Domenico knew the exact moment Misty lost it. “Misty, no!”

But Misty had already lunged for Enrico across the table, her face flushed with anger. “Take that back!”

Chapter Nine

Oh, shick.

By the time she snapped out of her rage, she was bleeding. Misty had a slice on her neck, and it hurt like hell, but that didn’t matter, not when she could see that she had done her own damage to Enrico. She might not have claws, but she didn’t have to when all she was aiming for was to crush his balls. She had managed a good swift kick to his nuts before Domenico had come between them.

She was also surrounded by thirteen angrily snarling wolves.

Oh, oh, shick.

What had she done?

Misty had never been a violent person. Even Domenico breaking her heart so publicly had not moved her to commit violence. But God, she had never remembered feeling this furious either. How could that man talk to Domenico that way? And why was Domenico allowing him to do so?

Then, she only had one thought in mind, and that was to do anything to get rid of the smirk on Enrico’s face. She had known she would most probably get physically hurt because of what she intended to do, and she had been prepared for it.

And she had, but she had also given as good as she got.

But what Misty hadn’t been prepared for was to have Enrico shifting before her, as if intent on inflicting the greatest possible damage.

She had cried out as Enrico attempted to swipe her with his claws but before he could reach for her again, Domenico was between them. He had also shifted, and his forepaws easily countered Enrico’s strike.

The two wolves lunged apart then, staring at each other with unconcealed hostility.

When Domenico growled in warning at Enrico’s wolf, Misty felt the hairs on her body standing up. That growl was the definition of danger, and the way Enrico slowly backed away from Domenico told her that the other man knew it, too. Domenico’s wolf was bigger and badder-looking, and next to him Enrico’s Lyccan form looked like a tabby cat.

Now, everyone was silent, all their gazes on her.

It took her a moment to understand what they were waiting for her to do. “Oh. Umm, I’ll, uhh, just step outside while you all shift back.” Misty’s face had turned pink by the time she finished her rambling. She couldn’t get out of the room fast enough. She had absolutely no desire to be surrounded by over a dozen na**d men once they shifted back to the human form.

She waited for ten minutes before knocking on the door.

Domenico was the one who opened the door, and the next thing she knew she was inside, Domenico carefully cleaning her wound and bandaging it. “You little fool,” he muttered. “You could have died there.”

Misty barely heard him. All she could concentrate on right now was the fact that Domenico still hadn’t his shirt on and his jeans were partially unbuttoned. Apparently, violence worked like an aphrodisiac, and Misty couldn’t believe how turned on she was.

Domenico’s head jerked up, his eyes wide as he sought her gaze.

She gasped, belatedly remembering that their kind could easily scent another person’s arousal.

He laughed and drat it, even the sound was seductive, making her toes curl and her ni**les stand proud behind her blouse. “Really? Right now, cara?”

Misty turned red and slapped Domenico’s hand away when he actually tried to reach for her as if he was about to kiss her. “No!”

He tried reaching for her again. “As long as you think you can keep your cries to yourself---”

Misty nearly shrieked, “Domenico, shut up!”

Domenico laughed out loud but he finally moved a step back, throwing his hands up as if in surrender.

Her heart clenched. Her sex throbbed. Oh, oh, dear – Domenico in a playful mood was dy***ite. She stole a look at him again, and Domenico smirked at her.

Misty abruptly turned around, embarrassed for being caught like a schoolgirl with a crush.

Aurelius said dryly, “I suppose I don’t have to ask if you are feeling well?”


She had forgotten that everyone here had Lyccan hearing, which meant they again heard every word.

“Would you like a minute to yourself and my brother, Misty?” Alessandro asked innocently.

She glared at him. “No, thank you.” Her face was literally on fire now, and she had a feeling it would stay that way for the rest of this heaven forsaken meeting.

Domenico assisted her back in her seat, and Misty could feel him still smirking from behind. Ass. Lovable beautiful sexy ass.

Aurelius cleared his throat. “To continue---we have called for you because we believe it would be better to have you present when we make a vote regarding the condition Domenico has set.”

“There is nothing to vote for,” Domenico stated coldly. “I will never sacrifice Misty for anything or anyone.”

At least half of the pack leaders inside the room appeared offended at his words, and Misty said hastily, “What exactly do you want me to do? Are you saying you want me to vote as well?”

Aurelius looked embarrassed. “Ah, no. I am sorry but…” He glanced at Domenico almost pleadingly.

Domenico closed his eyes. How long was he going to pay for his mistakes? And how much did Misty have to f**king suffer because of his wrongdoing? He lowered himself until he could whisper into Misty’s ear, “I’m sorry. But you cannot vote because we are not mated.”

She jerked away from him, and Domenico couldn’t fault her.

Misty looked back at the other pack leaders, knowing that they were also aware of why she couldn’t vote. It brought all the horrible memories back, of how everyone had laughed when they found out she had misunderstood what mating meant.


That was the past.

And this was the present.

Willing her composure back with an effort, Misty lifted her chin, asking Aurelius, “What do you want me to do then?”

“To simply speak your side to help us vote if it comes to it,” Aurelius explained.

“And we are going to do it now?”

He shook his head. “We will do it on the next Lyccan Council meeting, which Lyccans from all over the world would come to attend. This meeting was only meant to inform you of the circumstances.”

“The answer would still be no.” Domenico’s tone was lined with steel.

Enrico snapped, “It’s not up to you anymore – you gave up the right to speak the moment you stupidly threw away your right to lead for…” This time Enrico only threw a venomous look at Misty, having lost the courage to attack her again.

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