He flipped her around. “This way you’ll come harder.” And then he was thrusting into her from behind, one hand going under her body so he could start playing with her cl*t at the same time.


Domenico was pounding into her more furiously, the erotic sound of the slap of his balls against her sex making her moan. She did her best to shake the pleasure-induced haze from her mind but couldn’t. All she was able to do was moan, urging him to go faster and faster.

Domenico leaned forward, pushing her down until her br**sts were squashed against the pillows while her ass was up in the air. Domenico didn’t miss a beat, f**king her so beautifully and so roughly it made her see stars.

“This time you do not need to say we are truly mated, Misty. This time they will know.”

“H-how?” She twisted her head around to look at him as she asked the question.

His grin was unrepentant. “They’re Lyccans, remember? They should have smelled us mating by now.”

Her eyes snapped open when the import of his words sunk in. “DOMENICO!”

He cocked his head to the side. “Oh. Don’t worry, Misty. I can hear our guests having fun. I think they just heard you scream my name.”

She moaned. “Domenico!”

“Sssh, sweetheart, be a good girl and let me f**k your brains out again.”


Far underneath the roads of the city, in the deepest recesses of dungeons long forgotten by humans, na**d women writhed on the ground, uncaring of the dirt that clung to their skins and the wounds that the rough uneven surface wrought on their flesh.

One woman was named Rafaella, the other woman was Ivory, and there were so many others. Only one word emerged from their mouths, and they moaned it over and over.


A man hidden in the shadows purred, “We will do better next time, won’t we, my lovelies?” He smiled with vicious pleasure at the gagged woman cowering in front him, the one that had to be punished for failing him one last time.

Yes, Master.

He looked at the woman who was about to satisfy his greatest appetite. “Nanette, Nanette,” he crooned, “I gave you so many chances and yet you failed. You let greed get the better of you.”

Nanette Wall desperately shook her head, her eyes bulging with fear.

He slapped her, and even though it wasn’t his full strength it was enough to send her flying to the end of the dungeons. “Didn’t I tell you I despise liars?” he hissed. He looked at the women he had enslaved with promises made in the dark. “You know that, too, lovelies, don’t you? The Master will not tolerate liars.”

Yes, Master.

He held Nanette by the hair, pulling her head back roughly and was rewarded by the tears of pain that glazed her eyes. “We won’t stop until we crush them one by one, won’t we?”

Yes, Master.

“And you would not hesitate to lay down your lives if it would mean finding their weakness, won’t you?”

Yes, Master.

Satisfied, his hand shot out, his fingers easily pushing through the flesh and muscle until he grasped the frantically beating heart of his meal. And as he took his first bite, he sent a bolt of pleasure through their bodies, causing the women to cry out. And so they came and came Nanette died, the rest of her heart disappeared into his mouth.

If Misty had seen this, she would have only one word to describe it.




He turned around at the hesitant sounding voice, his eyes narrowing when he saw a familiar figure. He had seen her once in a while at the realm and wondered why the young girl had followed him into another race’s territory. He remembered every woman he had f**ked, and someone this young would never have even gotten a kiss from him.

But still, her face nagged at him.

And finally he remembered who she was. “Star,” he murmured, real pleasure underlining his voice. She was a sweet kid, quiet but cheerful, and he had spent quite some time with her during summer the past year, in the days that she had caught him in his garden.

“I heard…you’re looking for a Lyccan princess to be betrothed to?”

He raised a brow. “And?”

“Is it true?” she insisted.

He sighed. “And if it is?”

“What kind of princess are you looking for?”

“Anyone who could help protect my race.”

“But what about what you want?”

“That is what I want.”

“Ah.” She smiled at him bravely. “Then you’d want me. Because I’m a Lyccan princess and my name isn’t really…well it’s Star but not in English.” She took a deep breath. “My real name is Estrella Moretti, and I’m a younger sister of the heir apparent Domenico Moretti.”

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