sighed. “You really did go ahead and marry the old man.”

“He’s not old,” she protested, eyes seeking Domenico’s once more. He was frowning at Jayme and it turned to a full-fledged scowl when Jayme retorted, “Oh yes he is, compared to us.”

Misty glanced at Jayme in laughing reproof. “Stop it. I know you’re just baiting him! I know you know he can hear us.”

Jayme looked at her under his lashes. “You know, I’m okay with an affair…”

Misty jabbed him on the shoulder. “Jayme, stop it. Don’t tempt my husband into throwing you out.” Her face glowed at the word. Husband. Domenico was really her husband.

Jayme groaned. “I’m giving you back. I can’t stand that sappy look on your face.”

At exactly midnight, Domenico and Misty said their goodbyes. The party would continue in the wee hours of morning, but for her and Domenico, their new married life would begin with their honeymoon. There were few people at the airport when they arrived and they proceeded to board the private jet of the Morettis’ without having to pass through any security checks.

Domenico said they would be spending their honeymoon in his private island in the Mediterranean, but their wedding night would be spent on the plane.

“Your membership in the mile-high club has been much delayed,” Domenico had told her with a grin.

Alone in the master bedroom with Domenico, Misty felt inexplicably tense and scared all of a sudden, which was laughable considering how she practically begged for the chance to make love with him in the past days.

Somehow, though, with the fact that they were married, everything was just different tonight.

Domenico read every expression that flitted through her face. He gently clasped her shoulders and made her stare into his eyes. “Relax.”

She sighed. There was just something so wonderfully persuasive about Domenico.

“Tonight will be perfect for both of us.”

She believed him, but she still stiffened as his fingers worked on the row of tiny buttons behind her back. And then the gown was falling in a pool on her feet and she was left in her silk underwear.

Shyly, she reached for his bowtie.

When they were both naked, Misty did not let her eyes strain below the neck. She just could not. It was silly but she just could not! She had been with him intimately in two occasions already, but right now they didn’t seem to matter. Her insecurities were massive, and every one of them was warning Misty about her sheer lack of inexperience for pleasing a sex god like Domenico Moretti.

Knowing what was going through her mind, Domenico felt the usual wicked urge to play with her. “Sit down,” he said softly, guiding her to the bed. He made a motion to sit next to her, conscious of the way she kept her gaze on his face.

Then he suddenly stood up, knowing that would keep her eyes waist-level with his erection.

Misty shrieked in shock and hastily scampered across the bed. “Domenico!” she wailed, knowing he had done that deliberately.

He burst into laughter and lied on the bed, pulling her toward him with incredible ease, until every inch of their bodies were plastered against each other.

His lips twitched. “Ah, Misty. There’s just no one like you.”

“This is going to be a stupid question,” she said slowly.

Domenico already knew what the question would be and his shoulders rocked in laughter. “Misty--”

She blurted out, “Are you sure it’s going to fit and it’s not going to tear me apart? Because I’ve seen some videos---”

“Misty, you watched  p**n ?” He pretended to be shocked.

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