“I don’t stop worrying, too,” she whispered.

Domenico closed his eyes, willing his mind to work. He was the f**king heir apparent of the Moretti pack, and if he couldn’t ease his wife-to-be’s concerns then he wasn’t worthy of leading any goddamn pack.

The concentrated look on Domenico’s handsome face was familiar. She had seen it enough to know that he was thinking, and she also knew that in a space of a few seconds---

His eyes opened, and this time they were gleaming.

---he would know the answer because he was after all Domenico Moretti. He was the most cunning man she had ever known, and though he had promised he wouldn’t manipulate anyone or anything anymore, Misty knew that it was impossible. He was so fiercely protective of those he loved that he would lie about the sky being pink if he thought it would keep them safe.

And in truth, she wouldn’t have him be anything different.

This was the man she had fallen in love with, flaws and all, and she loved him especially for it.

“I love you,” she whispered, her voice choking at the end. “I really, really love you. So much that I just can’t breathe thinking about it.”

“I feel the same way, which is why we shouldn’t delay this any longer.”

“Delay what?” She frowned up at him.

Domenico swallowed. “Misty, will you do me the honor of being my one and only mate? I swear to protect you, cherish you, and love you in all the days of my life.”

She swallowed convulsively, unable to believe he was doing this now. “But our wedding’s just two hours away!”

His shrug was typical Domenico Moretti, arrogant and sexy as hell. “It is our wedding. They can f**king wait if they have to.” He took her hand. “Once we are mated, these doubts will disappear. You will not be able to live without me, and I without you.” His hand was slightly shaking as he held her face. “So what will it be, Misty?”

She choked out, “Yes.”

In another blink, he had her on the bed, and the scent of arousal immediately sweetened the air. Outside, the triplets groaned simultaneously, their Lyccan senses alerting them to what was happening.

Emilia banged at the door. “You’re not freaking serious, are you, Domenico?”

Esmeralda shrieked, “Can’t you control your lust for just a few hours?”

Kelly asked loudly, “What’s hap---oh.” She burst into laughter before asking loudly, “Really, Misty?”

She would have blushed if she could, but right now she was too busy thrashing wildly on the bed, too deep in the throes of pleasures to think of anything except for Domenico.

Domenico pushed her legs wide apart and she moaned, just the heated touch of his hands on her skin already driving her to the brink of ecstasy. “What’s happening? I can’t…I want you so much!” she moaned.

“This is what how we mate.” He bent his head and licked her sex, and Misty almost flew out of the bed at the sinfully delicious feel of his tongue on her flesh.

She moaned his name, her head lolling from one side to another. Her body felt like it was literally on fire, and Misty couldn’t remember desiring Domenico this much.

“I’ll kill you for this, Domenico,” Estrella growled from outside. “After all the preparations---” The outer door of Misty’s hotel suite slammed shut with a loud bang.

“Please,” she gasped, needing something she couldn’t quite name even as she lifted her h*ps up to meet the exquisite thrusts of Domenico’s tongue. “Oh, God, Domenico, please.”

And then he was pounding into her, and she screamed, her nails raking his back. He pushed her legs wide open, bringing them up and holding them by the ankle so that he could pound into her harder, his h*ps moving fast and furious, his face clenched hard with desire.

She screamed and screamed, unable to keep silent as her desire rose to a feverish peak. “Domenico…”

“Yes,” he rasped, turning slightly to lay a gentle kiss on her sole. And then he rocked back into her, so hard that the bed began to rock with them, the steel headboard banging loudly against the wall.

“Ready, my love?” Before she could even figure out how to answer, dazed with pleasure, Domenico had pushed her legs wider and further back before sinking his c**k so deeply into her that it was knocking against the walls of her womb.

Desire imploded within her body, and she gasped just as Domenico growled her name, his c**k pumping out his seed until she felt she was drowning in his warm essence. When she opened her eyes, she almost swore there were stars circling around her head.

“Domenico?” Her eyes widened when she felt him hardening inside her. No. That wasn’t possible. He had just --- she gasped when Domenico started to move again, and even more impossibly her body was reacting, her br**sts feeling fuller and extra sensitive. Misty cried out when Domenico cupped her br**sts, kneading it gently before bending down to nuzzle them. When he took one nipple into his mouth, his c**k twitched inside her and Misty’s body jerked at the sharp zing of pleasure his twitching c**k created inside her.

“I don’t understand,” she whispered even as she locked her legs around his waist and moved up to meet his thrust.

“Mating is a process, sweetheart.” He grinned down at her. Wolfishly. It was the only word for it, and she suddenly felt like she was about to be devoured.

“More to the point, it’s like being animals in heat, and to complete the process we would need to f**k each other’s brains out until the pheromones my body released are absorbed by yours, thus cementing our bond.”

As if to prove his words, he tweaked her nipple, and she jerked up, so sensitive that Misty was afraid she was going to come if he touched her nipple another time.

“H-how long?”

He drove in and out of her in a steady pace, torturing her with his leisurely strokes when he knew she wanted him slamming into her again and again. “How long is what?”


“Say it,” he urged her huskily.

She whispered awkwardly, “How long…how long do we h-have to f**k each other’s brains out?”

Another wolfish grin slashed his lips. “About ten hours.”

“WHAT?” But she couldn’t say anything else, moaning instead because Domenico had finally taking it easy and his c**k was again slamming into her, again and again, making her sex ache in the most pleasurable ways.

“Ten f**king hours Misty.” He bit her ear, and her eyes rolled back when his tongue swirled inside her ear. Her body became tense, feeling another orgasm about to come but instead Domenico pulled his c**k out and she groaned in protest.

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