His tone became steel, as if daring the crowd to challenge him as he said, “You cannot win a war without heart and Misty is my heart. The heart of my pact, the heart of our race, and so now I ask you – will you stand with me when we fight side by side the Faeries and our allies to defeat those who seek to destroy our world?”

One by one, the Lyccans shifted. The very last one to shift was Domenico, and suddenly she found herself staring at thousands of Lyccans with their bright eyes fixed on hers.

Domenico howled, and the crowd responded with howls that caused the walls to shake.


Three Weeks Later

It was Misty’s greatest dream and nightmare come true. Her second wedding, followed by a reception ball, and the Lord knew – as well as every Lyccan in the world, and perhaps 99% of non-human races – how lucky she was when it came to balls.


Women were suddenly screeching outside her room, making Misty frown in confusion.

“Stop!” That was Estrella’s voice if she was not mistaken.

“Go!” That was Esmeralda.

“Uh-oh.” This was followed by a giggle, and that was definitely Kelly.

Her door flew open and Misty stared in open mouthed shock as Domenico came striding in.

“What---why---you can’t come here!”

But he kept moving forward, his green eyes intensely focused on her.

Domenico was dressed in a formal suit that bore the colors of the Moretti pack – black blazer and silver tie. The suit made him look taller and more powerfully built, or maybe that was just because she was even more head over heels for Domenico than she had been in their first wedding.

His hair appeared freshly showered, and Misty ached to run her hands through it just to remind herself she really had the right to touch it – for as long as she wanted to. Sometimes, she still had to pinch herself just to make sure that he really was hers. And that he truly loved her---with no ulterior motive.

When he reached her side, she froze without knowing why. “Misty.” He was scowling.

She gulped. “What?” Oh dear God, was he going to break up with her? Was he---

His scowl darkened. “I could smell your fears miles away.” Domenico’s voice softened. “What’s wrong, sweetheart?”

She burst into tears.

Domenico’s jaw dropped. “Misty…”

For some reason that made her cry harder.

His sisters banged at the door. “What did you do to her?” He recognized Emilia’s voice and knew that it would only be a matter of moments before his infinitely curious sister would come barging in, and he did not want that. In a blink, he had triple locked the door, hissed ‘Stay away’ to his nosey siblings, and was back at Misty’s side, hauling her in his arms so she could sob at his chest.

She pulled away. “I’m going to ruin your shirt.”

“No problem.” Using his Lyccan speed once more, he had both of them stripped out of their clothes in seconds.

Misty shrieked in surprise, taken aback to find herself na**d in front an equally na**d Domenico.

He opened his arms.

She rushed to him without a word, and she twirled her arms around his neck, pulling him down for a kiss just as his own arms closed around her like a steely embrace that she never wanted to be free from.

Domenico kissed her hungrily, his c**k instantly springing up attention at being this close to Misty. Hell, who was he f**king kidding? He only had to think of Misty and he was instantly hard. His breathing was ragged as he asked, “What’s wrong, Misty? Tell me and I will take care of it for you.” He couldn’t help kissing her again after that, letting his lips trail down slowly so he could savor the softness of her skin.

It was impossible to think with Domenico this close and kissing her like he couldn’t get enough of her. Misty’s head fell back, and she stretched her neck further back so he would have more access. She moaned softly as he nipped her collar bone before his lips moved up and began to---

“No!” Misty beat his chest weakly, torn between desire and embarrassment, knowing that this kind of kiss would be for everyone to see.

But Domenico only chuckled just before he renewed his kiss, sucking the tender skin of her neck harder until he was sure he had marked her as his.

When he pulled away, Misty opened her mouth to get angry. But then she saw the boyish grin on Domenico’s face and her anger died. How could she get mad when he looked like that? For so long he had not found a reason to smile, and if something this small could make him smile like that, well --- Misty would let Domenico cover her entire body with hickeys if so.

His eyes laughed at her. “Really?”

Misty gasped. “I knew it! You can really read my mind, can’t you? You’ve always had that power and---oomph!” Domenico had kissed her to silence, his tongue pushing inside her mouth, and she lost her train of thought once more.

When Domenico pulled away, he said huskily, “I don’t need such powers to know how your mind works.”

She made a face. “That would make us a boring couple if I’ll never be able to surprise you.”

Domenico grimaced. “Oh, you can still surprise me.” He played with the curls of her hair. “How the f**k you managed to convince me to make those Caro boys groomsmen in our wedding is still a f**king mystery. Did I really say f**king agree to it?”

She giggled, which was exactly what he had hoped for. “Yes, you did.”

This – right here and now – with Misty standing beautiful and na**d before him, a smile lighting her face – this was what Domenico wanted to see every day of his life, and it was what he would devote his entire life to ensuring. Every time he looked at Misty, his heart would feel like it was close to exploding with the sheer joy her presence in his life gave him.

Did she f**king know how much she meant to him?

Domenico doubted it, but that didn’t matter because he would prove it to her every second of their lives. “Misty.” When she looked up, there was still a shadow in her eyes that made his chest tighten. “You’re giving me a heart attack when you look like that.”

She looked at him in confusion. “What do you mean?”

“The last time you had that look in your eyes---” Domenico struggled to control the sudden rise of fears inside him. He exhaled sharply. “You cut ties.”

Her eyes welled up. “I’ll never ever leave you again,” she blubbered past her tears. “I promised you, didn’t I?”

“It doesn’t stop me from worrying,” he muttered against her hair, inhaling her scent and using it to calm himself.

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