His eyes narrowed. “You’re making fun of me, aren’t you?’


“You’re not going to take it back?”

“I---” He suddenly caught her mouth in a swift, hard kiss. When he pulled away, her face was beet red, feeling other people’s gazes at them.

Domenico smiled at the embarrassment in his wife’s face. “That should teach you.”

Inside the movie theater, Domenico and Misty followed the usher to their seats, which were one of the ten pairs of La-Z-Boy seats located at the top two rows and separated from the rest of the theater seats.

When the lights went out and the credits started rolling in, Misty realized that no one else was joining them in their section. She found that strange, considering they were about to watch a pretty popular movie and it was a Friday night.

“How much are these seats anyway?” she whispered to Domenico.

Domenico told her and asked afterwards, “Why?”

Laying her head on his shoulder, Misty answered, “I’m just wondering why there’s no one else who bought seats here. It’s not that pricey after all.”

Domenico chuckled.

“What’s so---” Misty choked back a gasp when Domenico suddenly and swiftly lifted her up from her seat and placed her on his lap. She quickly tried to struggle away but he wouldn’t let her, nuzzling her neck even as one of his hands snaked under her skirt to pull her panties down.

“Domenico,” she hissed, flushing red even though she was pretty sure no one could see them.

“Misty,” he returned mockingly. Biting her ear, he whispered, “This is why no one is here with us.”

It took her over a second to understand what he was saying. “You bought all the seats?”

He thrust his c**k into her in answer.

She collapsed against his chest at that, his unexpected entry making her gushing wet in an instant.

Cupping and squeezing her br**sts, Domenico slid in and out of her moist depths, taking her lips in a carnal kiss when she couldn’t stop herself from whimpering.

“Stop making sounds,” he whispered to her even as he pumped his c**k into her harder and faster.

“I’m trying,” she gasped.

Domenico bit her lower lip harder than usual as punishment when another gasp escaped. “Shut up, darling, or I’ll stop f**king you.”

Misty gnashed her teeth in silent protest when Domenico pulled out of her completely. Her fingers curled around his arms, nails digging into her skin, urging him to continue. Misty’s mouth parted in a silent gasp when Domenico shoved right back in without warning. This time, he didn’t stop thrusting into her until Misty knew it was only a matter of seconds before she would reach an orgasm.

“Come now.” His voice grated against her face.

She came with another silent cry, grinding her bu**ocks into him as his c**k pistoled his seed into her with a force that made her body shake harder.

The next night was yet another first as Misty was scheduled to make her official debut in Lyccan society as Domenico’s wife. Her knees shook so hard she felt like she was about to fall on her face any second. She was thankful her family was with her. Now that Kevin was Lyccan as well, their family was not just accepted but warmly welcomed by Domenico’s kind. The obvious bias made Matilda mad, but Misty didn’t mind, more than content that everyone she loved was alive and happy.

That night, they stood side by side as they accepted belated congratulations for their marriage. Domenico wore yet another beautiful handmade Italian suit while she wore the newest gown designed by Mark, one made of purple velvet and a side slit that made Domenico’s eyes narrow when he saw it bare almost her entire legs more than once.

“I think I need to have a word with Mark about what is appropriate,” he murmured to her dryly.

Misty rolled her eyes. “Come on, Domenico. So many girls are more attractive than I am here. I doubt anyone actually pays attention to me.”

“Oh, there are,” Domenico said darkly.

She shook her head, still amazed that he could be jealous. That he loved her. It was a truth she hugged to herself with every morning that she woke up and saw Domenico at her side. “I’m an old married woman now. I’m totally boring.” And who knew how wonderful boring could be?

Domenico’s side had also attended the ball hosted by the Fiarinos in full force. The Fiarinos were another powerful Lyccan clan, one with a promising heir Domenico said he had his eye on. When she met with Domenico’s father, Dio had given her a cursory greeting but that was it. It was enough for now. Misty remembered her promise and she told herself she would work on that soon.

When she and Domenico encountered Aurelius Castellano, she felt her husband stiffen beside her.

“Castellano.” His voice was cold.

But Aurelius didn’t seem to mind and even looked to be in the best of spirits. “Hello, Domenico. Did you like the battle I gave you?”

“It was a good fight.” But Domenico was stunned when Aurelius winked at his wife.

“I did what you asked, dear.”

Misty reddened.

“You said no special treatment so I gave him the best fight he could have asked. But he succeeded like you said he would.” Aurelius clapped a hand on Domenico’s back. “You’ve a gem of a wife there. Don’t lose her.”

When Aurelius left, Misty quickly tried to escape but Domenico swiftly chained her to his side.

“Misty,” he growled.

“I’m sorry!”

She told him what happened, with the exception of the bit that Daryl was a faerie. Something told her that it was more than enough for Domenico to accept that someone supposedly dead had spoken to her.

“A ghost,” he said almost dumbly.

She avoided his expression. “Mmm…”

“And you also made me suffer for nothing? The old man offered his help and you rejected it?” He didn’t know if he was exasperated or touched.

“But I thought you didn’t want any special favors. I did it to prove I trust you,” she said earnestly.

“Misty…” He sounded like he was about to die.

“I’m sorry,” she mumbled.

He shook his head with a wry smile. Not caring about the people looking at them, Domenico bent down and kissed her, easily persuading her lips to part and let his tongue in. He branded her with his kiss, and let her brand him with his.

When he lifted his head, his wife looked at him in a daze.

He said softly, “Don’t ever change, Misty.”

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